Omar is one of five French short films against homophobia. The story is pretty easy to follow even with my poor French skills from school ;) The other videos can be seen here. Thanks to shezatokyo for posting this on the milkboard.


C’est l’histoire d’Omar, un jeune homosexuel qui vit dans une cité. Une cité qu’il aime et qui l’aime mais où la pression est telle qu’il ne peut vivre, ni même révéler son homosexualité. Pas même à son meilleur ami Morad. Jusqu’au jour où son histoire d’amour cachée avec Arthur est découverte. Une décision s’impose alors : renoncer à son amour ou quitter la cité pour d’autres horizons.


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Reflecting a social networking-saturated youth culture where YouTube speaks directly to millions of kids, OMG/Hahaha offers a deeper, digitally filtered view into a seemingly superficial psyches of the MySpace generation. Edgy and intimate in the tradition of cutting edge film making inspired by Gus van Sant and Greg Araki, Morgan Jon Fox’s (Blue Citrus Hearts) film weaves a simple narrative together via part video blog, part improvisational narrative, and part pseudo documentary.  Omg/Hahaha is a pastiche of the lives of a diverse set of gay, straight and trans teens living in Memphis, TN.  One teen’s video blog frames the various stories and troubles from breakups, dying parents, unexpected pregnancy to homophobia.


A unique idea for a movie sucks you in (so to speak) from the very beginning and makes you feel like you’re watching, not a movie but a documentary or a MySpace vlog.  In fact, that was the very idea of director Morgan Jon Fox.  Some was scripted, most was improv, and together it makes for a pretty good film.  I think the younger generation would prefer this more than the ‘older’ folks, and I say ‘older’ with the utmost respect.  OMG/HaHaHa has a lot of internet lingo (like the title) written on screen as a running narrative throughout the picture (there is no narrator, per se, but rather a series of text message-like notes in place of where a narrator should be).  So if you’re not up to snuff with your internet dictionary, you may miss the point of a lot of scenes. What I found most fascinating was how comfortable these gay and transgendered teens were with themselves, and others, and their being out of the closet – especially in a Southern US city.  As it’s quite apparent that the "actors" are really gay, if they aren’t out yet – they will be outed by this film, that’s for sure (your gaydar will be going off). Check out the deleted scenes, as well.  Those are pretty good. [Review from azovfilms]


Symphony of Life

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/ far away / out where they call it

/ the end of the world / birds fly

/ and screech / a symphony of life

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