5 Years of Milk & Boys!

2007 seems to be awfully far away. The “Web 2.0”, this atrocity of a buzz word, was just getting started and blogs were ruling the internet, for better and for worse. It was also the time when, in late August, milkboys was started in its current form. While blogs are hardly relevant anymore nowadays, sites like Facebook account for almost all time spent online by the average internet user.

milkboys on the other hand is still kicking after five years, making it one of the longest-serving queer youth blogs around :) And of course there are presents to celebrate this! Milo and Dumbledore, two idols of recent milkboys history, kind as they are, provide you with some photos made for the occasion (click on them!).


And we’ll give away a classic (red) milkboys shirt to a random reader leaving a comment under this post. We’ll get in touch with the winner by mail; bonus points if you post a milk(boys)-related photo of yourself with your comment ;) (You can use sites like imgur top host the photo)

We will also, finally, release some updates and new projects many of you were waiting for over the next couple of weeks, so grab some milk & cookies, keep your eyes open and stay fab!


Don’t miss these two on Tumblr! Milo got one here and Dumbledore here!


93 thoughts on “5 Years of Milk & Boys!”

  1. Bravo, Milo And Dumbledore for rising to the occasion :)

    Great pics, and I can’t imagine a better way of celebrating.
    Next… the video? ;)

    Happy birthday, MB

  2. Milo and Dumbledore are always adorable, and these photos are no exception.

    Happy birthday, Milkboys!

  3. I remember clicking on your site in ’07 – ’09 every once in a while to check out what you offered back then. Before I decided to grace your nice blog with my continual presence. Thanks. :-))))))))))))

    Congratulations and “Happy 5th Birthday.”

  4. Aww, congratulations on your birthday. Five years for a queer site! Is that a record?
    I would like to thank you for this site, this site has helped me through several rough spots in my life. :D
    With Loves-Ben

    1. Queerattitude.com — has been running for more than 10 years. Started by a computer studies student (Grum) from Edinburgh when still in High School. It’s now a hugely successful international site focussed on gay teens worldwide.
      Queerattitude seems to be about friendships and personality plus personal problem solving whereas Milkboys seems to be about about sexuality.

  5. My god, how I wish that two of the most beautiful boys on the net would love me enough to offer me pictures like this ! Josh you are a lucky man … but it is merited !!
    But I’m a little jealous … why did they not offer them to ME … I’m friendly, cute and intelligent too :-)
    Happy birthday Milkjosh

  6. Congrats on five years. BTW I spend much more time here then I do on facebook. Happy Birthday Milkboys!

  7. Think I stumbled on this site three years ago. Probably still make me a noob.

    Happy fifth!

  8. Wait, isn’t Dumbledore and Milo the same person?!

    Milo is such a tease!

    Keep up the good work Josh!

  9. Thank you for having this site around. I’ve met some lovely people and seen great content. It’s been a pleasure. Good news, interesting stories but also good-looking people and lot of awesome ‘milkies’.
    Keep going!

  10. I first found the site from a link on pixiesticks (which appears to be gone now) when I was pretty young. I was just looking for porn and found milkboys not very interesting lol. Then, just before going to college I happened upon it again and I’ve been visiting it daily ever since.

    1. LOL at that :) Your comment arouses a vision of someone having to grab each of them by a nipple to drag them apart during some hot and steamy clinching! They’d Never do that, surely!

  11. THIS. IS. GLORIOUS!!! wish we had better racial diversity though, maybe in the 10th year anniversary ^____^ happy birthday MB!

    BTW is that heart thing on Dumbledore photoshopped or actually drawn by hand?

      1. Yes I drew it with a biro in the mirror how ever many years ago it was, it was painful :p

        1. Yeah drawing on yourself hurts more than one might expect, but I’m sure DD will agree with me that it’s worth it for Milkboys! :3

  12. Congradulations milkboys and to all the regulars here who make this site fun. I cannot imagine this blog without Penboy and horselips. Well done Josh. This site has done so much good for me and I’m certain I am not the only one who feels that way. Happy 5th b-day.

  13. You know, I can’t even remember right now how I came upon Milkboys. But, I am sure glad I did. You guys do a fantastic job in service to the gay community.
    Five years is a great beginning. But, I hope you are still here for many, many more of those great years!

  14. Like many, I also can’t remember how I came across Milkboys but I am so glad that I did!

    I would recommend everyone to go through the archive, it brings back so many thoughts and memories!

  15. Wow, Dumbledore’s eyes are as cute as ever (er, well, maybe all his parts are in that same category, lol), and Milo continues to be not just alluring, but also the master of tease.
    Honest Milo, I’m offering to drink that entire glass of milk right where it is, with my eyes closed. I promise NOT to peak ;-)

  16. Wow, good for Milkboys! Five years on a fickle “place” like the internet is a long time indeed!

  17. 5 Jahre Milkboys! Mit vielen mehr!

    Die beste Website im Internet, mein Favorit!

    Danke, Josh, ein wunderbares 5 Jahre!

    26. August 2012

  18. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to You! Happy birhday dear Milky! Happy birthday to you :D

    :party: Wait is 2007 the opening of the new board? Oh man that means I’ve been on mb (include old board) for more than 5 years! I blame my percy then-13/14 year old self…

  19. Happy Birthday Milkboys.

    Thanx for everything Josh and especially for getting Dumbledore back posting his beautiful pix.

  20. Auch Ich möchte Gratulieren!


    Ich bin noch nicht so lange hier :-) aber diese Seite gefällt mir!
    Aber die Welt muss noch sehr viel offener und toleranter werden!!!

    Ich gebe mal eine Runde Cuba Libre aus :-) :-) PROST

  21. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu fünf Jahren Milkboys! Auch für die Boylover-Community war hier ja immer mal wieder was dabei… Auf die nächsten fünf Jahre!

    Liebe Grüße

  22. I’m new here as a registered member, but I’m a huge fan of MB since june 2011 (right on the 27th day)!! I hope I can enjoy this wonderful place for the next five years (and more!)!!! Congrats for the 5 years!!

    And about Dumbledore and Milo!! Wonderful way to celebrate!! Love Milo, but Dumbledore made me get into this whole thing!!

    Kisses for all the team that adm the blog!! You’re great!! And a special XOXO to my sensei, Dumbledore!! :3

  23. Happy Birthday Milkboys!

    Milkboys is the first site I visit every day, and I always look forward to it for its high quality posts and reading the interesting comments all of the users write. Although I’m mostly a lurker here, I do read everything, and I particularly like the Periodical Political Posts. I’m old, and mostly out of touch with what goes on in the global gay community but Milkboys has kept me informed on a great many issues. I’ve learned a lot. I want to sincerely thank you Josh, for all the effort you’ve put into Milkboys :)

  24. Hey Josh! I just wanted to say I love your site! I am the same age as you, and your site has been a huge help in making me more comfortable with my sexuality back when I was still having issues with that. (I’m bi)

    I may be American, but I can proudly say my family before was Norwegian and when traveling abroad I was confused as one a couple times!

    Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the good work! I hope I get the t-shirt and pictures of me are posted in the galleries. thanks :p

  25. Whenever I look into facebook, I see my high school graduation class putting up republican oriented religious comments all day long. MB is my alternative to face book. I really enjoy the periodical political posts.

  26. Wow I have been comeing to this wonderful website for 4 years and I have read everything that came before that and I love everyhting you do on here but the best part is the pictures of the boys with the milk and I love the true gay stories of the boys you have on here and I like when you put the news on here so right now keep up the great work you are doing and I hope that thist great gay website never gets nuked so right now see you on the net

  27. Milkboys was one of the first sites I visited and, thanks to Josh, the quality just seems to get better. Varied enough to keep the most blase entertained. The girls and boys seem to get better but the news only gets worse. Thanks, good luck and I will visit daily as I have for these past years.
    Happy Birthday, Milkboys!!

  28. Congratulations on your 5th. I think I heard of this site from a friend on GYC. Keep posting photo’s Milo and Dumbledore.
    Stephen xxx

  29. alles gute zum geburtstag n_n
    Happy birthday
    thank you, this wonderfull page has really helped me accepting who I am :) I am glad I found it a couple of years ago :3
    loveee from germany

  30. Some on the spot thinking I think it was early 2009 when I found this blog, I binged on the 70 or so pages it had then and I’ve been checking back intermittently since then. I am officially no longer a teen though, which when I think about it makes it a bit weird still coming here. How much longer do you think you’ll be blogging milkboys Josh?

  31. Damn. 5 years.?!? I’m feeling old after checking in every day….

    CONGRATS Josh, you’ve done a important thing for “our” Milkies and I-dont-know-what-I-am-Boys.

    *bows and pulls the hat*

    Thanks for all the posts & smiles for all the regulars.
    MBs is one of FEW sites that I will check EVERYDAY no matter where I happen to find myself… or lose myself…
    Here’s to many more years ;)

  33. Yeah, Milk is on my life since I was 14yo, three years has passed LOL
    It’s been a time! Keep walking, MB, and we support you!! :D

  34. Many Congratulations!!! there are few blogs that survived that spann of time. I am just a few months ahead of you, Sinalphoto 2007/7/17, my blog only changed hosts a time or 3.

  35. Garoto belíssimo você é,parece não gostar de comentários vindo de garotos mais velhos mas sua beleza provoca todas as idades.

  36. It will likely be another five years before we finally see all of Milo. Hey thanks, great website.

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