Trans Kids in UK Schools

Two boys – a 9 year old and a 12 year old — came back to school as girls after the summer break in the UK and caused quite a bit of drama. Parents say their kids were “shocked” and “traumatised” due to the sex change of their fellow pupils:

My son came home from school and asked why one of his friends had become a girl. I thought he was joking, but he kept asking – that’s when alarm bells began ringing. The pupil’s classmates were told he had left and that a new girl would be starting in his place this term. We have had to deal with the fall-out from all this. It’s not a situation I or other parents are comfortable with and we’ve not been given any help from the school about how to handle it. My son is too young to really understand the significance of what’s happening. It’s hard to explain to him. He doesn’t understand the differences between girls’ and boys’ bodies yet. I’m terrified he’ll ask me if he can become a girl as well.

Although the boys are doubtless on the fast track to a sex-change operation and hormonal treatment in order to turn them into girls, they must wait until they are legally an adult before any actual operation may take place in the UK which means German pop singer Kim Petras stays the youngest transgirl who underwent gender reassignment.


My new Dress

I know it  doesn’t really fit in here age-wise but it was way too cute to skip it. And it has an important message about gender clichés of course. Try to ignore the horrible subtitles, rather be thankful there are some; Spanish speaking people tend to believe everyone speaks their language conspicuously often ;)

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Milk Monday *10

It’s still Monday somewhere, right? Good, because this one was too good to be wasted ;) This week’s milkboy is not only especially cute but also blessed with some other talents. Juan José Amaro Fernández  was one of the candidates at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (a German version of shows like American Idol or Britain’s got Talent), was featured in Germany’s well-known youth magazine BRAVO and his band UNFAMOUS can be found in the German MySpace charts regularly. And he’s a milkboy. Thanks heaps for making that cute photo for us Juan! <3


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