All the Way to the Abyss

Once upon a time. A quiet dusk awaits, patiently, for the boy.
He comes, to wash, to this dark beautiful grove.
By the pond. To wash.

I wonder. I wonder what he cleanses himself from.
Such a beautiful face. Such sadness.

I wonder. I wonder if one night he won’t return.
Washed away completely by unnamed things within the depth.

I wonder. I wonder if I can resist following. His silent steps.

All the way to the Abyss.


4 thoughts on “All the Way to the Abyss”

  1. Kaze to ki no uta! Gilbert's ghost seems to haunt me like Catherine's spirit haunted Heathcliff.

    Thank you for the delicious painting, and poem. Your blog rules *nodnod*

  2. I had the same associations as the previous comments. do you the anime malperthusi talks about? its amazing. check it out.

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