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  • School Spy Program used on US Students contains Hacker friendly Security Hole

A controversial remote administration program that a Pennsylvania school district installed on student-issued laptops contains a security hole that put the students at risk of being spied on by people outside the school, according to a security firm that examined the software. The LANrev program contains a vulnerability that would allow someone using the same network as one of the students to install malware on the laptop that could remotely control the computer. An intruder would be able to steal data from the computer or control the laptop webcam to snap surreptitious pictures. The vulnerability was discovered by researchers at Leviathan Security Group, who began examining the program after customers who saw media coverage of the Pennsylvania case expressed concern that the program might be exposing their employee computers to intrusion from outsiders. The same software is used by many businesses to monitor and maintain their employee laptops.

The Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania is embroiled in a lawsuit and FBI criminal investigation over use of the LANrev software. The cases involve allegations that administrators spied on students through the software installed on 2,300 school-issued Macbooks. Read on…


Britain’s youngest Voter

Alfie McKenzie, a teenage boy from Lancashire tells why he chose to flout the law to become the first 14-year-old to vote in an election in Great Britain, and why he’s enjoying his Warholian 15 minutes of fame.

Alfie McKenzie, 14, who voted in the general election after being accidentally entered on the roll.

Charles Bukowski, the American poet and novelist, once said: "You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics." Well, politics certainly saved this one person – although there don’t seem to be many others my age who take much of an interest in it. If I mention anything remotely related to the government or governments past to my friends, I get the same response: "Who cares about politics? They’re all corrupt." Sometimes it’s not even a verbal answer: there’s a specific look of disappointment that gets the message across.

This week I took my interest in politics a bit further than I’d previously imagined. It seems I have become the first 14-year-old to vote in a general election and, if we’re to keep some faith in our voting system and the competence of its managers, hopefully the last.

A few months ago my sister gave all the names in our household to an official who called at our door in Poulton, Lancashire. She thought the woman with the clipboard was asking about the census. In fact she was collecting names for the electoral register of Wyre and Preston North.

So on Thursday morning I dressed as much like a Tory as I could manage: a trench coat, reading glasses, sharp shoes. I gave it my slightly eccentric aristocrat’s walk and my best self-righteous Conservative accent, walked into St Hilda’s polling station, went straight to the table and was directed to the slip which I was to cross. I paused, considered voting for Cat Smith of Labour, and then firmly placed a big cross in Lib Dem Danny Gallagher’s box.

Read on…

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It was a rough time without a computer and milkboys…

…but with the help of some amazing people I’m back online which means you can except daily posts here again :) I’d also like to thank Nelly for jumping in for me. Even ‘tho you could do just two posts people apparently liked what you did. And these people will be happy to hear that Nelly will get her own blog on milkboys soon :3 Thanks a lot for staying with milkboys everyone! <3

Photos by & with Jesper


Little Gaga

Hi, I’m Nelly and Josh said I can blog some here while he’s sorting out his computer problems. Hope you guys don’t mind getting your fix of boys from a girl ;)


It’s not very often that a sixth grade festival performance becomes so blisteringly viral that it achieves more than eight million YouTube views in a short two weeks. But that’s exactly what Greyson Michael Chance’s surprisingly commanding performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” achieved after the 12-year-old put the video up online.

Chance’s family was surprised to get a call from Ellen Degeneres’s producers, who flew them out to Los Angeles for a spot on her show. Not only does Greyson — who will undoubtedly be giving Justin Bieber a run for his money in short order — give another great live performance of “Paparazzi,” but he also gets a surprise call-in from none other than The Gaga herself. Her pro-tip for him? “Stay away from the girls!”