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We didn’t really celebrate milkboys’ third birthday this summer but at least for the second anniversary of the milkboard some big changes have been made. More below, but first of all:

If you had an account on the old board you can still use it but you might have to reset your password if you have problems logging into the new board.

If you only had a blog account you will have to create a new account for the board since we completely disabled blog accounts. The upside here is that you can use all the new features (forums, galleries, chat) with only one account.

If you didn’t have any account at all so far you can either sign up now or log in with your twitter account (you just have to chose a display name then).

So, what’s new on the milkboard? A lot! The most obvious change is the new design of course. While the old board never really looked like a part of milkboys we made sure this time that you feel like you’re actually staying on milkboys when you switch to the forums. But we didn’t just upgrade the visuals, the software itself is a huge step into the future as well. It’s not only more comfortable to use than the old one but also brings some new features like extended profiles, status updates, twitter integration, member galleries, a chat, a milkies map and a lot more. Start exploring… 


Care for You

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Brad Manning, a Queer Human Rights Hero

When Glenn Greenwald called the American detainment of Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks source, "torture," the Pentagon promptly responded that claim was ridiculous. But David House’s visit to the Virginia Marine brig where Manning is being held reveals Greenwald’s assertions are pretty spot on: Not only are the claims of being limited to news reports accurate (Manning says he’s not allowed to read newspapers, which seems to be the least of his problems), but his 23 hours of confinement are relaxed during his single hour of daily "exercise" (walking around in a room by himself), and his sleeping conditions (he must wear boxers only, and his blankets have the texture of carpet and the weight of X-ray protective aprons) noxious. House, a friend of Manning, concludes he "is subjected to restrictions far beyond the minimum right of other ‘maximum custody’ prisoners held in the same brig." As House reminds readers, "Manning is in prison for allegedly uncovering human rights abuses in the course of his duty." And now this: The United Nations is investigating Manning’s treatment. [via]

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UK finally forgets about Teenage “Sins”

In a proposed bill that would wipe many a criminal record clean, Britain’s Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone wants to retroactively expunge any convictions for violating age-of-consent laws that for decades discriminated against gays. While gay sex was decriminalized in some parts of the U.K. in the 1960s (and other parts in the 1980s), the age of consent stood at 21, then was pushed to 18 in 1994, and finally down to 16 in 2000 — which is the age-of-consent for heteros. But anyone found guilty of violating the law in years past still had a tarnished record, and before 2003 was included on the Sex Offenders Register. Prime Minister David Cameron, who made a stab at gay outreach during his election, will thus make good on a campaign promise. Is this a big deal? Absolutely. A 22-year-old man who had sex with a 20-year-old man in 1993 would still, to this day, be forced to reveal his criminal record to potential employers, who — you guessed it — would be inclined to deny a job to a sex offender. Says Featherstone: "Such men will never again have to disclose that information. I hope very much that those gay men whom that has inhibited from volunteering will now find that inhibition removed." [via]