14 thoughts on “이러지마 제발”

  1. Three beautiful people, two very guy guys …. superb quality video with an almost happy ending ?????

  2. “Please don’t … marry?“ — from 1st boy to the 2nd, in my opinion. The production of this is very good including the selection of music which complimented the visuals — not overpower the visual as many other music videos do.

    Not knowing the Korean language, it’s very hard to tell (for me) whether the music was created & sang for the visual story or if the story was created for the song — which is a good testament to how good this production is. Obviously, excellent resources were used — director, actors, writers and video production team including the editing.

    Maybe some Korean milkboys could enlighten us as to the lyrics (in English) of this song and how (or) if it relates directly to the visual?

    Thanks for posting — again, it’s quite good — post more like this one.

    1. Wow! I had thought I was banned from posting here …… I know all my posts are “moderated,” but, c’mon …… can’t you agree that 3 days is a bit too long for “moderation”?? An apology would not be out of line here.

      And I don’t know why it’s all bold …… I had so many problems just trying to post this, I couldn’t tell how it would appear.

  3. Didn’t see that one coming. Cute guys. Same thing happened with my first boyfriend. It’s been 35 years and it still hurts to think about it.

  4. I often dated asian women as I love cute faces and gestures, trim figures and intelligence which is characteristc for so many of them. I would look for these same qualities in guys.

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