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The Puritans fight back

Contrary to the chicken littles of the world, crime in America is down, way down. Oddly, as crime rates continued to plummet in the US the number of registered sex offenders is a growth industry. As the Washington Post reports, "Sex-offender registries have grown dramatically this decade…." They report there are now 716,319 people who are official pariahs in the United States, open to public harassment or worse because their names, photos and addresses are posted online. In 2001 the number was 403,000. So, in just eight years the number of registered offenders has almost doubled. It is basically heading for a doubling each decaded. Hmm, at that rate the entire population of the US should be registered sex offenders by the end of the century.
One reason for this explosion is that the reigstires are now casting wider and wider nets. Politicians have criminalized so much human sexuality that chances are good that everyone is sex offender at some point or another in their life. All that prevents them just combining the census with the sex offender list is they haven’t been efficient enough to catch everyone. One in five teens could be arrested as child pornographers for taking nude photos of themselves. Young teens who have consenting sex with each other get charged as sex offenders for molesting children. At one high school, if the law were applied as written, virtually every kid in the school would be a registered sex offender. Some girls were arrested for molesting themselves! — Read the whole Article


Once a year I take the liberty to post something completely unrelated to the topic of boys :3 Readers of my personal blog (and the ones who listen to the music I post with pictures here every now and then) know that I fell in love with the Danish Electro Folk band Valravn a while ago and I’d love to hear what you think about them :) If you’re more into danceable music, keep watching the video, it gets more energetic after the first short interview bit. Liked it? Part II.