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Teaser trailer of Kiddiepunk’s upcoming feature God Land. I’m frickin excited about this film.

Terror Kids

Looks like there is something the UK government fears even more than pictures of kids playing naked in a park – Terrorist Kids! There is no such thing you say? Because kids have other things to do than overturning the government and its nazi law and order state?  Well, you’re right. But apparently facts aren’t something to consider for a government nowadays. Bush might be gone but Brown is doing his best to preserve the memory of his rule of injustice. These are just some examples of the fear of kids the British government seems to have (following texts by Boing Boing)

British cops identify 200 schoolchildren as potential terrorists

200 children in the UK, some as young as 13, have had files opened on them by the British anti-terror cops as potential terrorists — even though they have committed no crimes. The children were reported to the anti-terror squad by their teachers on the basis of school work, journals and conversations that, in the teachers’ view, indicated that the children were susceptible to extremist beliefs. The programme is only 18 months old and has already identified 200 children who should be treated as terrorism suspects. At this rate, every child in Britain should be on the watch list by, what, 2018?

Scotland Yard wants DNA samples from 5-year-olds

As reported in The Guardian: Gary Pugh, director of forensic sciences at Scotland Yard, says primary school children should be eligible for the DNA database if they exhibit behaviour indicating they may become criminals in later life. Civil liberty groups condemned his comments last night by likening them to an excerpt from a ‘science fiction novel’. One teaching union warned that it was a step towards a ‘police state’.

Terrorists | Street Art by Banksy

UK fingerprints foreign six-year-old children at the border

If you bring a child to Britain from outside the EU, be prepared to have her fingerprinted, even if she’s only six years old. That’s because the British government now leads the world in undermining the civil liberties of children, beating the US-VISIT program by eight years (visitors to America are only fingerprinted if they’re over 14). Most of the British government seems not to have realized that this was going on — even though the UK’s Members of European Parliament have been pushing to make this a requirement across the EU.

London imposes de-facto 9PM curfew on under-16s

London cops have been given the power to "disperse" anyone under 16, gathered in groups of two or more, from almost all of central London, after 9PM. The police don’t have to see the kids doing anything wrong, they only have to believe "the presence or behaviour of a group of two or more persons in any public place in the relevant locality has resulted, or is likely to result, in any members of the public being intimidated, harassed, alarmed or distressed."

British governments deploy anti-teenager pink lights to make kids ashamed of their appearance

British local councils have a new weapon in their arsenal of devices that collectively and indiscriminately punish teenagers simply for being young. The new tool is a pink overhead light designed to exaggerate acne, with the intention of making children so unhappy and insecure about their appearances that they go somewhere else (mind you, these councils are almost certainly also allocating funds to helping teenagers cope with low self-esteem and avoid the problems associated with it, such as depression and vulnerability of recruitment into violent activity). Other weapons in the arsenal against youth include the "Mosquito" — an annoying high-pitched tone that adults can’t hear, that shopkeepers and councils have deployed against teens and kids (and, of course, any babies that happen to be in the area), and "anti-kid steps" that are supposed to prevent the menace of kids staying in one place, talking to one another.



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Despite how much some claim to love boys, I can’t help but notice their distaste for actual boys and all the things boys love. If you do not love curiosity, wildness, unpredictableness, getting dirty, or making an idiot of yourself… you do not understand boys. How can you say you love them? Fuck off my pond. — Stormofthefirefly

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