38 thoughts on “A Milky Million”

  1. Ui…der ist süss :-)
    Und Josh, echt ne super Seite machst du hier, vielen dank dafür.

    lg Tim

  2. It actually looks like soy milk to me, notice that it ain’t very white, a bit of yellow’s in there, so it surely is soy milk.
    Veryvery nice picture, no doubt. It would have been nicer if another guy was behind him and huggin’ him ^^

  3. the stats and the pic say it all – we like what we see and how you deliver it…
    congratulations and thank you for the great work on this superb site

  4. omg gratz to 1 bazillion visitors! :D

    PS: The pic is clearly photoshopped. Sorry to disappoint =)

  5. who cares if it’s photoshopped? I’d love to kneel in front and drink the milk as it runs off his body.
    Congrats to Josh. Thanks for an entertaining blogsite.

  6. Q? Why is it if I click on the pic to enlarge it, I get a different pic of the boy? It’s still nice, though.

  7. 24|doug
    because it’s already the max size, and clicking it to find a diff pic is probably what the site runners wanted to happen.
    i was actually pleasantly surprised when i clicked the pic. :)

  8. Hey Josh, Where is this photo from? looks like an interesting series :) Is there a link to see the rest?

    Also, i dont think its photoshopped… look at the second photo :)

  9. These photos are from DeviantArt but I don’t know the link since I got them in a chan :(

    I had another nude shot of this model from an underwear shop (Ginch Gonch) but lost it.

  10. Would be super hot without all the nasty milk! ew! (I’m not a fan of milk. I know many are! I prefer water. Or tea, but I don’t think tea would be very sexy either. :)

  11. if it ran down that boys body, i’d drink that milk without any hesitation.

  12. and the story behind the image…..
    the model quit working for the photographer when this image showed up on the net, as did several other models…
    must say, while that’s a shame, i’m glad it showed up

  13. @chris

    Oh, do you know why they took the photos anyways if they were supposed to keep hidden? And there are more like this? Good to know ^^

  14. very cute boy and yes, i’d also like to drink that milk ^_^

    oh god his teeth in second foto are so cute…. 2 sad we will probably never meet
    but the photographer shouldnt have put this on the net if he didnt tell the boy, hell that’s not nice. Gotta be nice to such a cutey… =D

  15. Great pictures of Austin Monroe, never thought would see him in photographs ever again. This guy is a total dream boat Angel

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