Charles Guislain

If there is one thing i despise more than dense fashion fan girls who think they’ll become interesting just be wearing shitty 2nd hand shirts for $ 300 it might be the fashion scene itself. One could argue that you have to love the pure decadence they live but sadly most of them have nothing in common with Oscar Wilde when it comes to the intellectual background of decadence. They are just pretentious drug addicts who think they become interesting by selling shitty 2nd hand shirts for… well, you got the point.

Nonetheless there are a few things making following the fashion industry worthwhile occasionally. Such as adorable baby fags like Charles Guislain. Prose anarchist and modern de Sade Dennis Cooper alerted me about him. “He’s a 16 year old Parisian school boy and fashion scenester and aspiring fashion designer.  He seems to either charm the pants off of people or inspire heavy suspicion and vitriol.”


If he doesn’t end up being the next Hedi Slimane he will probably end up dating him.


Trap Thursday *9

It might be due to the fact that people think I won’t post girls on milkboys (which isn’t true) but the majority of people who have voted in last week’s Trap Thursday poll were right once again. 63% of you said the trap is a boy. Tack to the great Pinkneptune for finding this beauty. More photos of him can be found here and here. This week’s trap is to famous (at least in Germany) to make a poll so you have to enjoy your cake without a vote this time ;)

A 16-year-old trans teenager who became an internet hit is launching a pop career. Kim Petras, from Germany, began taking hormones at the age of 12 and underwent gender reassignment last year.  Her music is horrible pop trash but at least she’s not as bad as the other tranny everybody seems to love ;p



I guess the guy running Nibblebit, a new blog hosting service running the WordPress multi user engine, was hoping for some free PR when he mailed me about his new service and the first blogs hosted there are popping up already, so here we go. Nibblebit is pretty much the same as as for the technical aspect. There are a few differences worth noticing ‘tho. For example: It allows “adult” content

The downsides? It’s clearly there to bring in cash. Nothing wrong with that of course but before you dump your current blog you should be aware of the fact that ads are shown on top of free blogs hosted at Nibblebit and some features are “Premium”, which means you have to pay for your account to get them. Besides that I have no clue who runs this, if their server is reliable, how long the whole project will live on and where they draw the line when it comes to deciding which content is really allowed there (their only statement on this is “it should be legal” – whatever that means). But if you feel like making a picture blog you might wanna give them a try.

Tried their service? Share your experiences in the comments. If you’re looking for a place for your personal blog you could also get one at milkblogs, just in case you prefer over ;)


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Jock Sturges

Via Skyclad Scribble 

Jock Sturges has long been a lightning rod for controversy for his distinctive brand of nude photography. Sturges shoots much of his work around nudist beaches in France and northern California, and his most frequent subjects have been adolescent girls. The photos have an undeniably erotic quality, unlike some types of nude photography that treat the human body more as abstract form. However, Sturges aims to draw out the models’ own sense of burgeoning sexuality in a straightforward, personal, non-voyeuristic way. Sturges uses a large-format camera to create extremely detailed, finegrained images, while his strong feel for sunlight bathes his models and settings with a shimmering quality. In his writings, Sturges prides himself on the bonds of trust, friendship and collaboration between the photographer, the models and their families. Many of his photographs depict several generations naked together.

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Periodical Political Post *30



Aktuelle Petitionen and den Bundestag


Big Brother

Big Brother, the TV show, was invented in the Netherlands. Maybe that should have been telling us something about this country. Fiction turns reality over there at the moment, at least partly. The Dutch government is collecting “some” data about every person under 18 living in the Netherlands. These data are coming mostly from school doctors who have to fill out a dossier of 30 pages with 1185 (!) different data records about every child and teenager. They don’t only save the name, address, phone number, religion, tax and ID numbers and income of the parents and such things but also details about the sexual activity of the kid,  the size of the genitals and the look of the pubes, the penis respectively the labia and even the scrotum!  

Seriously… WTF is going on there!? I couldn’t find English articles about this and the only German source (written by a Dutch ‘tho) says they say they need the data to identify and find abused children later. I’d be thankful if some of our Dutch readers could tell us more about this, there must have been a public discussion about this at least.