14 thoughts on “2.1 seconds in Hell”

  1. Fantastic – couldn’t have said better myself – all the things I would have thought- he said!!!

  2. I’d say he let the priest off easy if all he called him on was the concept of celibacy.

    1. When he mentioned the Catholic priest, I thought he was going to say that it was a bit rich coming from the religion thats made a name for itself for buggering boys. Feels good to be a Kiwi today. Brilliant speech from a politician, and from a conservative party.

  3. I’m thinking, right now there’s a whole pack of Pakurangans who are right now thinking, “My vote for Maurice was the best one I’ve ever cast!”

    I salute you, Kiwi’s for putting into office a conservative who has the balls to say what is right and not just pander to popular opinion or some useless drone of a party line!

  4. Without a doubt, the greatest speech ever given in the history of politics. I will be posting links to it to every newsgroup and web site that I visit, as well as sending it in letters to the editor of every newspaper is my part of America. (Of course with the demise of print media, that’s only one or two.

  5. Courageous & humorous speech.
    ONe for Kiwi, Zero For Kangroo on Equality for LGBT Rights
    GO NZ <3

  6. Here Here, bravo New zealand! I love the mix of humor too, says a lot about the culture and people who can such an issue and really turn it into something light hearted and banal, which it should be.

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