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  • Pentagon says American citizens can be killed secretly without trial
  • SOPA replacement uses child porn as excuse to spy on 99.7% of Americans
  • London no safer for all its out-of-control surveillance says new report
  • USA, Italy & Ireland having worse per capita government debt than Greece
  • Abstinence-only sex “education” bill in Utah prohibits teaching contraception
  • PayPal wants to be the moral police for eBook shops, wants erotica to be gone

Trans Teens turn to YouTube

Jazmine Khan, a transgender 15-year-old with wisps of blue hair and nails to match, is crying in her doctor’s office. “I just wish I was me already,” she says to the camera held out in front of her, and wipes away tears with her free hand. “I just wish that I could be a real girl.”

Moments ago, her doctor told her that she won’t be allowed to start taking estrogen to aid her full transition — not for a long while. That means it’s time for yet another shot of Lupron, a drug that suppresses testosterone production. The Canadian teen has videotaped each of her six shots thus far — along with updates on the changes brought about by the drug — and posted them on YouTube for the world to see.

This particular video marks a low point after a particularly difficult visit: First, her mom referred to her as a “he,” then a nurse did the same. When she finally got to see her doctor, her hopes of moving on to estrogen treatment were dashed. “It’s too slow,” she tells the camera, angry with her doctor’s caution. “They gotta make sure I’m trans? Of course I’m trans. Who in their right mind would go through this [otherwise]?”

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OMG! Transsexual Necrophiliac Pedos!

That’s the kind of people that will go after America’s kids in school restrooms if laws are passed that would protect gays, lesbians and transgender people from discrimination. At least according to the 12,000 members (just in the state of Georgia) of the “Concerned Women for America” who were represented by Tanya Ditty before a house panel as Towleroad reported.

Tanya Ditty Becomes Georgia Gold Dome's Latest Anti-Gay Bigot

Ditty warned that approving the bill would allow gay people, who according to Ditty are pedophiles and necrophiliacs (she has a whole list), to get jobs as teachers or janitors and prey on students. She also tells a personal story about her ‘shocking’ encounter with a transgender person in the restroom. Whether her hateful testimony was influential or not, the panel effectively killed the bill by tabling it  in a 3-2 vote.