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Model Monday *35

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Queen without a Castle

Omar Bonilla’s dream of being prom queen came true, but not exactly as planned — and with a price. He no longer can live at home, he says. [via the Miami Herald]

Dressed in his drag persona as Allison Rodriguez, Bonilla became queen of the Pridelines Youth Services gay prom at Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus. “I was really happy about it. I always wanted to win for prom queen,” Bonilla said Sunday. “I felt accepted in many ways. People were very touched by what I have done, I feel courageous.”

Last month, Bonilla ran for prom queen at Flanagan High in Pembroke Pines. After coming in among the top three vote-getters, school officials told the 19-year-old they worried for his safety and that he couldn’t wear a blue sequin gown to the prom. Flanagan on Thursday suspended Bonilla for two days after he parked in a visitor spot, effectively barring him from Friday’s prom.

Bonilla’s friends contacted the media and his story made headlines in print, TV and online. Saturday morning, Pridelines publicist Richard Murry invited Bonilla to the gay prom. “He was extremely excited,” Murry said. “He even said that getting to go to a gay prom was even better than getting to go to his own high school prom. He was really excited about wearing his dress, and not just for the paper.” Dressed in drag, Bonilla attended the Pridelines party — along with 250 other youths from Miami-Dade and Broward counties — and won the prom queen title. “My message is to be true to yourself and don’t be scared of what people say to you,” Bonilla said. “Don’t be scared to be open and show your true colours. Don’t care what people say, and be strong.”

The school flap and resulting publicity helped Bonilla achieve his dream, but it also cost him — his parents told him to turn in his keys and leave home. “I got all my belongings in the car,” he said. Bonilla said he would stay with friends overnight and that he hoped to live with relatives.


Sporty Sunday *10

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Saturday Survey

Got a minute? I’d love to hear what you think about the blog, what do you like about milkboys and what not? No matter if it’s something about the content, a technical aspect of the blog or anything else. I’d just like to know what to make better and what to leave as it is. Leave comments! Thanks :)


Pierre Joubert

This is a double post with Karl Andersson, where an interview with Pierre Joubert can be found.

Pierre Joubert, who was born in Paris 100 years ago and died 2002, was a famous French illustrator. He was closely associated with the creation of Scouting and could be called the father of the idolised image of the boy scout in France and Belgium. He illustrated dozens of books and magazines with images of scouts and other lads in adventurous and escapist settings, shaping the daydreams of generations of young boys and teenagers.




Greyson Chance

You might remember about Greyson from the video posted a few days ago (or from somewhere else since he was all over the place). He now got signed by Ellen’s new music label. Check out the video for a little home story or skip to this one if you just wanna hear him sing again.

Download this Video | Found by Declan

Trap Thursday *26

Hi everybody!
I’m a male crossdresser and I am 14 years old, I think it is fun to crossdress, but I don’t got so much clothes to crossdress in T^T because I don’t got a sister and my mother doesn’t got any cute clothes. And i don’t know how to get any T.T Any good advice?

I am a very girly boy I’m nice to everyone, and ‘m a little bit romantic ^^ I also love drawing and I am the best one in my class to draw and I looove when people give me compliments and I blush all up so they laugh >.< XD

Buy him more Dresses ;)

Good ol’ Times

…when fags where burnt on stakes (just try to ignore the fact that they never were burnt, at least not for being gay. Otherwise there would be no Catholic church nowadays seeing how they are the biggest gay club we have ever)

This funny man talking above is Father Raphael Trytek, a Polish priest.

Chris Rayner

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Follow the Tail

Interesting choice of music… ;)