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Catholics ban Pro-Marriage Politicians

You can tell that Catholic priests aren’t parents. Their only form of expressing disapproval seems to be severe punishment. You can’t beat or shame children into good behaviour and it doesn’t work with adults either. Not only are the beliefs of Catholic leaders still stuck in the Middle Ages, but their leadership style seems to still be glued there too.

Every time the Catholic church doesn’t get their way, they automatically resort to the "We will punish you" line of thinking. Say the Earth is round? Excommunicated. Pass a non-discrimination law? Catholic charities will kill their adoption programs and force hundreds of children to suffer because of politicians working for a more fair society because they’d have to work with gay couples. Pass a marriage equality bill (with the help of some Republicans even)? Catholic leaders will ban you from their church and school events.

Religious leaders slammed the state’s new gay marriage law on Saturday, vowing to ban politicians who supported the measure from any Catholic church and parochial school events. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, of the diocese of Brooklyn, called on all Catholic schools to reject any honor bestowed upon them by Gov. Cuomo, who played a pivotal role in getting the bill passed. He further asked all pastors and principals to "not invite any state legislator to speak or be present at any parish or school celebration."

But fuck a bunch of kids entrusted to your care? That gets you a promotion. Cover up for the child molesters? You’re going all the way to Pope, baby.

Article by The Bilerico Project


Tolerance makes Happy

A two-year-long study about queer rights in Europe was concluded by the European Union’s Commissioner for Human Rights. The study did not only analyse the different laws concerning the queer folks in all member states of the European Union but also includes surveys in which European citizens where askes about their opinions regarding queer topics. The map below, for example, show on a scale from 1 to 10 how comfortable people feel with having a gay neighbour:

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The same three countries—Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark– were also giving the highest approval rates when asked about their support for same sex marriage and adoption by same sex couples. It’s probably no coincidence that those three countries also happen to be among the world’s happiest countries (and the most democratic. And the ones with the most press freedom. And the least corruption).