“It Gets Better” Video that’s actually good

MSNBC news guy Thomas Robert knows a thing or two about being victimized. Not only was he molested at a Catholic school, but he’s a suicide attempt survivor. What’s great about Roberts’ video is that it doesn’t just tell kids "it gets better," which anyone can read from a note card, but offers a real mental picture of how to escape the shitstorm of youth. [via Queerty]

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Police Violence against Kids marching for Education

Laurie Penny documents the brutal, savage treatment dealt to the London demonstrators who marched against cuts to education and found themselves "kettled" (detained without arrest, toilet, shelter, or charge) for eight hours in freezing weather; many of those kettled were children and young teens, as well as pregnant women.

The chant goes up: "what do we want? The right to protest!" At first, the cops give curt answers to the kids demanding to know why they can’t get through. Then they all seem to get some sort of signal, because suddenly the polite copper in front of me is screaming in my face, shoving me hard in the back of the head, raising his baton, and the protesters around me are yelling and running back. Some of them have started to shake down a set of iron railings to get out, and the cops storm forward, pushing us right through those railings, leaving twenty of us sprawling in the rubble of road works with cracked knees. When they realised that they are trapped, the young protesters panic. The crush of bodies is suddenly painful – my scarf is ripped away from me and I can hear my friend Clare calling for her son – and as I watch the second line of police advance, with horses following behind them, as I watch a surge of teenagers carrying a rack of iron railings towards the riot guard and howling to be released, I realise they’re not going to stop, and the monkey instinct kicks in. I scramble up a set of traffic lights, just in time to see a member of the Metropolitan police grab a young protester by the neck and hurl him back into the crowd…

As darkness falls and we realise we’re not going anywhere, the protesters start to light fires to keep warm. First, they burn their placards, the words ‘rich parents for all!’ going up in flames, with a speed and efficiency gleaned from recent CV-boosting outdoor camping activities. Then, as the temperature drops below freezing, they start looking for anything else to burn, notebooks and snack wrappers – although one young man in an anarchist scarf steps in to stop me tossing an awful historical novel onto the pyre. "You can’t burn books," he says, "we’re not Nazis." Read more…


World’s shortest “It Gets Better” Video


After Justin Bieber was supposedly the target of a "faggot"-laced verbal assault at a Canadian laser tag outing, which for all you know was the Bieber camp’s way of spinning a fight that Justin himself started, word arrived he’d use the incident to publicly take stand against bullying. Which he just did. For twenty seconds. More at Queerty.


Gay Healers are coming for the Kids

Exodus International, a Christian hate group that claims to “heal” gays, is abandoning their mission to covert gays to straights. In its new world order for 2011, Exodus is mounting a new plan: target the young. Its manifesto for the coming year is dubbed "Simplify, Amplify and Intensify." That means refining its messaging (simplify), broaden its reach (amplify), and go balls to the wall (intensify). For your wee ones. In an open letter to supporters, Exodus chief Chambers says, "In 2011 we will turn up the volume on our simplified message and begin providing increased and focused resources for individuals, families, schools and churches. For instance, the greatest area of need in our culture is outreach to young people. We will be changing the name of Exodus Youth to Exodus Student Ministries in order to encompass middle school thru college age students. We have listened to youth pastors, parents and especially students and we want to amplify our message in a way that they will best receive it: via web communication, YouTube, podcasts and short to the point booklets. We are also in the process of creating an App for iPhone users."

Evidently taking a cue from the Manhattan Declaration, Exodus wants to make sure its using technology to reach its target audience. And nothing says "reach out and touch the kids" like a cool iPhone app, which will let grade schoolers dial in to Exodus’ brand of hating yourself with just a few taps and swipes. [via queerty]