I lost count on how many times someone from the blog staff as well as regular readers of the blog had to ask people here to tone down their comments which are way too often personal attacks, sexist or even racist. It doesn’t matter if it’s people saying someone “destroyed his face” because he has piercings or if it’s a ridiculously stupid comment that someone is “past his expiration date”; not to mention the just horrible comments some people leave about everyone who is different from them regarding their race, gender identity or, as absurd as it is on a site like this, sexual preference.

The vast majority of these nasty comments are deleted before they get published or shortly thereafter but we can’t babysit the site 24/7 so the bad stuff you see slipping through every now and then should give you an idea about the unseen amount of hateful remarks not getting through.

I can’t stress the fact enough that more often than you might think the people we feature here actually happen to read the comments left by the readers of this blog. The dad of diving talent Jordan Pisey Windle being just the latest example.

And the same way you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street to tell them how you hate their haircut/body shape/skin colour etc. we ask you to be respectful around here. That you can be somewhat anonymous on the internet doesn’t mean you can be an asshat to everyone.

You would think that people who are part of a minority that is often disrespected and discriminated against would be careful not to repeat the injustice they have to endure. So please be aware that we have rules about leaving comments. This place could be a lot more helpful and supportive for many people if everyone would acknowledge them.