Against the Defence of “Ex-Gay Therapy”

US Republicans on the far right sure do love their false equivalence, especially when it comes to “scientific experts.” No matter that every major medical association decries gay conversion therapy as ineffective and potentially harmful — just find one or two people to say otherwise and suddenly there’s “compelling testimony from both sides of the issue.”

False equivalence is the rhetoric quicksand of productive debate, and Anderson Cooper isn’t having it. During a recent interview with Texas Republican Rep. Bryan Hughes about the party having added support of conversion therapy to their official platform, Hughes played the “experts are divided” card. To which Anderson replied:

“It’s really just not accurate to say that doctors are evenly divided. I could give you a list: the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American School Counselors’ Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers. They represent half a million mental health professionals, [and] they all say this is not a mental disorder. It’s not something that needs to be cured.”

The problem with speaking logic to someone who is knowingly full of shit is you can bet they aren’t going to budge. And Rep. Hughes played the part well, dodging substance and sticking to his canned bullet points. No matter that Anderson also shows a clip from his interview with former conversion guru Alan Chambers who has denounced the practice as traumatic and a waste of time.

“Does it concern you, again, that your party is now backing a form of therapy which basically every major medical organization says doesn’t work, can be harmful, and which many of the people who have been through it say it doesn’t work and is bad for kids?” Cooper asked.

It does not bother him, apparently, since all Hughes can reply with is repeating that he’s heard from “experts” and “read reports” that say otherwise. And thus the conversation goes full circle…

Anderson debates Texas GOPer on reparative therapy

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  1. The problem with speaking logic to someone who is knowingly full of shit is you can bet they aren’t going to budge.

    I fully agree with that statement. Now the first bastard that says it’s not true will know how angry I can get!

    That piece of human shit isn’t only disgusting with his ideology from hell but with is sickening smile.

    What was it that was said in an other thread? Politics and religion shouldn’t come into play here? Well that ass hole is the absolute proof that it MUST come into play.

  2. I am not even going to watch or listen to this. It’s simply going to make me so angry that i’m gonna want to punch the guy in the face I know it but there’s my computer monitor that I care about, so….

    Seriously this kind of people to whom you show evidence and use logic but still refuses to see the truth and sticks with it’s bullshit needs to fucking be erased from existence.

    1. It truly amazes me.
      First you cry about all the unbridled antagonism between milkboy’s members that must stop then you post a story that you specifically know is going to bring to bear exactly the kind of conflict that you say you don’t want to see.

  3. “It does not bother him, apparently, since all Hughes can reply with is repeating that he’s heard from “experts” and “read reports” that say otherwise. And thus the conversation goes full circle…”

    Almost exactly like what’s constantly occurring here with just about as much logic too boot…

  4. “Pray the gay away” therapy (sic) has been known to employ violence, isolation, emotional abuse and a variety of other practices commonly associated with the church’s storied history of Inquisition against heretics. There are even tales of teenagers shipped off to Central American countries for “reeducation” in the Soviet or Cuban vein, which are little more than concentration camps.

  5. Faith or delusion? Here we are once again at the cross roads between religion and psychosis.

    1. It is interesting how the Republicans have erected this enormous foreclosure against science and logic.

    2. ψ Tell me, what’s the difference between bible thumpers and bible burners; absolutely nothing as they’ve all just one protocol, the me-me-me agenda…

      1. The bible thumper is fully ready to burn you with your science books (this can be backed by real history fact) while the bible burner is a figment of your imagination.

          1. Ok, so it happens but lets be honest, it doesn’t happen as often as the the science book burning. Oh, I should also have included the literary books.

      1. @Penboy

        “{Religious} faith is delusion”

        And yet the ‘religulous/ridiculous consider faith as acceptable evidence that Gawd exists.

  6. Interesting. Two different threads where I see posts I made being, I hope, waiting for approval. Must have touched some nerves. Oh well, if they don’t show up I’ll just make people happy and go.

  7. Who cares? Only Americans. Apart from Islamic states no other countries mix politics and religion. and a post like this will just fuel more division here. Can’t work out if that is dumb or cynical.

    1. @Carthy

      “Can’t work out if that is dumb or cynical.”

      I think it is always helpful when an issue can be discussed and argued.

    2. So, Justin/indra, you just changed your name(again) so you can voice your opinion. What happened to “I said i wouldnt comment on any other post later than this one and I have stuck to my word” (comment #49 on the “COMMENTS” post) or “I’m gone after this anyway but perhaps they are feeding Pb more rope” (comment #168 on “COMMENTS” post)? Who cares if Pb (or anyone) beleives in God, or for that matter, uses WIKI, or any other of the silly issues you have with people? You cant control everything. Changing names just to comment on Milkboys is kinda childish for a 45 yr old…isn’t it? GROW UP…TROLL

      1. @Phil Yaholin
        And do you actually believe others don’t do exactly the same thing? It’s a standard tactic at ever-loving mb’s, not just one for trolls but regular members too.

        1. speaking for “everyone” AGAIN? i guess we have different “standards”………

          1. @ Phil Yaholin
            No Sir, just two or three that I know to be fact; save for real trolls not just house ones. Anything else would just be supposition on my part, sort of like what you just did.

          2. @Phil Yaholin,
            You must be aware that Devil and JustinC are the two great plagues that infect this forum.

      2. After all the arguments about ME and my anti-religious comments and how so many seem to think that I don’t know what I’m talking about religion and how religion has become the worst part of our lives — and btw, in so many of josh’s posts/threads.

        What was it that everyone was trying to say to me? Oh, yes, …… how religion wasn’t in that many threads and *I* seem to “just make this shit up.” Yeah, RIGHT.


        @Phil Yaholin:
        “So, Justin/indra, you just changed your name(again) so you can voice your opinion. … Changing names just to comment on Milkboys is kinda childish for a 45 yr old…isn’t it? GROW UP…TROLL”

        Thank you for pointing this out to everyone — his true colors are showing through his bullshit.

        And, “devil’s” insinuation that *I’m* changing my names? NO WAY ….. I’ve NEVER used anything but Penboy because I don’t need to hide behind a troll’s post. Yeah, I know he didn’t mention my name specifically, but he implied exactly that.

        1. @pb
          “- “devil’s” insinuation that *I’m* changing my names? NO WAY ….. I’ve NEVER used anything but Penboy because I don’t need to hide behind a troll’s post. Yeah, I know he didn’t mention my name specifically, but he implied exactly that.”
          ψ Little paranoid there; who’s being prejudice now?
          And what proof do we have of your veracity your stellar record at milkboys and your most recent glowing reviews? You are exactly as you appear, I put nothing past you, I stopped wearing my rose colored glasses in the 60’s. You can blow smoke up some people’s asses but I know a huckster when I see one and you’re no different than carney born and bred.
          Oh yeah, all those sweet thank you’s to your fans; they be as false as grandpa’s toupee and just about as believable! Sail on penboy, at least mb’s loves you…

          1. @devil/devi/per de temps/orwels1984/tahoechris/and all……….STAND DOWN SOLDIER!!!!…lmao..another one asking for “proof”. what makes you think anybody has to PROVE anything to you? Changing names just to post on Milkboys is kinda childish, dont you think? Why so angry thinking mb’s loves PB? Do you need a hug? There is a great big world out there BEYOND Milkboys! Move on with your life…….

            1. @ Phil Yaholin
              “Changing names just to post on Milkboys is kinda childish, dont you think?”
              ☞Great memory there Phil!
              Too bad you’ve been such a lurker all this time, would have been nice having you visit more often with that great personality rather than just keeping up on all the latest up and downs at milkboys in silence.

              I never asked for proof of anyone nor denied my own name changes, in fact I’ve mentioned them openly.
              Actually my reasons for the changes had nothing to do with secretly slamming people but there’s no value in explaining anything to you.

              The rest of your comments are tripe so do have a good

            2. The American Haters fight of anything concerning LGBT-people with shear hatered and more, is poisening the American society with hatered just by making hatered something normal and common. ( JC and Devil have shown us this purpose exactly – excessivly.
              This discussion should only be about misusing religion.

              That is, why I asked Devil and JC my question.
              „Do you agree, being stricly against all bullying and hatered against LGBT-people, motivated or based on any religious background.

              JC didn’t answer at all – Did he know the direction my question would leed to?.

              Devil did, but avoiding a direct answer. So Devil told me between the lines , that he „…don’t agree with being strictly against all LGBT-peoples bullying and hatered, motivated or based on any religious background.”

              Devil, we talked about deceit in the thread about anime.

              This discussion is agin soo typical for political deceit, the haters are conducting; I just would like to know, who pays them for their deceitful role all over the world in the name of the Big Money.

            3. @ Miles
              “The (American Haters) fight of anything concerning LGBT-people with shear hatered and more, is poisening the (American society) with hatered just by making hatered something normal and common. ( JC and Devil have shown us this purpose exactly – excessivly. (JC is British you do know & I American?)

              ψ For some reason you feel the need to beat this with a stick don’t you? Not only that but I fail to understand your inference above in any regard. You not only persist in turning it back to religion but now even state that it’s an ‘American’ problem too boot.

              You mentioned our discussion on the ‘CNN vs SHOTA’ page; please do keep in mind that discussion was strictly concerning CNN’s deception and I merely presented readily available information not opinion.

              Regarding your statement that you felt must be signed by all even if ‘not needed’ I was quite clear there also:
              ☞Though off thread I believe your question would be better served had your statement read as such…
              “I agree with being strictly against all bullying and hatred of LGBT-peoples regardless, (be it religious based or not.)” (edited here but not the quote)
              My answer clearly states that religion need not enter the matter as all LGBT bullying is wrong regardless.

              Say what you will but I’m done with this as I am with all this incessant babble concerning ‘religion’ either for or against even if it is sometimes at the root of a post such as may be inferred here.

          2. @ƊℯѵιԼψ: “Sail on penboy, at least mb’s loves you…” ?
            @Phil Yaholin: “Why so angry thinking mb’s loves PB? Do you need a hug?”

            To which, all I have to say to the above is:

            Where is the Love ? (1972)

            1. “1972!!!!!!”

              And, if you like her in this song, you should really listen to her first solo album with my favorite song of hers:
              The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and another:
              Killing Me Softly with His Song

              She was a great (rhythm & blues?) singer. Too bad more like her (or others) aren’t making this kind of music today.

  8. And take note how on an issue the Republican wants to support, they embrace the authority of “experts” and “read reports”, when it comes to something such as anthropogenic climate change they say they are not scientists themselves so therefore they cannot support the science.

    1. I’m old enough to remember when we were all going to die in the mid-90s from “Global Cooling,” the “settled science” of the 1970s.

  9. Politicians of all persuasions at times have used Religion, Race, Gender ect to suit their own agenda. It’s as old as the hills. Up until the 1920’s the Democratic Party was the Party of the Klan in the South. The Republican being the Party of liberty. How that changed and why, I’ve no idea? Politicians should keep out of religion, business, people’s bedrooms and other countries affairs. It is always them that start the fucking wars, that other people have to fight. As they said as long ago as 1862 during the US Civil War, a rich mans war, but a poor mans fight. The majority of politicians are two faced hypocritical interfering cunts.


  10. Land of the free….to ignore every science, and logic and take refuge in superstition…

    1. @ Nathan
      ψ Having stupid bureaucrats is not soley an American failing as they can be found world wide…but we do have some of the best ッ…

  11. Heh heh we even have some born again Christian guy who tried to wank the gay away with the local boys, he avoided jail time somehow. It goes down in history as the wierdest defense strategy imaginable.

  12. Good Grief. I just don’t understand how anyone who spouts religious crap like this actually gets elected in the first place. Here, any asshat that attempted to use his religious convictions in policy making would get a very short career as a politician, in ANY party. This guy wouldn’t last six months in Canadian politics. Americans, what the heck are wrong with you??

    1. Excuse me, take that back. There is nothing wrong with me and I have nothing to do with this fool. You claim that Canadian politicians are held to a higher standard, what happened with Rob Ford? Am I honestly expected to believe that there are no Christian fundamentalists or social conservatives in Canada? Give me a break. If Josh had posted a news story about a psychotic Canadian politician, then I could be the one making sweeping generalizations. But of course, Josh chooses to focus on American news stories in order to perpetuate his own confirmation bias, just like so many others in Europe. Sometimes I can’t tell who is worse; the American media that sensationalizes our own stories and makes us all paranoid, or the European/Canadian/Australian media which ignores domestic stories in order to put a spotlight on the U.S., effectively deluding those people into thinking they are superior.

      1. Cory, don’t forget, that the USA wants to be the leading nation in the world. Why is it not correct to critisize developments and following thereout politicians, who enforce this picture ? Not everything, that’s coming from the USA is worth wile following / imitating. It’s is extremely neccessary to pay attention to everything, that’s coming from the US.

        1. @ca07bb:
          “Not everything, that’s coming from the USA is worth wile following / imitating.”

          And NONE of us from USA has ever said “everything is worthwhile following”.

          The problem with so many of European/Canadian/Australian people who relish in criticizing USA to the hilt, is that just because we’re from America, all of you [them] seem to think that all of us either agree with or are promoting some sort of crap such as above [that idiot Texan --- and I've lived in Texas for years, so I can call them idiots].

          Just like you from other countries, we are of our own mind as well.

          1. Excuse me but don’t touch us Canadiens! While we also have our very own pack of religious morons we also have something that we are world wide renowned for. We are polite. Sorry but it had to be said, eh!

            1. “… we also have something that we are world wide renowned for. We are polite.”

              OK, I’ll give you that.

      2. “Excuse me, take that back. There is nothing wrong with me and I have nothing to do with this fool. You claim that Canadian politicians are held to a higher standard, what happened with Rob Ford?”

        LMAO :D

        Fine, I’ll take it back, since you feel so personally insulted. I just thought it was quite humourous you’d even try to compare Bryan Hughes with Rob Ford. I daresay the people of the City of Toronto voted Rob into office because he got things done, and helped to get rid of their fiscal deficits, and actually began to fix infrastructure, etc.

        Rob Ford most likely has ZERO chance of being re-elected in their next municipal election, so what does that tell you? The people have become informed of his addictions to massive quantities of alcohol, along with smoking crack. Also, it has come to light he is very homophobic as he has refused to attend the annual Gay Pride festival in his city, and he doesn’t support his LGBT community. However, he has NEVER ONCE said anything publicly about the subject of re-programming gays. He didn’t need to go that far; the people of Toronto will make sure he’s gone soon enough.

        I could give you several other examples where some very religious Canadian politicians DID make homophobic remarks, and were very quickly shown the door.

        1. Dave you fail to understand the extremely intricate subject of American elections. I’ll have to put my political science degree to work here.

          Naturally in a democracy, extremists are filtered out very quickly. The American electorate is not any crazier or more extreme than the Canadian electorate. Basically, there are two main factors keeping extremists like him in office today; Campaign funding, and gerrymandering.

          Campaign funding has fundamentally changed the way candidates are elected in this country. Prior to the decision of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, there was an established limit of money that any person or entity could donate to a candidate’s campaign. This limit was pretty low too. The Supreme Court then decided, in a supremely stupid and corrupt move, that the First Amendment bars the FEC from prohibiting full donations from corporations, associations, or labor unions. The rationale used was that “corporations are people” and therefore are entitled to First Amendment rights, which is quite a stretch. Now, because Republicans have always stood for deregulation of the economy as a means to increase economic growth, there is an established symbiotic relationship between Republican/conservative politicians and corporations. However, corporations and labor unions are required to publicly report their political donations, which momentarily stopped most of them from pouring money into Republican campaigns. Then came Political Action Campaigns, which are able to collect money anonymously under the designation of 501(c)4 class organizations. When you hear names like “Americans for Prosperity” or “Restore Our Future” these are usually Super PAC’s lead by wealthy lobbyists with specific political interests. Today PAC’s can be found supporting local issues or candidates all over the U.S., and they can technically be started by anyone. Now it shouldn’t surprise you that some of the biggest and wealthiest Super PAC’s are run by conservative businessmen and used to vote for Tea Party or Republican candidates, who may or may not be extreme on social issues. It just so happens that economic libertarianism often coincides with strong social conservatism amongst right-wing candidates, thus allowing people like Hughes to get farther than they should in their elections. It would seem that money has replaced votes in American elections.

          The biggest contributing factor to the disconnect between the views of the electorate and the views of the elected officials is gerrymandering, or redistricting. Gerrymandering is where a congressional district is redrawn to include or remove certain neighborhoods. For instance, a Republican controlled district may redraw their boundaries to exclude an inner-city, predominantly black neighborhood because blacks are statistically much more likely to vote Democrat. Or a Democratic district may redraw to exclude a white suburban neighborhood. This is why some districts will remain under the same representative and party for decades even though the people there would otherwise seem pretty evenly divided. Gerrymandering is completely illegal but both parties benefit from it, therefore it is unlikely that anyone will stop any time soon. Unfortunately a lot of redistricting targets minority communities, and I think it is reasonable to assume that strong social conservatives, as well as the entire Republican party, would likely be going extinct in most areas of the country if it weren’t for gerrymandering. They certainly shouldn’t be winning any more presidential elections, statistically speaking, but they will.

          1. @Cory, thank you for your rather long response and explanation of how your system works ( or should I say doesn’t work ). These issues of a nation allowing such things as corporations and other specialty groups of interest being ‘deemed to be people’ in a political sense is ludicrous. Such legislation would never be allowed to come to pass here. However, even with their massively huge campaign budgets, I still think that doesn’t account for the people to be voting in these religious nut cases. Also, this thing about gerrymandering is totally foreign to me. There is no way any one political party or another would ever be allowed to unilaterally make decisions of boundaries of constituents. We have a mandated procedure when things need to change, as our population levels change and grow and ebb in certain areas of the country, and it’s definitely NOT based on which political party is in power within any particular riding.

            Any politician, whether (s)he be a provincial MLA or federal MP that makes a loony homophobic comment in public is very quickly taken to task, not only by the opposition, but also by his own party members. There would be loud howls from the legislature rafters for him or her to resign. Similarly with our (appointed) senators. Although they are not elected ( with the exception of some recent appointees that actually were provincially elected beforehand; a whole different subject of ongoing Senate reform that I won’t elabourate on here ) they would similarly be shouted down in the senate chambers to resign. We supposedly live in a Democracy; not a Theocracy, and therefore there should be a TRUE separation between government and religion.

            Basically, all I’m saying is I don’t understand why Americans vote for religious loons in the first place, and secondly, why they are not shamed into resigning after making hateful homophobic remarks.

            1. Simply put, Dave, separation of church and state is not law in this country. Politicians don’t have to be secular, so long as they don’t pass laws which impose on any other religious group. This is true for just every country though.

              American politics is truly one of kind. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of civil service here anymore, everything has a financial agenda or it simply doesn’t happen. It’s all about the Benjamins. There is no institutional accountability in this country anymore, from the Supreme Court justices who allowed CU v FEC to pass to the regional judges who turn the other way on gerrymandering. The worst part is, not only do these politicians and public officials get away with this, but they have large swaths of civilian support. Most people are too distracted by religion and guns to actually look beyond a candidate and see what they really are going to Washington for.

              There are so many things that just don’t make sense right now, it’s hard for me to even express it in words. The worst part is how much the media has played on these hard times. Old white people everywhere have decided that they are basically at war with the government and they are very LOUD, but no one really knows why they’re angry. I have to admit, it makes me very nervous and anxious to live here right now with everyone so on edge, and it’s no wonder that the less stable among us are snapping and killing people. It all comes down to the way in which our current system of democracy promotes extremism, which I have to assume is what those wealthy campaign donors wanted to see in the first place; but I’m not one for conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, while we all sit around and argue and filibuster, all of the necessities are being ignored, like infrastructure or healthcare. Things weren’t like this 30 years ago. Being a leader in the world has caused so much unnecessary stress to the economy and the morale of the people. We’re being pulled too thin and the divisions amongst us are getting bigger by the minute.

              I really love my country and am proud of how much we have accomplished in our short existence, but if I were offered a chance to move north into Canada tomorrow, I think I would have to take it.

            2. @Cory: Thank you for your reply. I hesitated in replying as I fear we’re both getting a bit off-topic here, but just had a few things to comment on. Firstly, I am sorry if I insulted you, or your countrymen in any way. Living close to the USA, I’ve visited your country many, many times in the past, both on business and pleasure, and I want you to know I have a lot of admiration and respect for Americans. It’s a great country, and I have many fond memories of my visits there. Never once did I have a bad experience, from the days I was a kid and we took holidays which included driving through many western states, to the days I visited on business trips and holidays over three decades. I loved my trips to Hawai’i, and many other places there. I even flew into Rochester NY on Sept. 16th, mere days after 911, on business.

              I remember in my young teen years visiting a great aunt who lived in a small town in Washington state. My grandfather emigrated here from Oklahoma to farmstead in the late 1800’s, so technically I am partially from American descent.

              Unlike most Europeans, I’d like to believe most of us Canadians have a deeper understanding of Americans in general. Most have visited the USA, and realize despite the fact we certainly do have some cultural differences, we’re really not that different from each other. We enjoy sharing the longest unfortified border in the whole world, and the commerce and trade that takes place at all those border crossings is massive. Canada is the USA’s biggest trading partner, and visa versa. There are about 10,000 Americans who live and work in my city.

              I still have lots of hope for both our countries’ futures, and look forward to the next generation taking over. They’re much better educated, and moderate than those of my generation ( baby boomers ) and my parent’s generation ( the greatest generation ). I look back at what people had to endure living through the Great Depression, and then face WWII, to what happened afterwards. When I was young, there was such huge optimism and growth and life was good. I’m positive things will turn around again, in the future.

        2. I’ve had alot of difficulty with different religions concerning Homosexuals as I was within that age category where “adult-level” moralities begin to kick in when the gay marriage came trolling through. (a few years earlier then the Federal stage.)

          I’ve seen everything just shy of torture and them actually succeeding in all their different ways of making decisions for you. (It tends to run through two separate scales between “assertive”-kill them and Therapy-Slavery for the negatives.)

          For me, Hughes is an ignore unless he specifically points you out. He’s one of the make a crowd type people. If there’s two or more, then you get stuck with the Group theory mechanics. They’ll not have to decide anything as the people behind him will give them the choice. They’ll quite often then step in the way of any physical defense and decry “SEE!!! That GAY did something against ME. Not some other person. Then your up shit creek. Do note that it’s “gay” this time and not “homosexual”. For them, that is usually when the semantics game begins. You aren’t a slave, but you must do these things I tell you to do. Stuff like that.

          1. Do note that it’s “gay” this time and not “homosexual”. For them, that is usually when the semantics game begins.

            Well said, thanks for pointing that particular method out to milkboys — it’s what I’ve been calling “double-speak/talk”.

  13. It seems everyone that lives in those southern US states has lost their mind. They are all loony

    1. I live in one of those southern US states and I have *not* list my mind. :D I’m on Anderson Cooper’s side on this.

    2. @Can

      “They are all loony.”

      I still have not gotten over the Apistolic Reformation that gripped the Republicans in Texas during the presidential election. Republicans believed they were “anointed by God” to take over the world. That was truly loony.

    1. Very true ….. but you [they] can sure PAY HIGHLY for stupid — that’s what the Republican and tea parties are all about (after they have brainwashed everyone for CONTROL).

  14. I love watching and listening to Anderson Cooper — he’s one of the best out there even if he does a few times have to deal with saying something that just will keep him his job — it’s very rare that he has to do that nowadays (probably a lot more so during his early days).

  15. Settle down everybody. Listen carefully to the video. All Representative Hughes is saying is that the platform language insures the availability of reparative therapy for those that want it – he is not advocating it to be mandatory for anyone. It’s the same as saying abortion should be available to anyone who wants one, but nobody is forced to have an abortion.

    The danger lies in some unreasonable parents or guardians trying to force their LGB children into the therapy. It’s not likely since there are probably no bona fide mental health providers in good professional standing in Texas or anywhere else that would undertake the job. But even if there was an easy, harmless, painless, inexpensive “fix” for homosexuality, and all you had to do to be straight was pop a pill or a get shot or wear a patch, whose business is it anyway? What if with the same ease it was to turn straights into queers? And back again. Why would it be a concern of government? Never mind whether homosexuality is the result of nature or nurture or a combination of both, it’s a known fact that homophobia is a lifestyle choice, far more dangerous to the happiness and well-being of millions of people than homosexuality itself ever could be. Politician, heal thyself.

    Some of these death-wish conservative politicians are bound and determined to clumsily involve themselves in social issues, which are better left to individual discretion. They won’t be happy until they’ve lost every election and turned their Red states Blue. And even then, they still won’t get it.

    The Democrats have the same problem with gun control. Bill Clinton admitted his assault weapons ban cost his party control of Congress, and as 2 Colorado legislators recently found out the hard way, sponsoring radical totalitarian gun control is a fast track to recall and defeat. Wait until the eco-chondriac Democrats see what happens to them after their Climate Change policies spike the prices of utilities and food. Death-wish liberals won’t be happy until they turn their Blue states Red.

    NOTE TO BOTH PARTIES – stay out of my bedroom and my gun safe, and don’t hassle my electric company, my gas station, or my supermarket. Take Thomas Jefferson’s advice – when interpreting the Constitution, always err on the side of Liberty.

    1. horsey:
      “All Representative Hughes is saying is that the platform language insures the availability of reparative therapy for those that want it – he is not advocating it to be mandatory for anyone.”

      Of course …. [he didn't] advocate it to be mandatory for anyone. He was speaking to Anderson — not only fairly liberal, but GAY as well — DUH. He’s TEXAN …. he’s not about to disclose his REAL THOUGHTS AND PERSONAL PLATFORM to a ….. GAY reporter — that’s Texas suicide.

      Sorry, horsey, but you don’t know how Texans think and operate if you are seriously taking this nutcase “at his word” …. being recorded. Texas cacti are very different than Arizona cacti.

    2. I think the liberty to have clean air and just generally feel confident that I won’t be shot is pretty important. You’re anarchist views of economics and social policy are what is really going to sink the Republican party and all of it’s extremist factions. It absolutely baffles me that you would rather corporations be shown full liberty than to have the liberty of ensuring that our environment is not tampered with. I guess this is where the “corporations are people” idea came from. People like you think the government is the one that has to be chained down, but you fail to see just how much control American companies have on our lives and the lives of people around the world. Chop down all regulation and see how well those companies treat you and your property. Government officials at least have to worry about being worthy of re-election, but the market has no conscience. And in case you hadn’t noticed, there aren’t too many conservatives up in arms over the homophobic rhetoric. You can’t regulate guns, but you can regulate what a woman does with her fertilized eggs or who someone chooses to have sex with.

      Not sure if you’ve studied much American history, but by today’s standards Thomas Jefferson was a psychopath. You really would have to pick and choose quotes carefully to make him your political role model. Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but Jefferson was an anti-federalist and likely had little respect for the Constitution that was ultimately ratified.

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