There’s not much else to post today so just a friendly (off-topic) reminder here: Please keep always in mind that Facebook saves (among many, many other things) your biometric data (for facial recognition), all your chat logs & messages (even if you delete them!) and tracks which websites you visit even if you’re logged out of your Facebook account. And all these data can be accessed by U.S. authorities at their own liking, without judicial review.

Is that worth reading about the FarmVille progress of people you don’t care about that much anyway? Is that worth living in a walled garden where Facebook censors the links you can share and the photos you can show? Don’t forget, Facebook is free because you’re the product.


Not Over Yet

The bullying that led 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer to commit suicide earlier this month is not over.
Rodemeyer’s parents, Tim and Tracy, shared a disturbing story of what happened when their daughter went to a school dance to take her mind off the death.

"We thought it would be great to be with all of her friends, then all of sudden a Lady Gaga song came on and they all started chanting for Jamey, all his friends and whatever," Tracy Rodemeyer said. "Then the bullies that put him into this situation started chanting ‘You’re better off dead, we’re glad you’re dead.’"


Is my Son… *gasp* …GAY!?

I don’t want to believe this is serious. An Android app in France promises to determine whether your son is gay by hitting you with 20 questions.

Subjects broached in questions on the app include the child’s dress sense, sporting prowess, musical taste and whether or not he reads newspapers. The questionnaire also asks mothers whether they are separated or divorced and whether there is an absence of a ‘father figure’ in their son’s life.

Clichés ahoy! If the app says your son isn’t gay, it gives you this reassurance: "You have nothing to worry about… You have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings." The other answer: "Your son is gay, accept it."

While French queer organisations call the app “homophobic and downright stupid” and suggest that parents should rather talk to their kids instead of using apps to find out if their son is into lads or gals the creator of the app says he doesn’t understand the uproar: “I made the app to help parents to accept their kids’ sexuality”, Christophe De Baran said. [via Pink Paper & Towelroad]