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Did you ever turn off the sound when you watched an epic film? You probably noticed that the film, all of a sudden, looked pretty ridiculous and lost most, if not all, of its cinematic power. The soundtrack makes up probably 80% of our emotional response to the whole film.

It happens fairly often that I find videos on YouTube which are pretty cool in one way or another, yet they leave me with this feeling that they could be enhanced a lot with some good background music. For a while I thought about ripping those videos and re-uploading them with my own music selection but that would be unfair to the original uploader, hey?

Update: The video was removed by YouTube so I uploaded it with the music.


Bullies kill another Kid

To his many friends, Phillip was known as the boy who told everyone they’re beautiful. “He was fun, he was energetic, he was happy”, his mother said. Yet he saw no other option than committing suicide because he couldn’t take the anti-gay bullying anymore he had to deal with for years even though he was just 14. Bullying that was reported to his school by his parents but, as so often, nothing happened to make his situation better. Read on…

Tennessee, the state Phillip lived in, is even considering making the situation of kids like him worse by passing a law that would keep teachers from just mentioning the word gay, suffocating any attempt to counter the rampant anti-queer bullying in schools or teaching kids like Phillip they’re just fine. Or teaching straight kids that being queer doesn’t make you a lesser person. Because telling them that hating people for who they love would hurt their religious feelings. Great priorities.


Happy Ending Sleepovers

In the artful bad seed drama, We Need to Talk About Kevin, actor Ezra Miller terrorizes his onscreen mom and the off-screen Miller represents a potential migraine headache to conservative America.

Ezra Miller

Pot-smoking (and vocally pro-legalization), drums-playing (in the band Sons of an Illustrious Father), pro-LGBT, he happily inhabits sexually unorthodox and queer roles (e.g. an adolescent chubby chaser in 2009’s City Island and gay in 2010’s Every Day). In fact, he even one-ups Tom Hardy’s famed acknowledgement of real-life, same-sex experience when asked.

I’ve had many, you know, ‘happy ending sleepovers’ in my early youth. My period of exploration—I think that’s essential. Anyone who hasn’t had a gay moment is probably trying to avoid some confrontation with a reality in their life.

Next up, Miller appears in The Perks of Being a Wallflower as Emma Watson’s gay older brother, Patrick. “Patrick has a boyfriend that he keeps a secret,” he reveals, “because the guy’s closeted and ashamed. He’s the high school quarterback. One of those.” [via]