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Need some creepy entertainment for tonight? How about reading about Gilles de Rais, the guy who allegedly raped, tortured & killed hundreds of boys? Or Fritz Harmann, the Vampire of Hannover? Even Wikipedia has some eerie stuff. The whole internet is pretty much full of it. Or find a nice film to watch on the list of the best horror films ever made or on the list of the best horror films you probably don’t know. And if you feel adventurous while fapping tonight… well… (NSFW!)


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Gay Teen Beaten in Classroom

A 15-year-old teenager at a High School in Ohio is left with a chipped tooth and a possible concussion after a classmate brutally ambushed and attacked him earlier this week for being gay. The assault, watched by classmates who did nothing, was captured on cell-phone video and posted to Facebook. Towelroad has more on the incident. The attacker got 3 days off from school. Surely that will teach him.

WSYX-WTTE: Mother Calls Son's 'Caught-on-Tape' Beating a Hate Crime


Call Cops on Bullies? [Updated]

Rick Mercer, a political satirist from Canada, posted a rant (which means he aimlessly runs through some back alleys while giving the camera his angry face) on YouTube about the suicide of queer teenager Jamie Hubley and bullying in general. He wants cops to be called on bullies and asks public gay figures to get off their asses and do a bit more than just waving their rainbow flag.

RMR: Rick's Rant – Teen Suicide


The number of 300 suicides of teens per year pertains only Canada by the way. Be assured that this number is a lot higher in the U.S. and that there are many cases that never make it into these statistics. Meanwhile some teachers still think the numbers aren’t high enough and would like to see more kids killing themselves or just stop being gay. Yes, these were the words of an actual teacher.

UPDATE: I’ve added a link regarding the last statement of this post that forgot to include when this article was first posted. Sorry about that.