Tokio Hotel Pornparty

Naughty Billy Boy xD

 rough translation:

Moerator: The last headline. "Tokio Hotel was partying at a pornparty!"
Bill: Ahhh! Who was it? That wasn’t me!
Tom (reads it): Oh my god!
Bill: Oh my god! I’ve never seen something like that and I don’t want to either! I can’t even look at it! [you don't want to see girls eh? /josh]
Moderator: Did you party there?
Bill: Yes… No. We didn’t know that it was a pornparty.
Moderator: But you noticed after a while.
Bill: Yeah. But, I’ve to say, the women they…
Moderator: They weren’t there?
Bill: They were there, but I didn’t see them. The club was completely full and we sat at the back.
Moderator: You want to comlpain that you couldn’t see anything?
Bill: No, no, no… Samy Deluxe had a performance there and we went for that. Tom is a fan of him. But that there were this women, dancing like that… so what!
Moderator: So you’ll go back to take a better look



Himmel hilf…

Das Ermittlungsverfahren der Kölner Staatsanwaltschaft gegen 500 Kölner, die kinderpornografisches Material aus dem Internet heruntergeladen haben sollen, ist eingestellt worden. Die Verdächtigen waren nach einer bundesweiten Razzia ("Operation Himmel") ins Visier der Ermittler geraten. 

Einen wirklich lesensenwerten Kommentar zu den tatsächlichen und – die Medien wird’s nicht freuen – wenig skandalösen Hintergründen der "Operation Mimmel" gibt es bei Schutzalter. Interessant in diesem Zusammenhang ist besonders der Bezug zur geplanten Novellierung des Sexualstrafrechts.


No Milk Today

Don’t get me wrong: I hate my look, I wouldn’t call myself a milkboy xD But maybe some of you would like to know how the guy looks like who’s making milkboys for you ^^,  I look kinda dumb on this one (close your mouth if you take photos of yourself!), my hair is wet and the quality is bad cause I used a camera phone but well…



The Party Boy and the Porn

In the news 4 days ago: Large party in Melbourne’s south-east. 500 teenagers. Police cars damaged. Bottles thrown at officers. Neighbours scared. Police helicopters and dog squad called in. $20,000 cost to the public.

In the news today:  Police caught up with Corey yesterday, charging him with producing child pornography and creating a public nuisance. Read more

Apparently, a video made at the party featuring sex acts between a female minor and a male minor was found in his room. Corey was arrested today, but has since been bailed out. He is due in court Feb. 22 to face these charges.  /rimmer


Jugendliche abschaffen?

So ganz nebenbei, wird also die "Jugendpornografie", die bis heute noch völlig legal ist, nicht nur kriminalisiert, sondern gleich auch in die Listen der "schwere Straftaten" aufgenommen, die die Telekommunikations- und Wohnraumüberwachung ohne Wissen des Betroffenen rechtfertigen sollen.

Artikel lesen


Wanna see my beautiful Navel?

This is a typically laid-back Scandinavian coming-of-age film about a school trip to the Swedish wilderness. Vil Du Se Min Smukke Navle? (Do You Want to See My Beautiful Navel?) is pleasant and nothing to get too excited about. There is the usual experimentation with the opposite sex, a couple scenic views of Sweden, but nothing much happens. Happily, the dialogue is refreshingly free of clichés, and director Søren Kragh-Jacobsen — little more than a teenager himself at the time — gets fine performances from a mostly amateur cast. [All Movie Guide]