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Tainted Tuesday *2


Model Monday *9


Shirtless Sunnydays *13




Intimate Portraits of two adolescent Sons


Freaky Friday *8


Wet Wednesday *8


All the Way to the Abyss

Once upon a time. A quiet dusk awaits, patiently, for the boy.
He comes, to wash, to this dark beautiful grove.
By the pond. To wash.

I wonder. I wonder what he cleanses himself from.
Such a beautiful face. Such sadness.

I wonder. I wonder if one night he won’t return.
Washed away completely by unnamed things within the depth.

I wonder. I wonder if I can resist following. His silent steps.

All the way to the Abyss.


Tainted Tuesday *1

A new day for the naughty ones ;)


Model Monday *8


Shirtless Sunnydays *11

No underwear, eh? ;o)
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