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Surprise! We Exist!

Bi guys get hated on a lot as either being closet homos, straight guys who just wanna seem “edgy,” or opportunists who will fuck anything with a pulse. Some gays even go so far as to say that bisexuals don’t actually exist. Well, Northwestern University has just proved that bisexual dudes do exist… even ‘tho 1. one could argue about how scientific these porn videos + boner-measuring machine tests really are and 2. nobody with more than two brain cells would seriously doubt that someone can be romantically and sexually attracted to people of different genders. But read on…


Cissexual Prince wants to go to Space

Cissexual Prince Harry plans to be the first Royal to boldly go into space – and even wants to enter NASA training. Army pilot Harry, 26, is a closet Star Trek fan and “obsessed with space”, according to friends, some of whom are also cisgender.

They say the prince, who does not intend to undergo gender reassignment surgery, has already asked Sir Richard Branson’s son Sam for a seat on one of the first Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flights. But he hopes to become an honorary member of the elite US space programme after returning from Afghanistan next year. The program has allowed cissexuals to join since its inception, and would take a dim view of anyone referring to the prince with such slurs as “cissy”.

Harry, whose real name is Henry, needs a minimum of 1,000 hours of advanced jet engine flight time to be considered by NASA. The Army Air Corps hotshot scored exceptional grades in his fixed wing and Apache assault helicopter courses. “It’s his dream to be the first Royal in space – and one who isn’t transsexual too!”

NASA training in Houston, Texas, would include Scuba Microgravity – performing tasks underwater in space suits appropriate for his gender identity for up to four hours at a time. Clarence House said: “We are not officially aware of this.” [via Cisgender News]


Sound Sunday *23

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Music by Oskar

With all the music done by milkies, the song above being just one example of many treats you’ll find on the milkboard, we should get some kind of compilation together some time. Milk Music or so.


The Boy & The Trees

13 year-old Aidan Dwyer did a much better job on his 7th grade science project than any of us. While on a wintertime hike in the Catskills, he noticed the branches of trees held a spiral pattern as they ascended. He wondered if that could possibly serve some purpose, looked into it, and learned about the Fibonacci sequence. Then he studied tree branches more closely and found their leaves adhered to the sequence. Then he figured out that if he arranged solar panels the way an oak tree arranged its leaves, they were 20 to 50 per cent more efficient than the standard straight-line solar arrays. That is why the American Museum of Natural History gave him a Young Naturalist award, and published his findings on its website. His write-up concludes:

The tree design takes up less room than flat-panel arrays and works in spots that don’t have a full southern view. It collects more sunlight in winter. Shade and bad weather like snow don’t hurt it because the panels are not flat. It even looks nicer because it looks like a tree. A design like this may work better in urban areas where space and direct sunlight can be hard to find.


Go Vermont!

Vermont Gov. Peter ShumlinIf all of the United States would be a bit more like Vermont many people would live happier lives. They were not only the first in the U.S. to introduce treats like same-sex marriage, single-payer healthcare and change of birth certificates for trans people without surgery. They also have (next to some less important things like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or the only U.S. capital without a McDonalds ;p) what I’d call the sanest politicians you’ll be able to find in America’s 50 states. There are Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy and now Governor Peter Shumlin who was elected last year.

During his gubernatorial campaign last year, Shumlin told lesbian couple Michele Beck and Ann Beck that should he be elected, he personally would marry them. Now that he’s firmly in office, Shumlin has made good on his word, the Washington Post reports:

The first-term Democrat presided over the marriage Wednesday of 55-year-old Michele “Mitch” Beck and 56-year-old Ann Beck, of Royalton. Shumlin led the push to legalize same-sex weddings in Vermont as a state lawmaker in 2009. He paid $100 to the Secretary of State’s office to be certified as a “temporary officiant,” donned a crisp navy suit and did the honors.