When is underage sex under age?

I just found an article about ephebophilia on Times Online. The conclusion might not be the one I want it to be but at least mainstream media begins to tell people there is (and always was) something like ephebophilia and it’s not just some kind of paedophilia.

By contrast, to have sex with somebody who has passed the age of puberty is merely to defy a law of Man — and a pretty arbitrary law at that. We cannot agree between one border and the next at what age a boy or girl is emotionally developed enough to give informed consent: Malta and The Netherlands think 12, Canada and Italy weigh in at 14, cautious Greece holds out for 15 and the good burghers of Iceland go as high as 17.

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Häppy Ostara!

It’s the spring-equinox and humping bunnies (a.k.a. fertility) and eggs festival…
…let the wylde egg hunt begin!

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Whole New Thing

Emerson Thorsen, 13, lives with his parents in their eco-home in the wilds of Nova Scotia. He’s just had his first wet dream and completed writing and illustrating his first book, all 1000 pages of it. Meanwhile, the home-schooled youth can barely add 2 + 2, so his mother enrolls him in the local junior high. There, Emerson’s 42-year-old English teacher, Don Grant, has settled into a life of perpetual adolescence, paying regular visits to a park restroom for anonymous sex. In the classroom, Emerson stirs things up. Surprisingly, Don sees a bit of himself reflected in Emerson. Emerson, initially scornful of his teacher, soon develops his first crush on Don. The precociously confident boy, raised in a household of casual nudity and sexual openness, throws himself into this awakening of his heart with dangerous abandon. This is going to be a Whole New Thing. For everyone.

To its enormous credit, the movie remains on high ground. It recognizes that growing pains don’t inevitably lead to scandal and catastrophe. They are discomforts to be endured for as long as they last. If you’re lucky, they can also be valuable learning experiences. — The New York Times

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Not your average teen movie. The entire drama unfolds with the sense that these are real people living real lives, not facile movie fictions. The cast is uniformly excellent, but (Aaron) Webber in his first feature role is a stand out, delivering a subtle performance that offers a fully realized portrayal of a smart, sensitive, confused, and sometimes bratty and obnoxious youth. — Pam Grady

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Post Scriptum

Yeah, I ripped of this idea of communication with my readers from the great artist Dennis Cooper (I want a stone from de Sades castle too so bad! How did you get that?). I guess it will be helpful since more and more mails get lost in spam folders, people tend to ignore answers to older comments,  I’m officially to busy to use Instant Messengers and, to be honest, too lazy to write mails for just one question. So let’s ignore my creepy English and start off:

~~~ Luca: I know what you mean. The editor in chief of the best known horror mag in Germany (“VIRUS”) is a homophobic dipshit too. That’s why I love Rue Morgue. They even had an article about the evolution of homosexual horror fiction (in issue 62)! I love Canada :D ~~~ Sidney: I didn’t hear anything from Ai for months now, do you know where he is? oO Your last show on WBAI was very moving by he way. Good to hear the stuff you don’t get in the news. ~~~ Doug: Do you think you could upload the other photos by “Q”? Would be great :) ~~~ Rimmer: Did you get my last mail? ~~~ Karl: Don’t miss the new photos of you semi-god ;o) ~~~ Haiko: I can’t remember if we were on Tweedle or on Zesore but the dumbasses of the latter banned me so if you wanna play again look for me on Tweedle. I should get my own server but I had no idea how expansive they are :( ~~~ Soja: Good luck in Hamburg! Maybe you can sneak into the radio station there and let them hear your voice… just in case the test is too hard xD ~~~ Jay: Snipe some ALCs for me. ~~~ Karraz: I guess most people know they’re a stupid minority. Emos giving the country a bad look… but rioting brainwashed kiddies are way better of course… sure ~~~ Tabbs: *nom nom nom* ~~~ Saphiro: Flaschenpost!?



Naughty Children…

Badly behaved children as young as five should be recorded on the national DNA database, a police chief said yesterday. Gary Pugh, forensic science director for the Metropolitan Police, said children should be ‘targeted’ because future offenders can often be picked out at a young age.

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Minority Report anyone?

Mad World.