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Sporty Sunday *60


Troye Tuesday *2

We're My OTP – Official Music Video | Troye Sivan

Written, recorded, produced, shot and directed by Troye Sivan


Snobby Saturday *1

The other day the idea of a photo theme day for posh lads came up in the chat. “Majestic Monday” sounds a bit too porny, so we settled for Snobby Saturday. This is in no way meant as an insult so if you’re fanboying/girling over one the guys featured under that category… calm your panties ;)

Marius Borg Høiby, the son of Norway’s crown princess


How to be happy…

…and to help avoid bullying in the process

Geeky Science – Want to know how to be "Happy?"

Freaky Friday *51

Photo by Nemo


Ronan’s Escape

Spoiler: This is a short film on bullying and it does not have a happy end.

'Ronan's Escape' – Short Film on Bullying [HD]

Submitted by Lunty


Tender Thursday *42


33 Teeth

Eddie is a hormonal 14-year-old boy living alone with his mother in the suburbs. One day after school, he “accidentally” spies on his attractive older neighbour, Chad, stepping out of the shower and using a comb in a rather creative way. After being insulted by a friend of Chad, Eddie decides to have some sweet retaliation…


Wonderwear Wednesday *33


Periodical Political Post *145

The Blame Game Edition