Do you shave your armpits? Are you cut or uncut? Do you masturbate? How do you pee with a morning wood? When did you first cum? Are you circumcised? How often do you wank?

These where just a few of the many stupid questions the guy in this video got on his formspring after the video was featured here. And according to him this was just what he didn’t delete because it was way too creepy. This happens pretty much every time a video is posted here. Let alone the people who instantly switch into stalking mode whenever they see a cute boy in a video and try to find his Facebook, mail address and so on.

This has to stop.

I won’t slap you with the cliché of the pervy old men because I know that a good share of these questions are coming from people just as old as the guys in the videos but that doesn’t matter. They deserve more respect and privacy than that. That’s why I won’t post YouTube videos of boys under a certain age here anymore but upload them to the milkboys server instead. That’s a bit sad because it means they lose tens of thousands of views and you won’t be able to view their other videos but I’m sure you will agree that saving them from the annoyances and especially the stalking that comes with being featured here apparently should be the priority.

I know the majority of you guys are nice, considerate people who don’t feel the need to freak anyone out with salacious questions or stalking but as so often in life it’s the few dull ones who force vexations on everyone with their actions.


Some people expressed concerns that the sexual nature of some posts and ads might be seen as an invitation to openly perv over every boy featured here. But when you take a closer look at the posts and ads containing nudity you will realise that the ones with sexual context always feature boys over 18 and posts with naked boys under 18 are always clearly of a non-sexual nature (e.g. about nudism). I trust that everyone is able to tell the difference and therefore understands that the existence of one kind of posts doesn’t justify seeing every other post in the same light regardless of the age of the "protagonists".

This isn’t a question of morals or free speech but of respect. You are free to drool over anyone as much as you want — just try to avoid doing, saying or asking anything that you wouldn’t say, ask or do in real life when you stand in front of the person in question.