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Wet Wednesday *77


Don’t say Gay

An eighth grader’s hilarious public service announcement on the misuse of the word "gay" is making the rounds of the queer interwebz. YouTuber playahata646 says the clip was produced in conjunction with a school project and stars his little brother. If violence would be the right answer is debatable but the the intention surely was a good one ;)


The Never Ending 80s

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Have some 80s nostalgia with the very cute (and very fabulous) Noah Hathaway who’s still pretty hot. If you don’t start crying at 2:49 you’re a heartless monster! The music might make you cry too.

You can’t help me

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Sporty Sunday *42

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So Close!

We did it, he won :3

Thanks to all the nice people who voted for Albin to help him save the kitten :3 He’s doing well, he’s in 3rd place already! So if you guys & girls could vote one more time (you can vote once a day for the first photo with the name Albin beneath it) we might be able to pull this off and make him the winner! If he wins you’re all in for a treat ;)


Cute Caturday *43


Troye Tuesday *1

Troye Sivan is not only an actor and a pretty cute lad, he also got a sweet singing voice…

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Freaky Friday *45

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