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Model Monday *21


Periodical Political Post *5

Schöne Zusammenfassung der politischen Lage
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Andy2Boyz spotted this nice MilkBoy shirt in the wild :D


Will McBride ~ Part 1

The male youth in the photography of Will McBride


"I am very interested in boys. Let there be no doubt about that. But I do not meet them in train stations nor in the men’s lavatories. I do not go to places where I expect to see boys. I do not ask boys to come home with me for pay. But when I see a good looking boy, or what I think is a good looking boy: thin and with good bones and muscles, an intelligent face with clear eyes and a full mouth, high cheekbones, a not too large nose, a flat stomach, a full butt and long legs, big feet and big hands, then there I am charged with a lot of excitement. It is this excitement that makes me work. I do not make love to boys. I make pictures and sculptures of them – my expression of loving" — Will McBride




Sing mir dein Lied


Let Me See You Stripped

Uhm… ignore the video, I just loved the music. :p No, seriously, I did! I never heard this version of Stripped before, I just knew the versions from Rammstein. Oh and: Protect yourself, make safer sex!




My Lonesome Cowboy

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Of the many happy campers at the record-demolishing (and economy-confounding) Sotheby’s auction last night, Takashi Murakami may have been the happiest. Drawing stares from art-world veterans — one told us she’d never seen an artist show up to watch his own work on the block — the Japanese Pop maestro sat in the back of the room with a serene smile as My Lonesome Cowboy, his larger-than-life sculpture of a boy waving an ejaculate lasso, brought in $15.2 million.

Thanks for the hint Ray :)


Muscle Youth

My obsession for muscular boys is… quasi-nonexistent but it’s too cute how excited the boy in this video is about his powers ;o) You’ll find more like this at Muscle Youth, the blog of Kollio who you might know from IntoBoys (thanks for the heads up to the Destroyer Blog).


Undead Pride; or, Gay Zombies with Eating Disorders