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Trap Thursday *74


Model: Dmitry Abramov | Found by Soft Creatures


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Wet Wednesday *95

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Wet Wednesday *95


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Jesus’ Little Warriors

Extremist Christians are still at it, filling stadiums with tens of thousands of American teens, trying to teach them that the most important things in life are to obey and to “go to war against the terrorists” who are spreading “sex and homosexuality” over the media and the internet in the U.S.

Getting Teens to Join God's Army

Tummy Tuesday *17



Sometimes it needs a (fictional) TV show to spell out the harsh truth about the state of a political system. Everything said in this clip is based on actual facts and all quotes are real.

The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban

Mirror Monday *65

Photo by milkie Xaviegorn, more of him in his gallery on the milkboard


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