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Encryption is for Pedos

No, milkboys isn't CP! :p

…says the Australian government. They are accusing Microsoft of protecting child abusers by including powerful encryption in Windows 7. A member of the Australian government working with “cyber-safety” is outraged that Microsoft is including powerful encryption in Windows 7, better known for its touch screen support:

If this new product gives paedophiles protection to keep harming children I would be extremely disappointed. I would expect the company to take moves to rectify this.

They seem unaware Bitlocker, Microsofts’ file encryption application, is anything but new: It was actually introduced in Windows Vista which was released 3 years ago. Australian “cyber law experts” are now demanding laws which would allow the state to lock up evil encryption users who fail to share their keys with the state.

Australian police themselves can already obtain warrants to secretly install key loggers, but cannot jail people for refusing to reveal encryption keys – they seek laws emulating those of the UK, where refusal to decrypt information for police is a serious crime. Under the UK’s draconian Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, police potentially have the power to lock up people who refuse to hand over keys to data they believe to be encrypted, but just how this works when encrypted data is indistinguishable from random noise is something courts have yet to establish. Americans too find their Constitutional rights subverted when it comes to encryption – in 2009 a judge ordered a man to turn over his encryption keys, ruling after a lengthy series of appeals that this did not constitute self-incrimination, which is protected against by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Thwarted snoopers will doubtless howl all the harder when stenography, where it is all but impossible to demonstrate that encrypted data is even present, becomes more accessible. Technology also exists which allows a any number of dummy keys to be given to authorities, capable of unlocking fake files in order to thwart such laws, whilst allowing the real encrypted file to go unmolested. Both of these technologies pose severe problems to such laws, although it seems unlikely this will discourage further attacks on civil liberties by those keen to extend their powers by appealing to child protection hysteria.

However, Microsoft has previously been caught hiding backdoors in its encryption for the benefit of government snoopers, so if you don’t wanna get trapped for viewing pictures of 17 year old shirtless boys (which are CP nowadays if the pose is just a bit too sexy) you should rely on Open Source products like TrueCrypt. [via Sankaku Complex]


The Shota Case

Two twins who downloaded a variety of shota materials have been jailed for possessing “virtual child pornography,” with the judge condemning them for “victimising” imaginary children. The men, both 20 and residents of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, were reported to police by a sister-in-law after she came across “distressing” images on their computer. Police searches soon found a substantial collection of shotacon material on their computers, saying 90% were “cartoon drawings called Japanese Anime.” The pair, one of whom is said to be an active homosexual, were subsequently charged with possession of child pornography, both for the minority of real images and their manga collection, which under Canadian law is considered “virtual child pornography.” The state prosecutor insists that victimising fictional children is a very serious offence:

“Every one of these images involves the victimization of children. The victimization wouldn’t happen in the first place if there weren’t people there to look at this material.”

More details can be found here. So, looking at images of drawn boys is “victimising children”? Does that mean you can get child allowance for drawn kids too? No? Too bad. And children wouldn’t get raped if shota wouldn’t exist? That’s interesting because 1. I heard (just a rumour) that children were victims of sexual abuse before manga existed and 2. Japan – where all the shota manga come from and are legal – has one of the lowest sex crime rates of all industrialized countries.


Periodical Political Post *38





Trap Thursday *15

I know, I know, the last Trap Thursday was mean and I’m not surprised that 86% of you fell for it. But don’t be too sad, so did I. When Olly sent me the photo with the words “I have your next Trap Thursday!” I looked at the picture and thought “WTF, how is this a Trap!? it’s obviously a boy!” – oh, how wrong I was! It’s actually a 16 year old girl from Germany as you can see here ;) Let’s make it a bit easier this week ;p


Cake & Boys

Ever wondered what pop from the Ukraine looks like? No? You missed some handsome boys then! Thanks for mailing me this Andy, I’ll dedicate this one to our beloved friend and milkboys mod Nimi ;)

ТІК – Сирожине пирожине