About the Boys from YouTube

Do you shave your armpits? Are you cut or uncut? Do you masturbate? How do you pee with a morning wood? When did you first cum? Are you circumcised? How often do you wank?

These where just a few of the many stupid questions the guy in this video got on his formspring after the video was featured here. And according to him this was just what he didn’t delete because it was way too creepy. This happens pretty much every time a video is posted here. Let alone the people who instantly switch into stalking mode whenever they see a cute boy in a video and try to find his Facebook, mail address and so on.

This has to stop.

I won’t slap you with the cliché of the pervy old men because I know that a good share of these questions are coming from people just as old as the guys in the videos but that doesn’t matter. They deserve more respect and privacy than that. That’s why I won’t post YouTube videos of boys under a certain age here anymore but upload them to the milkboys server instead. That’s a bit sad because it means they lose tens of thousands of views and you won’t be able to view their other videos but I’m sure you will agree that saving them from the annoyances and especially the stalking that comes with being featured here apparently should be the priority.

I know the majority of you guys are nice, considerate people who don’t feel the need to freak anyone out with salacious questions or stalking but as so often in life it’s the few dull ones who force vexations on everyone with their actions.


Some people expressed concerns that the sexual nature of some posts and ads might be seen as an invitation to openly perv over every boy featured here. But when you take a closer look at the posts and ads containing nudity you will realise that the ones with sexual context always feature boys over 18 and posts with naked boys under 18 are always clearly of a non-sexual nature (e.g. about nudism). I trust that everyone is able to tell the difference and therefore understands that the existence of one kind of posts doesn’t justify seeing every other post in the same light regardless of the age of the "protagonists".

This isn’t a question of morals or free speech but of respect. You are free to drool over anyone as much as you want — just try to avoid doing, saying or asking anything that you wouldn’t say, ask or do in real life when you stand in front of the person in question.


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  1. The other general rules (no lewd comments about minors, no sharing of *any* personal information, including facebook profiles, of the boys featured here) stay in effect of course.

    1. People who stalk these boys are frankly scum.

      I’m as likely as anyone else to google around and find more of the guys ya post pics and videos of. But cyberstalk ‘em n’ ask questions like ya mentioned? Good gawds people, get a grip! It’s fuck-knuckles like that, that make dirty old men like me look bad!

  2. Do not ask anyone a question, you would not ask in front of their parents if they are under the age of 21. Or do not ask anyone a question you would not ask in front of their parents and family lawyer if they are under the age of 18.

    lmao. Just my thoughts.

  3. J:

    Still I’d like to know whether he shaves his armpits.

    you know…

    the deal with questions like that one is… they are just not necessary. you don’t have to know. just imagine him with shaved whatever, then without shaved whatever, then decide what you like more, then go with that. if you want to be a perv, don’t steal the time of the people you want to perv over. this applies to every indiscrete question one can think of.

    really getting in touch with people one learns about on the internet is something completely different. actually contacting another human being is another world compared to just perving over his body or whatnot.

  4. Some thoughts on People putting videos on the internet:
    Were not this desire of fame very strong, the difficulty of obtaining it, and the danger of losing it when obtained, would be sufficient to deter a man from so vain a pursuit.
    A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognised.
    A celebrity is one who is known to many persons he is glad he doesn’t know.
    Famous people state fame as a cruse and those who have it not look upon it as a dream, hance dreams are cruses.
    Fame is proof that people are gullible.
    Just my personel humble opinion: If the heat is too hot, get out of the kitchen! Need the heat, cause we gotta eat!

    1. So, you say that as soon as someone puts a video online he lost every right to have some privacy and dignity?

      I also doubt that the kind of videos we’re talking about was uploaded to become “famous”.

      1. Quoting: “That’s a bit sad because it means they lose tens of thousands of views. . . .”

        The public is a ferocious beast; one must either chain it or flee from it.
        The personal life of every individual is based on secrecy, and perhaps it is partly for that reason that civilized man is so nervously anxious that personal privacy should be respected.
        Like religion, politics, and family planning, privacy is not a topic to be brought up in public. It’s too controversial.

        1. To be perfectly clear:
          I am not defending or condoning, nor in any way making any type of judgement on anyones actions on the net! I stand for one main thing and that is “not to judge anyone or their actions, especially based on my own beliefs or thoughts!”
          We must learn that there are different people with different thoughts and beliefs and needs and wants.
          We must learn not to judge these people based on our own beliefs, needs, desires and wants.
          We must learn to accept and ignore those who are different from ourselves, afterall, is not that what we ourselves ask of others?
          So, in plain language, if your in the net, your in the public and must learn to deal with the public, both the good side and the “bad” side! Must remember that what you do, video, blog, whatever, may offend someone, somewhere. How would you respond to them, “Change the Channel!” would be my quess!
          So, same here with these guys, if you don’t want any “bad” comments and only “good” comments, then the “open” net is not the place to be! Sorry, if that bursts anyones bubble!

          1. Yes but that DOES NOT give the public the right to make imposing comments that are not necessary. Courtesy should be shown to these people whether or not they have put footage of themselves on the web. I know what you’re saying but there’s still the unwritten law of being mannerly towards those who have done nothing to offend you.

      2. I’m not saying i agree with invading the privacy of all posters, but the desire when posting these vidoes is, in fact, some level of fame, notioriety, or attention-seeking.

        Also, I think some of these questions are just the same things that most teens ask each other in the locker room, by text, walking home from school, etc. I’m not sure all that much harm is done just by the asking.

        Perhaps video posters don’t deserve these questions, but what about Formspring? The slogan of this site is “ask me anything.” What questions are they expecting: What’d you have for dinner?

        Just some thoughts from the other side of the argument. Personally, I think whether he shaves his armpits is a stupid question. Clearly, he doesn’t. Plus, I think the person(s) who asked this were simply using a question to mask an insult – which is just uncalled for!

        1. “the desire when posting these vidoes is, in fact, some level of fame, notioriety, or attention-seeking”

          what about art and just making a video for the sake of just making a video?
          Also, what teens ask each other is different from what old perverts ask kids they don’t even know (yes, unfortunately the web anonymity makes everyone a potential old pervert).
          And finally, Formspring is not Youtube, just like Milkboys is not Faith.com and Redtube is not Wikipedia. By uploading his video, I don’t believe the poster meant to attract such parasites. He might be foolish enough to ignore the probability that he definitely will be asked such questions but he still reserves the right to not be turned into a sex object just because he brushes his teeth on a video.

          1. 1. we keep assuming all these questions are asked by old perverts

            2. the post above specifically mentions formspring, not youtube

            3. i really don’t think asking about body hair and circumsions makes one a stalker or a parasite

            4. i do agree with Josh’s basic premise of respect and i think that insults and questions that are insulting should not be made, but i don’t think that the people who ask them should be labeled with such a broad stroke

  5. You made the right decision. Everyone can be a touch pervy or creepy to someone, even if they don’t realize it.
    Oddly, the questions he was asked are things people often tell me, even when I don’t ask and don’t want to know.

  6. There are a number of YouTubers who’ve never appeared on this site, but still put a FormSpring link under their vids. They still receive inappropriate questions. I know this is no excuse, but not all of us are pervs. However I applaud your decision Josh.

  7. Some people’s hormone’s seem to undermine their good sense, if they have any. I wonder if any of them would walk up to some cute kid on the street and ask the same question. I recently read an article about some folks who want to remove any anonymity from the net ’cause of this kind of behavior.

  8. While I respect your decision on how to handle this, Josh, and even agree with your opinion that it’s sad there are people that visit your (or any site) and ask such questions of the people featured here…. I feel the need to point out a couple things.

    1. Regardless of your age, if you post a video or photo to the internet where you’re less then fully dressed or doing activities most people don’t do in front of strangers (your morning routine, getting dressed, etc), you’re pretty much asking to receive a certain number of comments/questions like that… esp if you’re young and/or reasonably good looking.

    2. With the type of material normally featured on this blog, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the majority of visitors come for the sole reason of perving on guys that either are or look underage…. and since those comments aren’t allowed here, they went to his YouTube page to leave them.

    I’m not saying it’s right, just the nature of the net and something you gotta deal with if yer gonna be posting that sort of stuff anywhere (when I was still a minor, I was asked MUCH worse then any of those questions…. and that was just for putting my age in chat room profiles).

    1. 1. “They asked for it because of the way they dressed/behaved” has never been considered an adequate defence for… anything.

      2. “since those comments aren’t allowed here, they went to his YouTube page to leave them” Well that’s exactly the problem that the change Josh made, aims to largely prevent.

      Yes it happens and yes it will still happen in other places and for other reasons, but most of us are happier that it will mostly no longer happen here or because of things posted here.

  9. Some people just don’t have respect or class anymore.. Sadly it’s not just the older guys who ask those types of questions. People should just enjoy what they see and not go into detail on armpit or crotch size… Come on now..

    Peace, Love, and Nakedness!!!

  10. On the Milkboys main page left column down in Ads there is a picture of a model masturbating. So who is surprised that there are freaky comments or stalkers. I’m not saying that is good form but take this site, which I love – there I have said it, in context. Josh, I sure hope you make the effort to protect as you can, the people in the content from the meaner weirdos of the internet. (It would be nice if on the side you could clue in those of us who are nice:) The difference between asking someone for a date and being a stalker is stalkers don’t go away when told to. By the way, I found Milkboys from from “the Joe from 1993″ so you should be glad people talk to each other. You are glad I’m here aren’t you?

  11. sixle:

    1. Regardless of your age, if you post a video or photo to the internet where you’re less then fully dressed or doing activities most people don’t do in front of strangers (your morning routine, getting dressed, etc), you’re pretty much asking to receive a certain number of comments/questions like that…

    no. this line of argumentation hasn’t been correct when it was about women dressing “friskily” in public and it isn’t correct here.

    and: while it may be intended by guys like the one mentioned in this blog-entry for their videos to have a certain amount of erotic subtext, if not a clear erotic/sexual main point, it *STILL* doesn’t mean they were “asking for it”, neither “figuratively” as in “they should know what awaits them” nor “literally” as in “they really wanted this kind of feedback”.
    making YT-videos with a certain amount of sexual subtext probably does usually aim at other people and their perception of the material, but not in such an exhibitionistic, pornographic and “i’m your bitch”-way people apparently *would like* it to be. people like the guy mentioned in this blog entry want to be noticed, they want to expose themselves to a certain extent, want to even share more intimate or sexual sides of themselves with their friends or even the whole world. that’s what one can draw from his vids, everything else is speculation. this simply does *not* make them the bitch of anonymous internet-people who think they are entitled to know whether guys like him shave their armpits or not.

    “oh he’s asking for it” is bullshit and nothing but a rationalization for bad behaviour of people who don’t seem to grasp that they are talking to another human being.

    1. I wasn’t saying it was right, I was merely stating that’s the way things are.

      I have plenty of videos of my own that show me completely nude and are nothing but sexual on X-Tube and I still think “what the hell are they thinking saying/asking me that” to some of the comments made there.

      If you can’t handle or don’t like those types of comments, you shouldn’t put anything erotic or sexual in the public’s view, because, right or wrong, people WILL make those comments. After all, there is the option in both youTube and X-tube to limit who sees your videos.

      1. Your argument might be true for erotic videos. It’s just that the videos like the “morning routine” one were in no way erotic until people made something erotic out of it with their way of seeing it — which is fine. All humans are sexual being and if you’re turned on by a teenage boy in his underwear that’s no one’s business but yours. But that doesn’t mean you can assume the person who made the video meant to put in any erotic undertone or even asked for lewd comments just because he had no shirt on.

    2. As for women being harassed when dressing “friskily” (or goths being called freaks, or hippies being called lazy stoners, etc)….. you may not be a slut, but if you’re going to wear the uniform you shouldn’t complain about how folk treat you.

      1. Of course they should. Why should someone else have a right to criticise you for what you wear? You can wear whatever you want it shouldn’t affect other people. A woman wants to wear those clothes to be comfortable, fell good about herself or anty other reason, then she can f well do that. It’s her life.
        If others have a problem with that well then they go stfu and mind their own f business.

        1. The way you dress says more about you when you go out in public then anything else. If you don’t like what your outfits are saying about you, don’t wear them. Skin color you can’t change, clothes you can.

          The same goes for what you post on the net, I agree folk shouldn’t be saying those things… but if you don’t like the response folk are giving you to the pics and vids you put out there, don’t be putting it out there.

          It’s something you do have control over, when you make something public you HAVE to live with both the good and the bad that come with it. In a perfect world, what you are saying is absolutely true…. but this is far from a perfect world.

          I DO wear outfits in public that raise quite a few eyebrows on a regular basis…. and as a guy the comments yelled at me are far worse then what most girls hear when they wear skimpy outfits. The difference with me is, I just roll my eyes and make a note that the people making the comment aren’t worth wasting my time talking to…. that’s why I wear such outfits in the first place.

          1. sixle:

            If you don’t like what your outfits are saying about you, don’t wear them. Skin color you can’t change, clothes you can.

            thing is: what any given outfit is “saying” is a cultural thing. the outfit itself is completely mute – it’s people who tend to think they heard something when looking at what somebody is wearing.
            a half-naked teenage boy doesn’t “say” sex, just as – in the 50s – a women wearing a blouse with the two top buttons unbuttoned didn’t. it was people that came along and “complained” about how much they “hear” sex when they see that image.

            so if you think you hear something when looking at an outfit, remind yourself that all you’re hearing is your own cultural bias. it’s not really your fault, but kindly don’t tell others it’s theirs.

            1. I disagree.

              When you choose what you’re going to wear before going out into public, you are choosing how you wish to be perceived by those who see you, whether on the street or on the internet.

              When a guy wears a tailored suit and tie, he’s saying he’s a successful businessman whether or not he is.

              When a girl wears a dress that shows half her cleavage and stops just below her butt, she’s saying she’s easy whether or not she is.

              When a black guy wears gang colors with his boxers showing and gold teeth, he’s saying he’s a criminal whether or not he is.

              Yes, it’s shameful and disrespectful to make lewd or disrespectful comments about ANYONE regardless of what they choose to wear. However, blaming others for what they think of you based on how you choose to present yourself to society equally wrong, esp when you’re aware of the message you’re sending.

              Yes, underage boys and girls might have the excuse that they’re not aware of the message they might be sending when they bare their chests on the internet…. but they learn from experience and either decide that the rewards are worth whatever negative comments they get or stop showing their bare chests on youTube and take the videos off their accounts.

              Yes, you have the right to dress however you want where ever you want (as long as you’re not breaking local decency laws), but you also have to take the consequences that come with how you CHOOSE to dress be they good ones or bad ones.

            2. I agree with you, sixle. What many people on youtube write in their comments is often embarrassing, but the folks, who upload something that could be seen as hot, sexy or whatever by others, should be more aware of their own nonverbal communication and less naive.

            3. sixle:

              I disagree.
              When you choose what you’re going to wear before going out into public, you are choosing how you wish to be perceived by those who see you, whether on the street or on the internet.

              no. when i choose what i’m going to wear out in public, *i* have an idea what this outfit is and what it means. it doesn’t mean that A) i have to care about what ideas and opinions others have or B) my ideas and theirs necessarily have to be identical.

              but this is not getting us anywhere. if you think about it thoroughly, you’ll see that A) this argument has been fought countless times and B) making people responsible to what others might think of them is neither possible nor practical nor any kind of favorable ideal in any modern society – people in western societies have known that since at least 50 years.

              also don’t forget that were not talking about a nudist walking around naked in public, but about a *slight* sexual subtext. that’s also something that makes the “you should expect reactions like that”-move ill-applied here. imo.

            4. “it doesn’t mean that A) i have to care about what ideas and opinions others have or B) my ideas and theirs necessarily have to be identical.”

              Very true. You still made them have those ideas about you though. They may be in the wrong for the way they act on their perceptions of you, but if the way people perceive you because of the way you present yourself, it’s up to you to change the way you present yourself.

              “B) making people responsible to what others might think of them is neither possible nor practical nor any kind of favorable ideal in any modern society – people in western societies have known that since at least 50 years.”

              This is complete and total hogwash.

              While there are things about yourself that will influence how folk perceive you you cannot change (race, gender, physical disabilities, etc), there is far more you can change that influences how you are thought of by others.

              How you carry yourself, the way you dress, your hair color, the way you treat others, your actions in public, how you groom yourself, whether or not you smoke, etc all have a direct effect on how people think of you and you can change all of that. Therefore, YOU, not them are the one responsible for changing that perception if you don’t like it.

              Politicians, celebrities, and successful businessmen all understand this, it’s why they all take great pains to control as many aspects of themselves as they can. It’s why cosmetic surgery, hair salons, make-up, and the fashion industry exist, why would any of them be billion dollar industries if people weren’t trying to change the way people perceive them?

              Just like because you don’t like that perception of you or didn’t intend them to perceive you in that manner does not make you any less responsible for it. Do you blame the police for giving you a ticket when you park in a no parking zone without realizing it too?

              You can have the right to do whatever you want to do OR someone else can be responsible for everything in your life, but you cannot have both at the same time and I’m getting bloody sick of people that think you can have it both ways.

  12. Too right, Josh! An unfortunate but necessary decision. That’s the one thing about milkboys that displeases me. The people who make comments like this. But you do a great job moderating and I’m not criticising milkboys.

  13. Benu:

    On the Milkboys main page left column down in Ads there is a picture of a model masturbating. So who is surprised that there are freaky comments or stalkers. I’m not saying that is good form but take this site, which I love – there I have said it, in context. Josh, I sure hope you make the effort to protect as you can, the people in the content from the meaner weirdos of the internet. (It would be nice if on the side you could clue in those of us who are nice:) The difference between asking someone for a date and being a stalker is stalkers don’t go away when told to. By the way, I found Milkboys from from “the Joe from 1993″ so you should be glad people talk to each other. You are glad I’m here aren’t you?

    “people talking to each other” == not the problem
    “people harassing other people with inappropriate questions” == the problem.

    i agree: when milkboys moved towards the porn-direction about a year or so ago, it kind of invited a certain kind of audience that, in an unfavorable way, could be described as rude, direct, unintellectual, unsensible and only after the next wank. they expect porn, and they are used to porn as something more or less professional. they see themselves as customers and the people featured here as professional porn-actors. and of such nature is their “contact” with the alleged pornstars. all of this is okay – in porn surroundings. not here.

    having such people come here and talk to the people featured here is a problem, ’cause the people featured here are no porn-actors, some of them are people like you and me, teenagers, whole, real people who can get hurt by inappropriate comments.

    i like the “goal” of this site, but i do think that a respectable part of the clientele attracted by a porn-ish line-up just isn’t mentally capable for and/or interested in the holistic, erotic, human régard milkboys sheds on its featured persons.

    1. There are valid points in chrs’ post.

      While reprimanding people for such undesirable activity is certainly warranted, it will ultimately have very limited success. The true origins for this crude behavior emanating from milkboys and painting it in a bad light to the outside lie in the cultivation of certain audience and community by, intentionally or not, targeting it with specific content on the one hand, and not actively discouraging the proliferation of undesirable elements on the other.

      There is a perceived tension between what milkboys is apparently supposed to be, or wants to be, and what is actually happening, some content and the presentation thereof playing into it, as well.

  14. Wow, why is there heavy discussion over this? Privacy is right that should be given to everyone, no matter how much they put themselves out into the public. Yes, we can ask them questions on formspring and the like, but there is no need to treat them disrespectfully. I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Josh. :)

  15. I totally, absolutely and wholeheartedly disagree with Josh.
    Because this changes nothing.
    The “pervs” will find the boys even without direct links, eventually. I don’t like this. But this is like to close ones eyes when the wolf is coming – he will not go away.

  16. Good for you, Josh. Yes, celebrities do, to a certain extent, lose a degree of their right to privacy–but a young guy, putting a vid of himself on YouTube, does NOT become a celebrity for that reason! The step you’ve taken is a necessary one to protect the privacy of the boys and girls posted here–and to protect this board, as well.

  17. I think that’s a good decision on the mod’s part to obscure the identity of kids who may not be mature enough to handle provocative/x-rated queries from older teens & adults. Many of them are very savvy & aware of how sexual innuendo & half-naked bodies can lure viewers & boost subscribers. But they’re not prepared to handle the consequences. My only quibble is that if you read Sal’s formspring, he clearly stated he isn’t Gay! and linking his vid on milkboys & then complaining about our lurid reactions is a bit disingenuous. btw- all kids know that you can set your Formspring from anonymous to registered users to prevent haters & creepers from spamming your board.

  18. I’m so glad you made this post, Josh – behaviour like this is an embarrasment and emotionally damaging. And if I were a politician I would add that it does nothing to encourage people that the internet doesn’t need censorship and moderation.

    To those claiming that the youtubers are to blame, I’d like to point out, as someone who’s grown up in the digital age, that it is fun and *very easy* to both make and post videos, and thus very easy to make the mistake of going too far to handle this backlash.

    Bear in mind also that while most youtubers like to get +/- feedback on a video from strangers, it is downright haunting to know someone is w***ing over you and even worse to face this from lots of people or lots of times.

    Good decision x

    1. “To those claiming that the youtubers are to blame, I’d like to point out, as someone who’s grown up in the digital age, that it is fun and *very easy* to both make and post videos, and thus very easy to make the mistake of going too far to handle this backlash.”

      I agree…. what I disagree with is folk that are unwilling to live with and learn from the consequences of their own actions/choices and those that enable that mindset.

      I grew up the internet too, except it wasn’t called the internet until I was around 15 (prior to that is was just prodigy, compuserve, and whatever local dial-up bbs you could find). I know full well what it’s like to be 15-16 and stalked on the internet by 40 or 50 year olds online (and back then it wasn’t so easy to change your display name… there were no free WEB email accounts).

      The thing is though, I’m not blaming those kids…. unless they continue to release the type of stuff they get reactions they don’t like from and keep complaining about getting the same reaction. If yer old enough to have a wet dream or a period, yer more then old enough to learn from your mistakes.

  19. Hi Josh, This is your blog and I appreciate your choice of topic and energy and work to make it happen. I realize that one reason you have the porn ads is money to pay the costs of the site. Since I don’t give you money to support the site I certainly have no judgment about how you have to pay for it. Please do take all precautions to give the subjects of videos and pictures the level of anonymity you can and they deserve. It doesn’t matter if others can find them through other ways. What matters is your actions which also permeate the site and make it a cool place to check out and also have discussions. Thanks for your vision and being brave in public.

  20. Bottom line is that you did the right thing Josh. More people should have the balls to do the same….and on a more frequent basis. Congratulations on a job well done.

  21. Tricky one, and a decision that I am not sure about.
    Once the video is posted on ANOTHER site, I am not sure Josh is actually responsible, the way he feels he is.
    I think it is good enough to repeatedly ask for it to stop. The rest he can’t and will never control, and trying to do so is like trying to stop piracy: they will always find another way. And thus the vast majority suffer because of a tiny minority, and we gave in to them.

  22. All good points, right or wrong. All I can say is that I was raised better than to act that way. It’s a matter of respect . No excuses. Reasons may be this or that, but as an action, such things are unconscionable regardless to whom they are aimed.

  23. sad, because some videos are funny and interesting. However, I understand and i agree with your decision Josh.

  24. Hi Josh. This isn’t a criticism of you but… It strikes me as slightly odd that you decided to remove links between Milkboys and specific YouTube sites in order to prevent harassment of young guys, yet Milkboys is still linked to the very You Tube site of the boy who was just subject to such problems through your link to (nathankapper’s) video. Maybe this is an oversight. I’m not sure. It surely is a shame that this change had to be made. I have always enjoyed seeing new talent that I would never have known about were it not for the connection through Milkboys to YouTube, etc. Have a nice day! :) Mikey

  25. I didn’t realise the stalker flow-on effect was so prevalent here!

    Aslong as the video’s and pictures don’t stop.. I couldn’t care less

  26. A couple of posts ago you featured “pedophile” products, both on the japanese market and the english one.

    It’s the nature of the website that stirs up that kind of behavior. But anything to protect them from potential offenders. It’s a good idea.

  27. I agree with Josh 100%.

    I’d also like to point out that few teenagers mean for their videos or pictures to receive much of a sexual comment beyond something like “wow you’re sexy!” or whatever. And that’s usually from other kids their own age who are normal teenagers doing normal teenage things.

    The stalking is just a whole other kind of creepy, regardless of age.

    I have to say that when I was a teenager, which wasn’t all that long ago (I’m 24 this year), I also did a lot of things that in their nature, would seem sexual or inviting. But I would NEVER have intended such things to entice stalkers or to get lewd comments.

    As stupid and ridiculous as it may sound, that is just one of many reasons why certain laws are the way they are. Because not everyone will see sexuality in a simple thing like getting dressed or taking your shirt off.

    It’s like if you order something else at a restaurant just because you’re not in the mood for what you usually order. Same with teens showing themselves off. Sometimes it can be for sexual reasons, sometimes not.

    But viewers will always judge what they see, it’s been like that since practically the dawn of time with every single human being on this earth. The line has to be drawn somewhere though.

    To everyone who made the lewd comments, I’d say to keep any sexual questions or curiosities to yourself. It honestly is not necessary, and these aren’t just pictures or videos with cartoon characters.

    These are REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS. And they deserve your respect as much as everyone else.

    As for me, am I attracted to teenagers? Yes, as I’d imagine most of the visitors to this site are. But I know when to keep my thoughts and comments in check and my fingers on the keyboard……not with one hand typing and the other, you-know-where.

    Because there’s a whole universe of difference between appreciating people and things for their beauty and degrading them with over-obsessed, nasty crud.

    1. Does a lewd comment or overly personal stupid question a stalker make?

      Stalker? Really?

      1. I wouldn’t say one comment tagged to a video makes one a stalker…. Guilty of having extremely poor taste and no class? Definitely!

        Multiple comments over an extended period, possibly across several sites…. yea, that’s a stalker.

      2. Most truly evil comments are made by the kids their age. I don’t agree with these creepily voyeuristic questions some ask, but it isn’t stalking, and more hurtful are the comments their peers make.
        I’m not sure we can use our adult morals as gauge for what teens feel, them who live in a world of incredible verbal abuse and brutality at school.
        ‘Are you cut?’ is creepy, but not evil.

  28. TBS:

    My only quibble is that if you read Sal’s formspring, he clearly stated he isn’t Gay! and linking his vid on milkboys & then complaining about our lurid reactions is a bit disingenuous. .

    Excellent Point!

  29. You operate a site that promotes sites that exist on the fuzzy edge of what is illegal in most jurisdictions and is only slightly more wholesome itself but you choose to preach to us about what is right and wrong in comments or questions twicw in recent weeks.

    You need to understand that you’re not in charge of the internet, it’s a public place and stuff happens.

    If people have an open forum where they can be asked questions, they need to understand that they’ll get some inappropriate ones. The trick is to ignore them. Your telling us this has to stop won’t work, the people who do it aren’t listening. It makes you sound very pompous and preachy; to do it twice in such a short space of time confirms to me that we’re looking at more than just sounding that way.

    1. Josh is in charge of this site. Making a site publicly accessible doesn’t mean (exaggeratedly) every piece of scum gets to have its way with the happenings here, with the people featured here, .. this is no democracy. You are a guest here, so behave like one. It’s as simple as that.

  30. That’s why I won’t post YouTube videos of boys under a certain age here anymore but …”upload them to the milkboys server instead”
    Does this mean the vids will still be posted, but simply not linked to YouTube????

    1. this means, that the people here – unless they happen to know the featured person – will have no way of contacting him/her. in theory.

  31. I remember when I was in highschool and when the town found out that I was gay, I oftened heard such things as, “There is that pervert!” “What scum, gays should die!” “Your a disgusting, evil, monster!” And now here, I’m hearing the same cries from those who should be defending others who have differences!!
    For me, unfortunately, more and more of what I hear from this blog and its’ followers, sounds very close to what the Polish Priest was saying a few blogs ago at the “gay” demo: “All older pervs, who ask nasty dumb questions to cute young guys on the net should be burned at the stake!” Again, sad in my humble opinion.

    1. That’s a fantastically ridiculous statement, equaling homophobia to a call for decent behavior towards other people. In fact, by saying this you’re the one guilty of discrimination. No one mentioned, quote “older pervs”, you’re the one describing them like this. Further, you make it sound as if that sort of behavior is perfectly acceptable and should not be discouraged by whatever means available. Way to disqualify yourself from an argument by typing up mindless drivel.

      1. Main Blog Josh: “. . .cliche of the pervy old men. . .”
        #19 sylvatica: “. . .but not all of us are pervs.”
        #40 ColeSlaw: “The “pervs” will find the boys. . .”

        the priest at my highschool, to my parents, quote:

        “you don’t think that sort of behavior, (being gay), is perfectly acceptable and should not be discouraged by whatever means available!”

        What the priest said to my parents then, what you just said now, with what the Polish priest said in the video!? I don’t believe that is mindeless drivel! And much more dangerous and harmful than, “Do you shave your armpits?”

        1. You’re quoting words out of context. Josh’s post explicitly discards that very cliché. And you keep trying to establish the extremely crude behavior that is being criticized here as acceptable. Why, harassing people with coarse ‘perving on’ messages is just the same as being gay! It’s natural, they were born as unpleasant assholes, we should be happy for them!

          I don’t think you’ll get anywhere with this line of argumentation. If you feel you’re being discriminated against because you engage in such behavior and think it is just fine, then you would be correct. Making people who exhibit such activity feel unwelcome would be a desirable achievement.

          1. Just for your information I have never engaged in this type of behavior. However, I would be willing to give up my life to protect their right to express themselves. Just has I would defend the youth who make the videos from those of the conservative religious right who say that the videos they are making are “crude behavior” and morally unacceptable!

            1. i think you should read the blogpost again and think about whether you actually get what is going on here. *sigh*

        2. 1) look up “cliché”.
          2) “that sort of behaviour”.. while the words Josh and your “priest” used might be somewhat similar, they describe entirely different things. back when i had a dog, it used to piss on my carpet. i kind of condemned “that sort of behaviour”. it kind of doesn’t make me a homophobe, because: *it has nothing to do with homosexuality*. so does being rude to strangers on the internet. if you think that’s what being gay is all about, you’re an idiot.

        3. I honestly don’t think that personal questions like shaved armpits and et cetera should be asked. Not everyone is comfortable when faced with questions like that; I’m sure many people on this site alone will not oblige to answer when a stranger comes up to them and asks if they shave their armpits/anywhere else.
          It is these personal inquiries that Josh is trying to prevent; as he said, the boy in the video has received many similar comments/questions since his video was up on this site. Those comments should best be left unsaid because of their highly personal (and offensive, to some) nature. Blatantly insensitive behaviour like that should not be condoned; instead, they should be discouraged, especially if it’s targeted to people as young as that boy.

          1. My brother is very religious. My nephew came across some videos, similar to those here on Milkboys, he is of similar age to many in the videos. My brother was outraged. Claimed that the videos were very offensive, and immoral behavior and should not be available on the internet for his son to come across and view. So what you are saying is that if anyone else finds a behaviour offensive it should be discouraged, then many of the videos that have been presented here would not be allowed.

            1. There is this glaring inconsistency you conveniently overlook when drawing such parallels. Unlike your brother there are no attempts to regulate how others may express themselves globally. Locally though, on any given domain whether in real life or on the internet restrictions are very much valid.

              You also seem to be under this delusion one frequently finds on the internet that expression of all kind should be allowed on the sites you visit. I’m always amused when I see something like this. Sites restrict and guide expression along certain lines in accordance to their visions and goals. You will not have true free speech on any given site, except for your own and you shouldn’t expect total freedom of expression here either.

          2. Maybe the asker didn’t mean it in a sexual sexual manner. This guy did post his morning routine onto youTube after all, maybe the question, in the asker’s mind, was a completely innocent one to ask.

            When you post something that most would consider to be highly personal, most would take that to mean you’re ok with being asked about related aspects of your life.

    2. stupidest thing i’ve read on the internets for quite some time. if you think “being openly gay” means you get to be an asshole to people, fine. full of shit, is what that is.

  32. Bottom line:
    1) Internet is Public.
    2) Videos are Art.
    3) Art creates emotions in human beings.
    4) Human beings express these emotions.
    5) Artist, accept or ignore these expressions of emotions.
    6) Moral judgement of the Art as well as the expressions it creates are pointless and dangerous.
    7) Tolerance, if not acceptance of those with differences from ourselves is the only way the human race will survive in the end.

    1. “are you cut or uncut” sure is a deep expression of emotion. Allow me to use the facepalm emoticon invented by another german blogger. m(

    2. blah. noone is judging the creators of these videos, just the people who think they can be an asshole to anyone. so be so kind and don’t try and make this a “freedom of art and expression” sort of thing. because it isn’t. that’s just poor reasoning. also trying to drag some sort of gay-rights notion into this is plain rotten.

  33. One mans art is another mans trash is another mans porn is another mans life is another mans job is another mans feelings is another mans. . . .
    Your definition of a “deep expression of emotion,” is not a law of nature. Just because a question maybe “stupid” to you, does not mean that it is so for all human beings in the world.

    1. Another fallacy. While the value of things is subjective and impossible to judge objectively as such a position of objectivity does not exist, we can sure judge “expression of emotion” and condemn those that are unacceptable.

      You may be under the delusion that you can express your emotions in any way you want, but this is not the case. Never mind what you perceive a piece of content as, porn, trash or art, your reaction to it has to happen within socially acceptable limits. Stalking and harassing people does not fall within those. You may want to express yourself in this way but it will certainly be discouraged and rightfully so.

      1. For most religious groups, this blog does not fall within “socially acceptable limits.” However, it exsists, therefore, judging “expressions of anytype,” is also subjective and not objective and 99,9% of the time “unjust!” So you are saying that because my “expression of my emotions” of my feelings as a male for other males was “socially unacceptable” for most people when I was a youth, that their attempts to discourage my emotional reactions were correct and rightfully so?! My main point is that, you are either someone who supports freedom of expression, or you don’t. You cannot ask that you be allowed to have freedom of expression, even though it offends some people, and you tell them to look away, but then you tell others that they cannot have the same freedom of expression, because it offends you!

        1. You should quit trying to use the disingenuous argument of equaling homophobia to this issue. It is just as disingenuous as ‘pulling the race card’ or Israel trying to justify all their actions with the holocaust. Just because a minority you happen to belong to was treated unjustly in the past or is still being discriminated against does not enable you to draw on this for a *completely separate and unrelated issue*.

          The behavior that is being discussed does not fall within the socially acceptable limits of the very community on this site, not some religious group. If you are trying to sway this, you can count on two things. 1.) fierce and numerous opposition and 2.) ultimately losing because the administration of this site is not on your side and you’re pulling on a lever that is shorter than the pre-pubescent penis of an asian boy.

          So I am saying that your “expression of emotion” will be discouraged if it entails harassing people who post videos of themselves. Which is the issue that is being talked about, not your orientation and the discrimination you faced for it in the past.

          1. So what your saying, and I like to think that I am the type of person that is not closed-minded and open to being convinced that my views or beliefs are incorrect and I need to think or behave otherwise, is that it is acceptable for someone to make a video like “Hardware Store,” posted a few blogs ago here on this site. And although it is for many families out their with kids, offensive and unacceptable behavior for the open internet, where their children can view it. The video needs to be allowed and defended. But, that for another person, regardless of age, sex, orientation, etc. to ask those video makers if they shave their armpits is unacceptable behavior?!
            I just don’t see how the second is more unacceptable than the first?! Except for the fact, that for you, one is acceptable and the other not. This is the point that I am trying to make. Please, explain!

            1. It is unacceptable because contrary to what some may think, we would like to uphold a certain quality of social interaction and not have this turn into another *chan.

              The message is that some are under the false impression that those videos have been created with the original intent being to serve as their sexual gratification and go on talking to the creators in that tone. Those comments are not appreciated by the people receiving them, nor do we appreciate them originating from MB.

              Of course people are free to make them, noone is cutting their internet connections and infringing on free speech, but it’s being stated clearly that this is unwanted by pretty much all sides involved and measures are being taken within the scope of MB’s ability to end this activity.

              As I have written somewhere above, this is a reactive measure and doesn’t quite address the underlying reasons for it happening, but I still think it is good to communicate that this type of behavior is not wanted here and so are the people displaying it.

            2. The way you state it points to an irony between the existence of the blog and Josh’s original post.

              Just saying….

          2. I’m not qualified to discuss the general topic of this thread because I’m totally ignorant of formspring – what it is and how to access and use it.

            BUT, I AM PISSED with the remark which attempts to perpetuate the absolutely STUPID stereotype of “Asians ONLY having a small penis [regardless of their age].”

            @nimatek: “pulling on a lever that is shorter than the pre-pubescent penis of an asian boy.”
            I would appreciate it (as would many others who come to this very good site) if you would APOLOGIZE TO ALL ASIANS (actually, EVERYONE here) for this ABSOLUTELY STUPID REMARK.

            Let me tell you here and NOW: As far as ANY ‘pre-pubescent’ boys are concerned no matter WHICH RACE & NATIONALITY they belong, probably 85% of ALL BOYS [in that age range] could easily be “shorter than that lever” you so ARROGANTLY described.

            Look all around the internet of videos with Asian males and you will find JUST AS MANY of them that have penis sizes that EASILY fall into any acceptable “average” and “above-average” [fully erect] penis length as you will of Caucasian and YES, EVEN Negroids.

            You’re so quick to judge “expressions of emotion” and with the very next breath, you just insulted MILLIONS of good males just because you’ve been so stupid all your life to ACTUALLY BELIEVE in ASININE falsehoods such as what you said. Do you actually believe in your own described socially acceptable limits?

          3. @ nimatek

            “you’re pulling on a lever that is shorter than the pre-pubescent penis of an asian boy.”

            That´s YOUR words! Read the comment by PenboyX (# 89) and explain why your wordings isn´t so much more tasteless and hurtful than the simple question “have you shaved your armpits ?”.
            You owe us, since you´ve taken on the role of the priggish schoolmarm, teaching all and sundry about everybody elses true intentions, about ethics and good behaviour. So climb down from the high horses, and explain!
            (Oh, and you invite the question : How big is your own? Don´t blame me if you doesn´t like it…)

            1. Nothing better than a humorous figure of speech to act as a honey pot for people unable to argue the points or even understanding what is being said. The dim hope of latching onto perceived political incorrectness, trying to draw emotional outrage from it and making it the center of the argument is truly the mark of the argumentatively inadequate. At least it provides further amusement.

            2. Interesting how you NOW try to pass off your IGNORANT racist/stereotypical statement as ‘a humorous figure of speech’. How stupid do you think I am? HUMOR might have been: “pulling on a lever that is shorter than a boy’s pre-pubescent penis.” But you made it a point to put the ‘size factor’ DIRECTLY TOWARDS Asians. Don’t try to deny it now. The fact you won’t even ‘stoop’ to offer at least a ‘quick apology’ shows your OBVIOUS INTENT. Sorry, but you’ve now NEGATED EVERYTHING you write in the future as anything that can be taken seriously.

            3. Really? You think so?

              “The behavior that is being discussed does not fall within the socially acceptable limits of the very community on this site, not some religious group. If you are trying to sway this, you can count on two things. 1.) fierce and numerous opposition and 2.) ultimately losing because the administration of this site is not on your side and you’re pulling on a lever that is shorter than the pre-pubescent penis of a german boy.”

              How does that sound? Just ‘a humorous figure of speech’? BTW, MY ‘heritage’ is a mixture of German, French & Irish.

            4. Sounds like you’re better qualified to talk about pre-pubescent penises. I have to respect your extensive knowledge in this area and admit defeat, sir.

            5. You look at this as a WIN/DEFEAT? Is that what you enter into these conversations for? For me, I enjoy learning (hopefully) something ‘new’ or at least interesting that I can THINK about and try to understand. Also, I enjoy sharing my small amount of knowledge to others if I can. It’s NOT any ‘win/defeat’ for me.

              I was just pointing out the IGNORANCE of people like you passing on such STUPID STEREOTYPICAL ideas that get passed on to the next generations and those who a actually BELIEVE in those ideas.

              I don’t think I have any MORE knowledge of pre-pubescent penises than you do or any others in here do (except maybe that as I was growing up, we actually took public showers … you know, NUDE and being who I am, I made every effort to sneak as many looks as I could at what the other boys had). And pre-pubescent penises [sic] was NOT the focus of my anger in the first place – it was your very flippant ‘racist’ comment that you were obviously trying to put forth as fact.

              And yet, you STILL HAVEN’T offered up anything that even remotely resembles an apology for that remark (because you STILL BELIEVE that?). Not for ME, but for EVERYONE in here and ASIANS in particular.

              Again, I put forth to you: Do you actually believe in your own described socially acceptable limits?

            6. Your text apprehension skills are absolutely astounding. Using this two sentence post as an exercise and demonstration, please point out the sarcasm.

    2. one man’s art is another man’s ….. yes, it is.

      but as you are not exactly the master of correct analogies, i shall point out for you: there is no problem with people perving over guys like the one mentioned in this blogpost, his videos, his armpits, …. – the problem starts when they start to approach him, ignorant of his feelings, and shove a bunch of inappropriate questions down his throat. treating the guy like the human being that he is means not being the anonymous stranger asking him whether he’s cut or not. the questions and the tone of the same is the problem – not the fact that people “perv” over his stuff. treating somebody disrespectful is not excusable by “oh well, one man’s art is another man’s porn”, just as it isn’t excusable by all your other ridiculous analogies à la your little gay rights rant or general ideas of free expression: because it’s simply not the point here.

      1. The whole point, I’m making, or I should say, you all are making for me, is that, you want to be able to have your freedoms, to blog, view, make, do, whatever, you want, regardless of whom or if it offends or someone else thinks it is perverted or not. You tell them to look away, not view, not read, not click on. You get upset if a blog is banned or closed for showing or talking about something like the video “Hardware Store.” But, as soon as someone does something that offends you or you think is unacceptable or perverted, immediately you begin to call them names and want them banned or think they are somehow less than you because they don’t agree, believe or behave as you do! That is the point here and the point I was trying to make with the comparision to my expriences growing up and the name calling and hatred because I felt and believed differently than they did. I agree that obssession with someone or something can be dangerous and needs to be watched cautiously. But asking a few somewhat personel questions in an open anonymous forum on the internet can maybe be seen as a bit strange. But to be considered harrasement or stalking, hardly! And I agree with Daniels last post, if you don’t want to feel responsible for the questions being asked, than just view the videos yourself and don’t re-post them anywhere the author didn’t.

        1. Finally, I’m not here to defend or condem anyone or anything. I’m here because I like reading what is posted on this blog. I left comments for the first time here because the discussion moved me to participate and because, I felt, as having a somewhat different view and opinion, that I could express myself and my opinion and be a part of the discussion and make my comments. I didn’t intend for it to become a competition or battle between, who’s right and who’s wrong! If I lead it that way, I do apologize! As for this subject, I think it has gotten too deep and too complicated to continue discussion in the comments section of a blog! Thank you all for tolerating my rants and ravings! And Josh, I really do think your doing a great job here! No matter what happens out there, keep it up! Thanks!

          1. It’s been entertaining and stimulating to read this epic thread, WW. I guess the point is there is no right or wrong, just personal boundaries, which are unknowable. Your (sometimes dubious) arguments made interesting reading at least, and also prompted many more brains to get in on the action, also with varying degrees of success. I’m with Josh, but nevertheless I appreciate your openness – thanks.

  34. I think stalking is awful. A social dysfunction probably not even recognised as such by the perpetrator. What you do with your site is of course entirely your choice, and as a part of the porn industry centred around teenage boys, I suppose your leaning to the “light side” is to be applauded, but I wonder if it not just an extension of the various nannying rules that you so openly (and correctly) deride elsewhere on the site.

    I can’t help but feel that the honourable thing to do would be to not post the videos in the first place. If the boys never intended that their videos should generate sexual pleasure for others, (a premise I have some doubts about) then posting them on a site, a large part of whose content centres around the sexual appeal of teenage boys seems inappropriate at best.

    Sure, protect the boys in the videos from the consequences of your own posting of them, but better still, don’t post them in the first place.

    1. Good points, well made – you made me think hard, and that’s why you’re getting a reply.

      Agreed, perhaps any behavioural guidelines described to a thriving free-speech community like the internet seem arbitrary and harkening back to Mary Whitehouse’s campaigns, but rules often are arbitrary and the alternatives of universal self-restraint or universal “putting up with it” are unrealistic, with examples of their failure being widespread.

      I’m personally debating about whether posting objectionable content in the first place should be avoided… inherently it does seems wrong to post content out of context, to a rather ‘specialist’ audience, but if no ill comes of it, it’s pretty academic. But this isn’t a complete argument without mentioning a positive aspect of posting similar stuff: this blog is very much a coming-of-age resource site. See top right of page. It succeeds, where my PSHE lessons failed, in highlighting the concept of beauty (physical and of character) as separate from sexual attractiveness, although these are not always separate. This is paramount to the effectiveness of MB in this respect.

      So, thanks for the brain exercise :) I hope this acceptably escapes the logical situation you describe.

      1. Let me start by saying that I really like this site and think Josh does a great job. But, I have some questions about your post.

        1. What is PSHE and why would it be attempting to teach that beauty and character are separate from sexual attractiveness – which, for most of the viewers of this site, I don’t think is a accurate description or an major concern, IMO.

        2. How is this site a resource for those coming-of-age? Sure, it may provide validation and acceptance for gay teens, but is that really a resource?

        I have a read and re-read the stated goals of the site (top right) and I really don’t get it. “For and about gay teens” – how many of the pics, vids posted are actually of gay teens? “A place” for gay teenagers to “hang out and connect” – how many of the viewers here are really teens and in what ways are they connecting? I read virtually all of the comments on virtually all of the posts and, sorry, I just don’t see it. So many of the comments are of the “he’s sooooo hot” variety. Not exactly a meaningful connection.

        I certainly hope that, Josh, you don’t take any of my comments as criticism of the site or your efforts, I’ve just nver understood that “mission statement,” so to speak (above and right).

        Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is more a place to enjoy the beauty – and sexual attractiveness – of the teens featured here. In regards to the comment above, if you follow the comments day-in and day-out on the posts at MB, you can’t possibly come to the conclusion that it is effective in keeping beauty and sexual attractiveness separate.

  35. Why is it that people who have a particular religious conviction get to dictate to the world what is and isn’t acceptable? If someone is offended or angered that their kid might see it, police your own child and leave the rest of us alone. I did as a parent. I never saw the need to interfere or make demands on others.

    Im getting pretty damn sick of religious groups forcing their ethics and morality on to the world.

    1. “Why is it that people who have a particular religious conviction get to dictate to the world what is and isn’t acceptable?”

      Cause it’s easier then actually raising yer own kids….

    2. Because that is exactly what ALL religions are about. They dictate, force, brainwash and murder to accomplish their goals – as complete CONTROL of the populations as they can get by those means and of course, control of all the “wealth” they can get through the same methods.

  36. Lol, you guys sure talk a lot. Have you ever wondered just why we post these vidz? To turn other guyz on? To get them horny? To say. Hey look at me. I’m hot. I’m cute. I’m horny. Any one or all of the above could, and with some kidz does apply. But the simple answer is. We have vid camz. We have web camz. We have vid phonez. So why not use em? It’s fun. It’s a laff. We can do it. So why not? It isn’t as if we are harming anyone or anything. Ok, so most of the vidz have us wearing very little or even nothing at all. And so what if we have a morning wood? Don’t you wake up with one? I do. Hell I have a morning, afternoon, evening and night wood. Hell I’ve even had a wood in school. There’s nothing wrong with it. But what is wrong, is people asking us. “How often do you masturbate? What do you do when you masturbate? Do you shave?” Shave! I’m, well never mind, but no I don’t shave. No I don’t have hair down there. Or back there. And as for do I swallow? That is for me to know. The worst question I have been asked is. ” What is the colour of your pee when you first get up? What does it taste like?” I mean, WTF! Just because we post whatever kind of vid we post, doesn’t mean that we don’t like our privacy, or that we want it invaded by, um well, I’m not going to say it, but ‘P’z. Lol. Most don’t even use their real names. And its not just guys. Women also watch our vidz, and if you think guys are bad. Pmpl. You should see some of the comments women leave! Lol. By all means leave comments. We like them. Yeah sure we get a thrill from being told. “Hey, kid you have a gr8 bod. You’re cute. You have a nice d***, or a nice a***” I am English. and the word is a*** not a** lol. Good comments are welcomed, and you may even get a reply and a new friend. Believe it or not, I have adopted one of my friends as my grandad, lol. We do have and like our privacy, not matter what you may see in our vidz, and we don’t want or like, well some may like the dirty comments, but most don’t. Watch our vidz. Enjoy them. We post them because we can. Because the net is there. And while the net is there, then I have no doubt that some teen somewhere will be, or is viding himself, and even herself, because girls do them as well, and will post that vid within a few hours of making it. Lol. I think I am out of air, lol.

    1. ^^^read this, despite the lengthiness :P

      It backs up my earlier point (post #46)
      But not just cos of that, obviously :D

      Anyway cheers, Wayne, nicely put. English spelling ftw! :)

    2. Not trying to be mean with this, just some advice: Your post would be much easier to read if you separated it into the separate paragraphs that it is.

      “Ok, so most of the vidz have us wearing very little or even nothing at all. And so what if we have a morning wood?”

      “but no I don’t shave. No I don’t have hair down there.”

      “It isn’t as if we are harming anyone or anything.”

      I don’t know how the laws in the UK work, but in the USA, if you’re not old enough to have hair down there and you’re making videos of yourself nude, you’re running the risk of going to jail for “making and distributing child pornography” and of having to register yourself as a sex offender (esp if your “morning wood” is showing). This applies even if you’re the only one in the video, you made it yourself, and you distributed it yourself.

      Not only that, but the anyone watching it is risking the same consequences for “receiving or possessing child porn”. Even if they too are under the legal age.

      This isn’t legal theory, it has happened in the US and it’s the courts that get to decide what’s child porn and art, not anyone posting here.

      BTW, having to register as a sex offender limits where you can live and work, what type of job you can have, gets a photo of you posted online (among other places) along with your crime for all to see, and several other things depending on what state you live in.

      How’s that for not harming anyone?

      1. It’s ok, and thanks. Um, yea, ok I understand that, but, well, it isn’t the first thing that goes through your head is it?

        Well it isn’t mine. Okay, maybe it should be. But no teen thinks that way. It’s a laff, you don’t think about laws. Its fun.

        A mate does it. What the hell. If he can do it, I can do it. Who thinks about what could happen if you get caught? When your having fun?

        Um the sex register thing is a bummer, but we don’t force any one to look at our vidz. If we didn’t post em, does that mean there wouldn’t be a list?

        We do things because we can and its there. Maybe in your eyes that’s wrong. But it’s who we are and what we do.

        Sorry, but I’m not trying to cause an argument. It’s just how it is. How we are. Lol.

        1. Heh, I’m not so old that I don’t recall what it’s like to be a teen with online access. The only real difference between when I was and now is that digital cams were a lot more expensive and less common then (and parental control software was even easier to hack yer way around).

          Like I’ve said, I don’t know how it’s perceived in the UK by either the law or the media. But in the USA, the actions being taken by law enforcement in many areas are just short of a witch-hunt when it comes to pictures of underage nudity.

          You and I can argue cause and effect, why you do it, or even if those laws are right or wrong till we’re both blue in the face, but in the end it’s really a moot point. I was responding to your assertion that you weren’t harming anyone when your actions could result in harm to yourself and others.

          If you make videos knowing the possible consequences isn’t up to me, I’m not the one that has to live with those consequences. I would suggest that you look into how the law responds to such videos in yer country though.

    3. I have a serious problem accepting/believing that @Wayne is anywhere near the age of any pre-pubescent boy who is trying to claim he’s still “naturally hairless.” What pre-teen boy would engage in topics such this with the depth he has? And the style of writing is hardly from any pre-teen boy. The level of this writing and the words & style used is clearly that of an adult. I’ve had quite a bit of experience seeing adults trying to “chat” as a teen or pre-teen and then trying to “excuse” themselves later on with “misspellings & questionable grammar.”

      1. I never said I was a pre-pubescent teen. If you want to know my age, then I am 15, I take my GCSE’s next year.

        And why should I make excuses for myself, or my grammar. I don’t have to. I go to school. I have been taught how to read and how to write.

        I know who I am and I write how I feel. How I speak. I don’t need excuses. I guess, all this is going to do is make you more ceratin I am an adult?

        I can’t change how you think. I am me. Lol.

        And because I can sometimes make sense, that means I am an adult? Can’t teens make sense? Guess not. Lol.

        Would you like me to write how I do in textz? What good would that do?

        1. No, you never said you were a pre-pubescent teen. But you certainly IMPLIED it with that post. And that was what I was commenting on – an IMPLIED age. And if you are 15, then let’s just say, OK.

      2. Teens have more maturity, depth and social understanding than adults… and this has been proven by dozen of cognitive studies. Adults are like delusional daydreamer that instead of looking at reality with the rationality of teen, look at it with their ideological pair of glasses. In truth most adults are completely irrational and tend to live in a world in their own mind, which is why it’s so hard for them to communicate contradicting ideas without hitting each other.

  37. Josh is absolutely right – he has given us this excellent website and we owe it to him and the other respectful guys who view this site not to screw it up for everyone. Thanks Josh for reminding us to be civilized.

  38. People are saturated with sex, especially online. The anonymity of the internet makes people undignified. This might be sad, but this is the appendix of the medium.

    The medium is the message.

  39. I love finding their facebooks, etc, just to see how they live their lives. It inspires me, I think it’s beautiful..

    but I never aggravate them. often, I never talk to them. when I do, I never let on that I am sexually interested in them.

    grow up boys – emotionally, keep the boyish looks :P

  40. “Some people expressed concerns that the sexual nature of some posts and ads might be seen as an invitation to openly perv over every boy featured here.”

    lmao wow theyre just using that as a justification for being gross pervs.

  41. @ Josh: “This happens pretty much every time a video is posted here.”

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Communities aren’t just formed in a vacuum – particularly on blogs. They often stand as reflections of the sites content. If you go to a political blog that focuses on economics, you’ll almost exclusively find people interested in and talking about that subject. If you go on a technology/geek blog you’ll – predictably – find people who are immensely fascinated by and acquainted with technology. If you go to a cinematically focused blog, the discussion – almost without fail – gears toward movies. Given that your blog sexualizes teenagers and remarks on their “beauty”, posts nearly naked photos of minors, passes on clothed variants of underaged models and e-celebrities that fit the milkboy stereotype of “hot”, and pays particular attention to those members (read: Harry, AustinVanity, TheJoe) that are inarguably young, why do you find it surprising that your community reflects an atmosphere that wishes to further that sexualization? In attempting to address the issue, you’ve eluded it entirely. All you’ve done is pointed at a forest fire and blamed the forest for the fires existence.

    You can’t look at the community and think that just the community is the core of the problem. This is your audience. Internalize that fact. Whatever “creepiness” you may discern from your community was cradled by you. You gave it a point of gathering, you gave it (and continue to give it) content that appeases their interests, you gave their particular fetish a name (milkboys) and a philosophy (worshiping the supposedly inherent beauty of youth), and you’re reaping the benefits in the form of popularity, site hits and donations. When you chide the community instead of the nature of your content and your commentary, you should remember that you’re blaming the fire while acting as the spark. If you were truly interested in stopping the problem – and it IS a problem – you wouldn’t be making a serious-but-empty reprimand for your communities indiscretions. You would be stopping the very things that causes this community to exist in the form that it does.

    The issue is not them. They’re simply the symptom of a disease that starts and stops with what content you decide to allow. If you don’t want people slobbering over teenagers in the most obscene fashion possible, then perhaps the solution is stop adoringly posting teenagers. If you don’t want people to view your content in a sexualized fashion, then perhaps you should stop displaying adolescents in a way that enunciates their supposedly attractive values. If you don’t want pedophiles, stalkers and general creeps to be associated with your site then perhaps you should start identifying and banning those who respond crudely. But therein lies the issue. Just as I’m certain that these solutions would solve the problem and restore some semblance of respectability to your site, I’m equally certain that you won’t do any of the above. Because their presence isn’t a substantive problem for you: just a public relations problem that reflects badly on your image. You’re not invested in doing the things required to solve the problem, which is why your post is hollow. It’s a half-measure that pays lip-service to the prospect of addressing the situation, while doing nothing to alter what makes it bad. No matter how many times you bring up how tactless it is to cross the line, much of the community seems to be aware of what your post fails to admit: you crossed it first.

    As long as you continue to construct an environment that encourages the very things you turn around and critique, posts like these will continue to have to be made; because acknowledging ramifications is never a substitute for minimizing them. Nor is it a substitute for taking responsibility for the community you’ve formed and making direct efforts to cull the undesirable elements from it. There are reasons why a video posted elsewhere will get a different effect than a video posted here, and instead of pretending that such an effect sprung out of nowhere, it would be beneficial to understand that the context for their unsavory remarks are inspired by you. And I think that a point that Nima made earlier acts as an effective initiation of that point. Earlier, he said the following:

    “It is unacceptable because contrary to what some may think, we would like to uphold a certain quality of social interaction and not have this turn into another *chan.
    The message is that some are under the false impression that those videos have been created with the original intent being to serve as their sexual gratification and go on talking to the creators in that tone. Those comments are not appreciated by the people receiving them, nor do we appreciate them originating from MB.”

    Whether intentionally or not, this post perfectly identifies the conundrum you’re faced with. There isn’t just a dissonance between the creeps and the tactful, the artsy and the tawdry, or the chat and the blog/board (a mess you’re equally responsible for). The most fundamental dissonance this site faces is between how you want it to be perceived and how you present it. And the confusion that exists in the comments is the corollary of the inherent contradiction between your desired image of the site and its reality.

    The “false impression” isn’t just a product of perverts magically appearing out of nowhere to ruin a site with perfectly innocent and innocuous intentions. The “false impression” comes from the fact that the videos become viewed with the lens that the site itself is viewed with. What you’re asking is not just for the community to accept responsibility for your actions, you’re asking them to view some of the content you post under a lens that doesn’t apply to how your other content is viewed – an effect that can be attributed almost entirely to your approach to the material.

    “This has to stop” is a strong and forceful declaration. I would pay particular attention to the word “this”. Its meaning is broader than your post admits.

    1. This is the most retarded post I have ever seen.
      First of all you can’t sexualize teens because they’re already sexual, so you can’t sexualize (make sexual) something that is more sexual, than any sexualizing attempt a stalker could conceive, on itself.

      On the second place, just because a site is about the beauty and even the sensuality of teen males it doesn’t mean it leads to people harassing boys with embarassing and disgusting remarks or offensive contents on their videos.

      JUST LIKE a website about the beauty of women, of their sexuality, of their naked bodies isn’t supposed to lead to people harassing every woman on the web or the street with disgusting and unrespectful remarks.

      There’s absolutely no difference between this place and any similar “heteresexual” blog. The idea that admiring beauty or discussing sexuality leads to verbal molestation is the same as claiming that every hererosexual man that visits a blog with pics of artistic naked women will naturally verbally molest any woman on the street or as claiming that if someone rapes a woman the woman is to be blamed because her clothes were too arousing. Which of course is retarded, like everything you’ve written.

  42. Wayne:

    Lol, you guys sure talk a lot. “STUFF” Lol. I think I am out of air, lol.

    *We* talk a lot? My gods boy, take a breath!

    For what it’s worth n’ yeah I know ya can’t verify it n’ there’s no reason ya should believe me; but I work with a 21 yr old who I know for a fact has almost no body hair at all. I first clued onto this when I was pervin’ on him n’ realised he had no armpit hairs.

      1. Actually, I’m prob’ly old enough ta be ya dad. I’m borin’ as hell n’ no fun at all ta hang with. Also while don’t work at KFC, I have been called a Chicken Hawk.

        1. I doubt you could be old enough to be my dad, as i was born in the 60’s.

          Also im told i’m boring as hell too, so maybe we would make the perfect couple.

          Spend our time hunting for boys on Youtube for Josh to post on here.

          I think NOT.

    1. Love his response to “How big is your cock?”
      There’s a kid with his head screwed on right.

  43. I don’t perv on people myself, not since I realized that it wasn’t going to get me laid, many years ago. But I feel the frustrated emotion of these pervs 110%. It’s burning my soul, and it literally hurts!

    But we know the source of the problem – people perv when they are not sexually satisfied IRL. So why don’t we stop talking about the symptoms, and start talking about the disease?

    I’m hurting, and that makes me feel this problem needs to be dealt with. As a solution, I suggest we round up all people who are 15 years old or older, and yet do not have boyfriends/girlfriends, who can satisfy their sexual needs. Round them up, and kill them.

    Because these people are not going stop. Just like junkies won’t stop stealing to support their drug-abuse, because “well, society made me this way, it’s their problem!”

    Even when death is death, this goes double for homosexuals, not because it’s cool to hate, but because of statistics – you’re a minority, you don’t stand a chance of a getting what you need in life, you lost, kthxbye!

    And this is still YOUR problem, nobody elses!

    Because when nobody wants your sex, you are worthless, pointless, and short of any reason to breathe the air we have to share – no human being deserves a life like that, so they, *ahem*, we, should all be killed.

    The only alternative is to abandon all morals, deceive and entrap people emotionally, to compel them to surrender themselves to you, inspite of the fact that you’re a disgusting, fat, smelly old fartknocker – what heterosexuals boldly call “The Game” and the anti-pedo media call grooming. This has NOTHING to do with “being sexy” and everything to do with destroying other people for fun.

    Once you can no longer live up to the ideals of being young and attractive, you have played your cards and you’re done here. God decided this is how it should be. So GTFO!

    1. You’d fit in well in California.

      That said, I wish I had the time I spent reading that post back.

  44. One responder wrote: “the desire when posting these vidoes is, in fact, some level of fame, notioriety, or attention-seeking.

    Also, I think some of these questions are just the same things that most teens ask each other in the locker room, by text, walking home from school, etc. I’m not sure all that much harm is done just by the asking.”

    Here’s the problem: the instant ability for anyone to post any content for millions to see is new territory. My own kids post videos online — they live in a small town that is very safe. They’ve seen the same people all their lives. In spite of any horror stories they may have heard, they have no real experience that the world can be cruel.

    They don’t put videos up so that they can be famous, notorious, or anything like that. They put them up because that’s what you do these days as part of self-expression. To them it is in the same category as being a part of our local art festival, putting on a play at the downtown plaza or library, or being in a sports contest. They enjoy watching videos other kids have posted online, so they do the same. They wouldn’t think of actually contacting any of these posters and asking personal questions, so they assume that’s how it works.

    As for questions kids ask each other in school. Two differences: it is in person, and you know who is asking. When someone contacts someone via the internet, you have no idea who it is.

    We all know this. We all know most 12 year olds have no way to navigate all the issues brought up by internet security.

    So, let’s be respectful people!!!!!

    1. I totally agree that we should all be respectful and that these types of questions are inappropriate, but …

      1. I fail to see the how anonymity is automatically equated with creepy

      2. self-expression whether through internet clips or art festival is inherently a form of attention getting, fame-seeking, desire for notoriety. I wish everyone would stop saying kids post these videos simply because they can.

      3. If your kids are watching videos on youtube and reading the comments, then they have likely seen the inappropriate ones you equate with cruelty. Idk how old your kids are, but I am sure when they get to be a certain age, it will “occur” to them to ask personal questions. Whether they act on this realization or not is unknown at this point.

      4. the posters in the videos in question here were not 12yrs old

      5. i don’t htink that asking foolish or even inappropriate questions makes one a “stalker”, a “parasite,” or “a perverted old man” (not your words, from other posts)

      6. the world is cruel – these kinds of comments pale in comparison to real problems

    2. I’m going to post this under the assumption that anyone who did or would post inappropriate comments to the boys skipped right over Joshes original post that’s spawned all these comments without reading it to get to the pictures and videos (and certainly haven’t read any of the comments here):

      If you don’t want your kids exposed the worst that humanity has to offer, why allow them to be posting videos online in the first place?

      At least my parents had the excuse that no one really know the dangers and it was all BBS and chat rooms. Their biggest fear about me being online was the dirty pictures on the WEB when it first opened up on Prodigy (if only they knew what I was really getting up to).

      The reason for not allowing them to are written in your post: “We all know most 12 year olds have no way to navigate all the issues brought up by internet security.”

      The people you’re worried about aren’t going to be following this thread, and even if they are they won’t heed it. The only two real options you have are to stop letting someone that can’t even operate a motor vehicle legally post videos or to let them be exposed to it and help guide them through it.

      They might think only kids their own age will see it, but you know better. You cannot police what anyone else that sees it says in the response area, but you can police what a 12 year-old puts online.

      Admonishing folk on sites like this is just preaching to the choir.

      1. If you don’t want your kids exposed to the worst that humanity has to offer, why making kids in the first place?

        The idea that if you’re protected from the world till you’re 18 (a meaningless arbitrary and scientifically irrelevant age) you’ll be able to deal with the harsh reality and protect yourself is absolutely ridicolous. Being protected till age 18 from life, will just make you unable to deal with life until you have a chance to deal with it on your own and learning from it without intromission. So in the truth there’s no difference between letting a 15 years old deal with reality or a 25 years old deal with reality, it’s a leap of fate in both cases because nothing prepares you for that: not school, not voting and certainly not being infantilizing and overprotected for 18 years. Do you think or a human being is it more traumatizing to be a part of society, dealing with reality and discovering new situations little by little or being protected and kept ignorant for 18 years and suddely thrown in the harsh world without preparation?

  45. Would like to add to the point that Youtube in my country (Australia) requires verification of a Youtube account using a mobile number. Their is no anonymity of Youtube in Australia. Just report these people for their inappropriate behaviour towards a minor and they can report it the authorities. Action is taken towards these individuals and the problem is solved.

    1. What I would do in that case is just mark that I’m in the USA or some other country where that’s not required when signing up for an account.

  46. Video’s on the internet have no specific purpose, it’s just the most up to date version of communication. Why he does it even he may not know and the answer can change in a moment. But why doesn’t matter. The internet itself is used to connect with others, to be part of something larger, but seemingly more important KNOWING that the self is a drop in the ocean.

    The internet will not be stopped. It will continually be used and exploited as will and has every new invention. People use the most up to date technology to belong, unite, be a cohesive structure. Idealism is dead, replaced by knowledge. The imagination is trumped by knowing. Dreams, hopes, crumble like a massive wall that has grown old and weak with the influx of knowledge to everyone. The ability to know has reached such a height that everyone wants to be specific and precise like scientists. Facts are seen as definitive and as such are desired in the chaotic world we find ourselves in.

    As such the people of the Earth look for stability in a chaotic world. Knowledge is stable, a fact doesn’t change and is irrefutable. The way to get ahead is through knowledge after all Knowledge is power so people want to know not just facts but everything they can. The questions, the videos, are all part of this bond to the concept of knowledge, of knowing with absolute certainty. With knowing one can recreate or predict a desired path. This also allows a person to change their image in order to fit into another person’s path. It’s all based upon utility, what serves the single person best over the large group.

    The question best asked is “Why the desire to know?” Blissful ignorance may serve the self best. The imagination is still the highest tool gained to all those that have gone through the process of knowledge. Life is still unpredictable no matter how much control and ‘precautionary’ measures are taken. Ask yourself what is lost with knowledge. Would the stories you were told have nearly been as interesting if you knew why or how the characters came about or if everything was explained.

    I enjoy admiring the beauty of the boys on this site and occasionally following their youtube or blog sites. I never try to get to know them via facebook. If i want to comment i’ll leave it on their youtube or other site. If they want to talk then they will. I would use the word respect but it’s parameters are different to all. Use your brain before you use your words.

  47. I really don’t understand your reasoning.
    If you do this out of respect then you should stop posting any videos from youtube, not just videos of guys below a certain age… because it’s not like questions like those are less annoying or less respectful when asked to a 18 or 23 years old.

    Otherwise you’re just repeating the old dogma of how vulnerable, inferior, easily traumatized and incompentents kids below an arbitrary, and without any link to actual physical and mental maturity in humans, age are and this sounds kind of insulting in a blog devoted to youth and respecting youth.

    Remember that in any kind of discriminatory context, the concept of “protecting someone” has been used to make feel the “protected” person inferior and easy to control.
    That’s what happened with black people slaves or women discrimination, the justification for treating them like second-hand retarded citizens was that they neeeded to be protected. Protecting teens against their will and without any consideration of the fact that they’re mature enough and want to prove their maturity by dealing themselves with situations in their life (the only way they can learn how to deal with society) is actually a lack of respect not respectful.

    The truth is that teens need to learn to deal with embarassing or unpleasant social situations. They need to communicate with others and learn to defend themselves. And if they were talking with someone in a fastfood and they were being asked private and embarassing questions and you appeared to stop the ones asking the questions, I’m sure those teens would not be grateful but very angry at you, for treating them like babies that can’t get out of trouble without your obsessive and infantilizing help. And what you have obtained is not preventing embarassing moments will a magic age, but you have prevented them from learning a lesson on how to deal with such situation and turning 18 or 30 or 40 won’t magically make them learn to get out of such situations, only having a chance to deal with the situation themselves will do and the sooner the better.

    1. Stephan, you’re absolutely correct. The ‘protection’ is just a way to control those being protected. Experience is the best lesson, and really only lesson that is to be learned from living. Whether that be listening to someone’s own experience or going through an experience will one know. Unless a topic/situation/etc is brought up nothing will be gained from it.

      Kids turn into young adults and they are still as childish and immature as they used to be. I have friends that go through life not being told what a jerk they are and how rude they are and they wonder why they go through friends fast. I tell it to them to their face when they upset me or do something to make me angry. Now they know better than to act a certain way around me so they don’t.

      On a small scale i remember when playgrounds were made of metal and had dangerous rides. Now they are all plastic and santized of danger. We learned quickly how to play on a playground. Now all kids do is run around and don’t get hurt b/c there’s nothing to hurt them, even falling off the slide just a nick is felt. They are told to keep hands to theirselves, to constantly walk, to do this and that for their protection when we really only hurt them in the long run from learning what not to do. Conceptually the kids can’t learn from their mistakes so when they do make a mistake later it’s a much bigger deal than it ought to be.

      1. I agree, everything is far too “safe” these days…. which ironically makes everything all the more dangerous. Not just for kids, but for everyone.

        I live in a college town where the college is part of the city rather then being set apart from it and couldn’t even begin to tell you the number of things the freshmen do to put themselves in extreme danger cause they’ve never had to look out for themselves.

        The number of times I’ve been walking home from work at one or two in the morning and thought “I should rob them just because they’re practically begging someone to” when they’re walking down the street oblivious to everything around them, usually texting or talking o their phone, is just obscene (not that I ever would, but the thought still crosses my mind).

        Then there’s the ones that will look right at a car going 30 miles per hour and step right in front of it in the middle of the block with it only 20 feet or so away….

        It’s always amazed me that there’s not a higher rate of theft, rape, and accidents on that campus due to their stupidity, yet when something does happen everyone wonders what the college could do to prevent it.

        Stop preventing it…. let kids make some mistakes so they can learn from them. While we’re at it, stop protecting them from the consequences of their mistakes. If they see the effects of their actions on themselves and others, maybe they’ll actually take steps to improve their actions.

        And I’ll stop now before I really turn this into a rant…

  48. I think you should realise that pictures of nude boys below the age of 18 is illegal in the UK even if they are of a non-sexual nature.

  49. Oh, by the way, please will you explain to me the significance of ‘<3' in the title "Milkboys<3"?

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