Simeon “Amadeus” Mulder

You may shed a tear over the fact that it doesn’t need more than a Dutch kid playing piano to make the average TV audience go nuts while many, many kids who are just as talented never get any attention at all but let’s look on the bright side – his stage presence is indeed great and I certainly do look forward to see a duet with Prince Poppycock ;)

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Proud Kids of Gay Parents at last Year's Stockholm Pride

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I know that in this paranoid world, you never approach a small child who is by herself, take her by the hand and walk out of a store with her in search of mommy. But I am not 14 years old. I am not Edwin. Last week, Edwin went to the Burlington Coat Factory store on West Colonial Drive with his mother. He saw a 3-year-old girl without a parent. If he had it to do all over again, if he could see the cops, the handcuffs, the TV cameras and the jail cell all awaiting him, I imagine the last thing he would have done was try to help her. But he did.


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The following will bore 99% of you but I get asked about how many visitors the blog has every now & then and it’s 2 years or so since I posted these stats for the last time as far as I can remember so here’s a quick look into the stats overview for the last 30 days.

These numbers are pretty much what the blog gets in an average month: ~650k unique visitors and ~2 million hits/page views which translates into ~21.500 visits per day. The high bounce rate (people who look at only one page of a website during a visit) is normal for a blog since the newest content is always visible on the first page; the average time spent on the blog by the visitors is pretty high compared to other blogs but that’s mostly due to people watching short films on the blog I reckon.



In East Los Angeles, emo boy Israel is obsessed with his stringy mop of hair — and also with the hunky butcher in the corner shop. He spends all day texting his pal Louie with gossip and innuendo, talking about little other than sex. As they talk, Israel begins to think he’s the only one who’s never had any experience, so he decides to spend some time with his sexy friend Ricky.

The film has a gentle authenticity, really capturing the attitude of 15-year-old boys whose fantasy lives are a lot more vivid than reality. The relaxed, meandering vibe is captured with skill and subtlety by filmmaker Krinsky, although the ending feels like a slightly moralistic cop-out.



Warning: This video contains not only a 14 year “young, vulnerable, easy-to-rape little boy” (that’s what he said!) talking about his darkest secrets, fears & confessions but also a graphic scene showing boys engaging in activities condemned by the church, Bill O’Reilly & lots of other nutjobs.

Please subscribe to his channel? Because he’s a good boy :3