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Tummy Tuesday *4


The Peanut Butter Challenge


Mirror Monday *53


They’re afraid of Change


Britain’s Youngest Drag Queen

Most kids’ hobbies range from playing football to making silly videos for YouTube. But not flamboyant Redvers Stokes, who at the tender age of 12 has picked a slightly more unique pastime – slipping into his mum’s clothes to perform as a drag queen. And the schoolboy, whose drag persona is Naughty Nora, is already showing great promise, as he has been crowned the country’s youngest drag queen.

Redvers, from Sticker, Cornwall, has been sporting slinky dresses and tottering about in high heels even before he went to primary school. He said: ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it; I think it’s really funny. ‘I might like dressing up in women’s clothes but I still like girls. It’s just a little hobby of mine.’ Read on…


Stalking Saturday *32

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Feasting Friday *21


Stare Off

Ronan likes staring contests… as it seems

Download both Videos in HD | Found by DrPepper

And if you care about seeing him splashing around with friends in his undies… check the milkboard ;)


Tender Thursday *9


Boy meets Piano