Periodical Political Post *65

Before we dig into the last Periodical Political Post of the year I’d like to note something about the comments regarding the article about cross dressing in Qatar. I guess it was inevitable that some would use the chance to bash Islam over it but as much as I despise all the big religions and would love to see a world free of them I’d like you to read this: 5 ridiculous things you probably believe about Islam. So, to quote this very article: “All right. Now we look forward to a completely civil and logical group of article comments.” ;)

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UK wants to block ALL Online Porn

The UK Government plans to combat the early sexualisation of children by blocking internet pornography unless parents request it. The move is intended to ensure that children are not exposed to sex as a routine by-product of the internet. It follows warnings about the hidden damage being done to children by sex sites. The country’s biggest broadband providers, including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, are being called to a meeting next month by Communications Minister Ed Vaizey and will be asked to change how pornography gets into homes.

Instead of using parental controls to stop access to pornography — so-called "opting out" — the tap will be turned off at source. Adults will then have to "opt in". The new initiative is in advance of the imminent convergence of the internet and television on one large screen in the living room. Ministers want companies to use similar technology to shut out adult pornography from children. Pornography sites will be blocked at source unless people specifically ask to view them. More…

Does porn scare kids? / Photo by clayyyyy