20 thoughts on “A Plenitude Day”

  1. WOW, Josh such a beautiful video, the scenery, the boy, the music, Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. There’s so much beauty here and oh MY did you catch his smile? If only we could harness the energy from all the good emotion a smile like that brings.

  3. Thats the first pair of hazel eyes I’ve seen. Cool how the gold expands outwards at times, on the green background. Stunning scenery.

    1. Hazel eyes are chameleon eyes. Their color is largely dependent on the amount of light externally, surroundings, what you wear etc. They pick up blue, green and brown easily. They are the most mysterious of all, but most folks don’t give a rip. I’ve never heard anyone say for example, “His best feature are his hazel eyes.”

      1. I have hazel eyes, and I’m not even a chameleon. I have been told they are pretty, but I think Milo’s dick looks prettier.

  4. Gorgeous lad we have here, with those beautiful hazel eyes. In have hazel eyes but I never realized what the light could do to them. It also helps that this lad is very handsome to boot.

  5. I really like the close up shots of the holly berries. Great red color and nicely saturated greens. I wish the whole video was just of holly berries.

  6. nice guy,nice music,nice landscape. But there is a little disorder in the follow up from the single sequences.

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