Don’t filter me, Bro!

American schools have been warned to stop censoring educational queer websites.

If you’ve got a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) club at your high school, can you access the sites of major LGBT civil rights and advocacy groups? If not, the American Civil Liberties Union wants you to report the blocking to its Don’t Filter Me campaign.

"Gay-straight alliances and LGBT support groups must have the same access to national organizational websites as other groups such as the Key Club and the chess club," the ACLU’s advisory page on the problem explains. The civil liberties outfit says it was alerted to the blocking problem when a student sent the group a screenshot of his attempt to access the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network site. "You have been denied access as it is characterized as LBGT," the page warned. "Your Internet usage is monitored and logged." More at Ars Technica & Pink News


Na Na Nah!

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You’re gay. It’s not a big thing.

Anton Hysén looks every inch the modern footballer. The 20-year-old Swede has his initials tattooed behind one ear and his parents’ names on each forearm. On his left arm, in particularly elaborate lettering, is: "UNWA". This is Hysén’s tribute to Liverpool, his birthplace, and the terrace anthem of his favourite club – You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Hysén, the son of former Liverpool defender and Swedish international Glenn Hysén, is currently walking very much alone. This month, the left-sided midfielder came out as Sweden’s first openly gay male footballer. He is only the second high-level footballer to come out in the world, ever. The first, Justin Fashanu, revealed he was gay in 1990, found himself shunned by the footballing world, including his brother, John, and hanged himself eight years later. (John later expressed his remorse.)

A generation on, when gay men and women play prominent roles in every other kind of entertainment, it looks increasingly bizarre that world football has no openly gay players – apart from Hysén. Although, as he points out, he currently plays in the fourth tier of Swedish football, working in the local Volvo factory to support himself, Hysén’s honesty about his sexuality is a big deal. His family is a footballing dynasty in Sweden; Hysén’s older brother, Tobias, is a Swedish international; their father, Glenn, was a tough defender who remains a celebrity in Sweden. In Britain, it would be rather like John Terry having a footballing son who came out. Perhaps most significantly of all, Hysén, like the English cricketer Steven Davies, who came out last month, made his declaration at the start of his career.

Still the exception: Fans of the left-leaning FC St. Pauli holding up banners saying: “St. Pauli is gay. Tolerance & Respect” St. Pauli fans were the first to ban racist, sexist & homophobic chants in their stadium and the club had the first openly gay president in pro football.

A bouncy, articulate athlete who speaks excellent English with an American twang picked up during a year at college there, Hysén is utterly at ease with his decision when we meet at his family’s apartment in Gothenburg before his team, Utsiktens BK, play their first big match of the new Swedish season. He has no time for gay stereotypes. As he politely puts it: "I’m not a big Pride person. There’s nothing wrong with Pride but it’s just not my thing."

His story began, however, at Stockholm’s Pride march in 2007, when his dad made a surprising appearance. It was controversial because the gay community assumed Glenn was a homophobe after he threw a punch at a man who groped him in the toilets at Frankfurt airport in 2001. But this macho football legend confounded critics by talking with great empathy of "a 16-year-old who didn’t want to come out because he feared what his teammates would think". No one realised at the time, but he was referring to his son. "He said, ‘I’m doing it for you,’" remembers Hysén.

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Labelling Kids

milkboys reader Olias found this video and while I certainly don’t share the sentiment that every mental illness diagnosed in kids is bogus I still thought the clip is brining up an interesting point. Noteworthy: the organisation behind this campaign is sponsored by Scientology.


Trisexual Teenage Trivia?

A new recommendation report from Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission calls for asking kids as young as 11 about their sexuality. Naturally, everyone is in full support. Wink!

If the commission has its way, the questionnaire that would be circulated among youth would not require parental consent. It would also record those deemed to be "questioning" their sexuality.

It says monitoring sexual orientation among youngsters could help to prevent them from becoming victims of discrimination, and claims that ‘some young people begin to question their sexual orientation as early as age eight and may begin to identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from early adolescence’. The report has provoked outrage. Graham Stuart, Tory chairman of the Commons education select committee, said the plans were ‘invasive, sinister and threatening’. He added: ‘School should be a place of safety, not a place where pupils are picked over for the purpose of some quango; and many children won’t understand what they are talking about.’

The report – Researching and Monitoring Adolescence and Sexual Orientation: Asking the Right Questions, at the Right Time – says it is ‘critical’ to track children’s sexuality to ‘shed light on the complexities of young people’s developing sexual orientation and how this may disadvantage them’. It tell researchers not to dismiss gay feelings of interviewees as ‘a passing phase’. Some youngsters, it says, may use categories such as ‘questioning’, ‘queer’, ‘pansexual’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘asexual’, ‘pan-romantic’ and even ‘trisexual’.

That last one, trisexual, of course means kids will "try anything." Including "try to made government reports look stupid by offering nonsensical answers."

Article by Queerty