13 thoughts on “All Pain is Gone”

  1. Guess this is freaky Friday. Death? All pain would be gone for him but it is the kind of thing that kicks my pain up. Where are the FUCKING gay bashers?! – I’m assuming I’m feeling the vibe of a well-executed artwork…

  2. Looks like sleeping … or kind of modern Jesus :D

    But well … really more like sleeping

  3. and i think his hand made to a fist doesn’t really let him look that painless o.O

    edit. ah there is a knife in his hand, i see… okey

  4. Looks more like a strung-out junkie, are you sure thats a knife in his hand or a needle?

  5. @Paul & Blubbsor

    Please check out:

    1) Just as the object comes out of the hand it seems clear as a ‘pearl’ style stock of a pocket knife.

    2) The business part of the object blocks so much of the stone behind it that it seems a blade.

    3) While I see a black bit in about the middle that could be a plunger it is not solid black, it seems checkered or modeled.

    4) Not much more to say about the object. Even putting this into photoshop; too pixilated.

    5) However, in photoshop the blood is not from the nose. It is coming from the youth’s upper lip and right side of the mouth. While not clear the right cheek and upper eyebrow seem damaged. Also, there seems to be a contusion between the left eye and ear (not the black what ever it is that seems a large dark patch).

    Sorry to be on about this. I have great respect for the intelligence of those who read Milkboys, yours not the least. Just violence, particularly what seems likely to be violence against gay youth (look at what he is wearing about his left wrist) sets me off!

    @ Josh

    Until I put this in photoshop I was thinking this was staged. Now I am not sure?

    1. Don’t worry, Meerschaum.

      It’s definitely staged. As far as I know it’s a photo by Will McBride but not sure on this.

  6. Do we really need to over-analyze a picture that is clearly meant to stir our emotions and cause us to take notice of the things around us? a knife, a needle, a fist, no fist. Either way the young man portrayed here was troubled and saw no other way out. Kind of like a boy i knew that commited suicide at 16 after being molested by his uncle and when he told his dad about it his dad called him the “queer” and beat the shit out of him. Yes, I tried to help him all i could. I am sure people analyzed him but, did they help?

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