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  1. 8teen Boy is hot stuff -you can run their video clips anytime you want. Porn is just as much ‘art’ as a lot of the nonsense that tries to pass as ‘art.’

  2. Oh yeah Jesse….

    there are three options for sign up one is just a 30 day non-recurring at $35. Do you get paid for all options? or just the recurring ones?

  3. Let me ummm, interject here (cough, cough). If one were looking for a place to ummm, find an internet safe outlet for personal frustrations, let me say that his is a great site. Might I recommend, not only Jesse, but Tommy Anders and Rad Matthews.

  4. OMG! It kind of scared me too. But I couldn’t stop from watching. It seems wrong to have it on the internet. I’m not sure I like it. No. You should remove it.

  5. I LOve It! HaRd CoRe porn and I didn’t even have to sign in to see it! Is this the end of ‘protected posts?’ Josh – you can post 8Teen Boy ad videos any time. No apologies necessary.

  6. Happy to sign up for you Jesse. Some great new faces since I last saw this site and you gotta love that Gabriel! A poll of favorites would be revealing ;-)

  7. It is a shame you can’t cover the costs with donations because advertising is yuk imho.

    However if you do want to make some money with advertising then do the webcam sites not the regular porn site.

    You will get many more clicks per webcam site ad than with a porn site ad.

  8. It looks like quite a few people are happy to donate. How can this be done outside of a sign up? I couldn’t find a link in the right navigation area but honestly I’ve never looked until seeing this ad.

    Putting a picture linking to the donation bin in place of the ad you’ve put up would work as a great reminder for me :)

    1. The problem is not the number of people who are willing to donate but to find a way to let them without to much trouble since services like PayPal, TipIt etc. don’t like customers like us.

      But it’s ok anyways, the ads are working out, we’re good for a while now :)

      Thanks a lot guys (& girls!)

      1. Set up a second site selling Bibles, use Paypal for that and manage all transfers billing for bibles. Just get sure nobody wants to get a real bible in the end…

        1. I wish it would be that easy but my PayPal account didn’t get banned 4 times by now because it had an obvious connection to the blog but because some people reported this connection to them. We live in a friendly world like this *sigh*

          1. Does this mean we can get a bible-stie banned from paypal just by reporting them? Sounds tempting.

  9. actually it’s the only site where i like the ads, as they well match what i like – teens, as opposed to young men.

    btw, has anyone seen homoemo vids in 1080p ?

  10. No need to apologise. That video was H-O-T hot!!! I wanked off once in the loo already and I wanna do it again after checking out the website. Wicked man!

  11. A porn like that doesnt turn me on, but these guys are cute and hot. I would rather prefer to see something soft and romantic ;)

  12. Ads are ok. as long as they stay secondary to the cotent. I’ve seen all kinds of blogs in which start showing ads “to get the money for the server bill” and then theres nothing but ads with very little content. You have a great site here and it would be a pity to have it pimped out by a pimp.

  13. I think putting this anal sex of questionable teens on Milkboys is crossing a line that can only lead to the censorship or closure of Milkboys in the future. There is a First Amendment freedom of speech, and these boys do look like they might be over 18, but do we really want to have graphic sex on a site that my little 12 year old brother visits everyday. I think we also have a responsibility to our citizens that are underage. Not everything that is permissible is beneficial. Just a thought.

    1. First of all: They ain’t “questionable teens”, they are both over 18. There is a § 2257 notice at the end of the video in case you want to check this. Besides that: Why do you think it would harm a 12 year old to see things like that? Sex is something beautiful and healthy (which he is most likely aware of anyways), what’s the point in teaching kids it’s something bad and evil that needs to be hidden and done in secret and shame? Especially compared to the murder he can see on TV the whole day?

      1. You have a point. Perhaps I am too over-protective of my brother who still thinks Santa might be real dispite all statements to the contrary. The fact is you don’t know who your visitors are. And the fact that you so EASILY dismiss my concerns about this pornography and younger people accidently seeing this blantant sexuality, tells me that you don’t see the wrong in it.

        I think that Milkboys is a great place for me. I am gay. I am a teen. I have questions about my sexuality and how i can relate to this hateful world. I do not think this site is the best place for my brother quite yet. Put yourself in my shoes.

        Perhaps Milkboys could put a WARNING SCREEN before the picture of the teenager preparing to put a man’s dick to his lips. Whatcha think, huh?

        1. I don’t really think MilkBoys is intended for minors in the first place, so I have no problems with porn ads such as this.

      2. About porn. ‘Art’ porn, consensual porn etc are great and even necessary. But in a lot of the porn ‘houses’, especially in Russia, these are young adult off the streets, often tied into prostitution & drugs. Supporting those ‘houses’ are supporting those young adults in a vicious cycle of personal destruction.

        OTOH, boys posting consensual sex for fun & profit is OK, as long as nobody is forced into anything and they don’t think that’s all they can do with themselves in life. I doubt you will find many ex-street kids that survived prostitution & drugs saying, “Yeah, it was a great life, you should try it!”. A lot of those boys die and that’s just a stupid, needless waste of a life. Few of you really realize how destroyed the Russian economy is and what these boys feel they have to do, to survive on the streets. Some cities in Russia have as many as 75,000 homeless youth.

        Porn from those ‘houses’ is just an opiate for the rest of us…

    2. I agree with you all the way.Sexual developement at too early an age is potentially damaging.I believe I am a product of that reality

  14. Jesse…………..what a babe, he truley is. Powerfull, yet INNOCENT strong yet SUBMISSIVE sexy and horny. Hes everything a partner for me should be, inc his hair……..

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