Teens strip at School

While I was reading Syaoran’s comment on this video another of this “why does stuff like that never happens at MY school”-moments came into my mind: Two years ago 15-16 years old boys and girls at the Gladsaxe High School in Denmark took their clothes off for a game during the Freshmen’s introduction. I really don’t now how a bunch of boys at this age can run around naked without getting too excited but I guess it looked witty ^^

At the Gladsaxe High School, nine first-grade groups with a total of 263 students participated in a competition, involving seven bases where students had to earn their class points. At every base, older students gave the classes points according to how many were willing to take off their clothes. For example, a class could raise its score if five girls were willing to show their breasts. Many students shed their inhibitions as well as their clothes, with the visible results of entire classes of stark naked boys and girls only wearing their g-strings.

The photo below is (as far as I know) from Sweden and they’re not (yet) completely naked but you get the image ;)

School Strip 1