Alone Among Many

John graduated from culinary arts school in September and now works at a bakery in Chinatown. This fall, as he was entering his corner store, a boy shouted slurs at him.  John responded, and the boy attacked him. John needed stitches near his eye and underwent a CT scan to check for internal bleeding.  Initially, John carried a taser with him, but he said he no longer feels fearful, most of the time.  He reported the episode to the police and a lawyer, and just got word that the boy pleaded guilty in the case. He now has an order of protection as he awaits next steps. John lives with his parents, his sister and his sister’s family.

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Sound Sunday *19

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I’m glad there are still lads who can sing and play their own instruments.

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“Teen Escort Services”

…is not exactly what you thought. It’s a company in Utah, USA that’s regularly contracted to forcibly kidnap queer teens (and other “misbehaving” kids) in the middle of the night and bring them to a detention facility for “re-education” A gay teen on reddit gave some insight into their practises:

On May 10th of 2007 at around 2:30 in the morning two strangers barged into my bedroom. I started screaming and crying, as in my mind I was sure that these two strangers had broken into my house and were going to abduct me, rape me, kill me, or in some way harm me. They immediately told me that if I did not shut up that they would handcuff me. I was not being in any way violent or threatening. I was reacting in fear for my life by being vocal and hoping that someone would come to help. I had no idea what was going on. I stopped screaming, still in fear for my life. They started going through my closet digging out clothes as I was only in a night gown. They still had not explained what was going on. I asked, frightened, what the wanted from me, trying to see if I could in some way appease them and get them to leave. They then explained that they were going to take me to a school. It took me a second to understand what they meant by this, as this was an extremely bizarre way to introduce a child to a new school. It then occurred to me that this was what my mother had arranged for my brother several years ago when she had him shipped away to Cross Creek. The two strangers were from Teen Escort Service, a for-profit company that transports teenagers, usually by force, to WWASP (World Wide Association of Specialty Programs) facilities. Read on

One reddit points out: “On the plus side, if the teen kills someone abducting them they are covered under self defence law… Just saying.”


Look for needy Boys!

Investigators examining tapped cell phone conversations between a Moroccan drug dealer and an Italian priest, 51-year-old Father Riccardo Seppia (shown at left, in the red robe here) found evidence of arranged sexual encounters with young boys, some of whom were paid for sex with cocaine. "I do not want 16-year-old boys but younger," Seppia, who is HIV-positive, is accused of having said on the tapes. "Fourteen-year-olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues." Ironically Seppia is a priest in the archdiocese of one of the top advisers working with Pope Benedict XVI "on reforms to respond to prior scandals of paedophile priests." He is said to have boasted in the recorded cell phone conversations that local shopping malls were the best place to pick up boys for sex. [via BoingBoing]

Meanwhile the Catholic church blames the sexual liberation in the 1960s for their notorious problems with priests abusing little boys (they didn’t rape anyone before the 60s, you know?) and urges bishops to report child abuse in the church… if they feel like it.