6 Random Facts about Josh

1. I’m totally bi for Emma Watson and Chris Ricci xD

~ ~ ~

2. I love the sound of the wind in the trees.

~ ~ ~

3. I’ve masturbated for the first time in the night before my 12th birthday… out of boredom.

~ ~ ~

4. I had my first sex with a girl before I had sex with boys.
We were 15, she was a good friend, we smoked dope and
did it in her bathtub.  It was nice but after that we never did
more than just bathing together. And I never took drugs again till yet.

~ ~ ~

5. I’d do anything to make a time travel.

~ ~ ~

6. I still remember this strange, sad, rainy day…

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21 thoughts on “6 Random Facts about Josh”

  1. Als Katholik kann ich dieses bi…. bi…. ich kann’s gar nicht aussprechen…. natürlich nicht gut heißen (es paßt einfach nicht zu unserer Verehrung der Muttergottes, welche sicherlich weinen muß, wenn sie sowas sieht).

  2. Liv Tayler? Is that some strange hybrid created from Liv Tyler and Liz Taylor? :D Gross! Kinda like Josh having sex with a lolwutgirl.

  3. Everyone casted in Harry Potter is hideous (with the exception of Watson). Look at how Radcliffe and Leung (the actress for Cho Chang) turned out. Yeughk!

    Yeah, what is the song in your list? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Josh and I have something in common it seems, as I too have major crushes on Emma Watson and Christina Ricci. As for the rest of the Harry Potter cast being hideous, I’m not sure I’d go that far. Daniel and Rupert aren’t that bad looking and Tom Felton is definetly cute. The actresses who play Ginny and Luna are rather lovely as well.

  5. @The Song
    It’s Silence ~ Runalong (acoustic version) from their great album Vain. A Tribute to a Ghost

    @Harry Potter Cast
    I like this one boy in Ravenclaw but yeah, Emma is the only real eye candy, even if you’re gay .__. (Harry/Daniel is the worst of ‘em all but I didn’t even like him in the books >< ). Ok, Luna is somwhow sweet too but Tom Felton looked more promising in the first two movies than he turned out.

    While I like Christina Ricci especially for her views of some things. Cool to see I’m not alone :D

    @Mutter Gottes
    Die hat sich sicher dran gewöhnt in Anbetracht des Treibens in den Klöstern über die Jahrhunderte.

  6. I think the bad-boy blond what’s-his-name and the red-head Ron from Harry Potter were TOTALLY delightful in the first four movies. Haven’t seen the fifth. And the fat kid in the first movie who loses weight by the third (?) is kinda interesting. He’s the one who sacrificed himself for his friends and won the team bonus points. And George and Fred (Ron’s brothers) were interesting in the first two movies.

  7. Have to politely disagree with you there Josh, but I’ll chalk it up to us being two different people. Different strokes for different folks and all that. :)

  8. mm, that ravenclaw – if you mean the dark-haired porcelain french duke from order of the phoenix, that’s supposed to be michael corner, and i totally agree.

    i saw daniel radcliffe in equus and can vouch for his credentials.


  9. I like that “5 random facts” thing you’ve been blogging about. Have you been “tagged” to tell six of them?

    PS: Gute Besserung.

  10. Nope, I’m not an active Vlogger who could have been tagged, I just tagged myself >< My first intention was to make a video too but while doing it I realized that I missed the poetry of a blog entry with random pictures, videos and songs.

  11. Me? I’d stop thinking about guys long enough for a good, long, fun time with Kate Beckinsale. (If you’ve seen Underworld, you would too!)

    And as for Harry Potter… Give me the Weasley twins at the same time, please. I’m greedy.

  12. my first sex was in the woods with the boy next door (really). i have loved the sound of breeze in the trees since that day.

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