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  1. Very good movie! I couldn’t leave the screen. But I don’t know what to think about the boy Adam. I just can’t understand his problem : may be a lack of affection from his parents (the last scène with the adult smoking tells a lot). I’ll e back on that. Thanks.

    1. I agree with you. He isn’t loved at home and he just can’t bear the idyll in his psychologist’s life so he tries to spoil it. I think that’s his problem.

  2. i love short films! they leave sooo many gaps in the story, it gets your imagination pumping! XD

    adam’s cute! =3 and by adam i mean his actor (Idan Brandeis) altho i think hes gay…

  3. i liked the father-figure theme. they also did a good research work, they found the best boy spotting location in town…

  4. Does anyone know where this was filmed? Somewhere in the north I’d guess…I haven’t seen many rollerbladers around here…just now I’m starting to see a few, plenty of skaters everywhere though, the underground where I live is filled with them.

      1. yeah, but i havent seen many rolerbladers there either… though I haven´t been often to jerusalem… I´ve spent most of my time in tel aviv and netanya

  5. Extremely good looking boy, but even for a short film a very poor storyline.
    Nice watch though, thanks :)

  6. a very good film… it leaves a lot of questions unanswered, only in the good way. the more unanswered questions, the more we have to draw from our own experience… and this form is a hard one to pull off….
    I would love to see the original artists commentary on the film

  7. I think this is a good film

    Just some Questions about it

    1. Who was he calling at the first time? at 2min 10 sec adam calls someone. Is it his parents? Maybe it tries to show the ignorance of his parents by not answering adam’s call?

    2. Shaky Camera Work (dodnno if this is the right word to explain it) – is it trying to show adam’s emotional state by this?

    3. Yellow Traffic Lights – 2min 45 sec traffic lights are yellow and it goes on and off. Maybe this is another element to show his emotion?

    Just some personal thoughts while watching this movie.

  8. You actually get a big clue about what’s going on with Adam when you see him kicking a soccer ball around with the psychiatrist. The man becomes gruff with him for pushing. Look carefully at the final occurrence. The boy is actually trying to work himself into an embrace — kind of like boys who wrestle with their fathers, an act of play and rough housing, but also an opportunity to be physically close. Quite simply, Adam is in love with this man, and desperately wants what the man’s son has — the love of a father. The contrast is stark in the very last scene. He saw the psychiatrist on the verge of panic when Adam led his son outside of his home. He returns to his own home, after having been gone for at least 24 hours, to find that no one seems to have even noticed that he was gone.

  9. Bagoas,
    Totally agree with you… spot on! The boy is simply starving for affection, infatuated with his psychiatrist, and wishes he could elicit some emotional response from him. Very cool vid… most impressed!

  10. poor psychologist! that boy is simply the very dangerous extortioner (and very cute, of course). in the real life such
    story can´t produce any happy end.

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