Sexting – Teens still do it

According to a new survey, almost one-third of youths admit they’ve engaged in sexting-related activities that involved either e-mailing a photo or video of themselves in the nude or being the recipient of such images. Of those who admitted to distributing suggestive images of themselves, about 61 percent report that they were pressured by someone [...]


StickyDrama has an article about the so called “sexting”, the practise of teenagers making nude photos of themselves with their cell phones and sending them to others, which we have covered a few months ago. The article can be found here. Part of the comic value here is who is ending up in court: The [...]

Periodical Political Post *114

Queer News Spain’s constitutional court delays verdict over legality of same-sex marriage  Ecuadorian court says civil union registrations from same-sex couples are valid U.S. football star makes her homosexuality public, urges others to come out Hate groups still preach students can be indoctrinated into homosexual behaviour Parliament in Ukraine reported to have cancelled vote on [...]

Are you the 1%?

There was a lot of moral panic when surveys a few years ago came to the conclusion that a significant percentage (the numbers were somewhere between 20% and 50%) of teens do what was coined as sexting: sending each other sexually explicit or suggestive photos. And while there’s an obvious risk of having your photos [...]

Periodical Political Post *62

Queer News 19 year-old kills himself after hateful anti-gay comments in town meeting Homophobic Atlanta pastor accused of coercing young boys into sex UK more comfortable with homosexuality but two-thirds of gay students bullied US warehouse company Walmart sells "Ex-gay" propaganda for kids Washington parents outraged over survey asking kids about their gender  Ku Klux [...]

Hysteria makes all Sex unsafe

The following  text is an excerpt from an article on the Classically Liberal blog. We all worry about teens and the risks associated with sex. No one wants young girls to get pregnant or for teens to spread venereal diseases. Like it or not, to the extent that so-called sexting replaces actual sex as an [...]

Periodical Political Post *42

Americans’ role seen in push of mediaeval gay-execution bill in Uganda Portugal legalising gay marriage but not adoption by same-sex couples New Jersey Senate defeats same-sex marriage bill, supporters will go to court Special ID cards for young transsexuals in Sweden proposed British man prevented from donating blood to dying mother because he’s gay New [...]

Lust for Life (The Prevented Revolution)

In a new trend spreading across America, teens are sending nude or semi-nude pictures to one another on their mobile phones in a practice called “sexting”. But what started out as risqué fun among adolescents has spread fast, and is starting to lead to serious consequences. Recently, teenagers have been arrested on child pornography – [...]