Always You

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Photo by Saranac | Found by Xag

16 thoughts on “Always You”

  1. yeah, this picture speaks volumes in itself, and poses questions at the same time.
    the boy…is strikingly beautiful from the tones in his hair, the look on his face, the apparel, the legs gathered close to his body while arms crossed, the excellent photography using black and white, etc etc etc
    and as noted, once again the music dovetails well.
    thanks, Josh

  2. Addendum….. i so like piano pieces like this song. i used to – as a teenager – play piano and have always admired a wide range of piano compositions. beautiful.

  3. I wish there was a general message area – where I could complain that another hot guy – Milo – has lost his tumblr account! :(

    sad day.

  4. Nice picture, nice teenager : he reminds me of Tadzio in Death In Venice (the 1910 bathingsuit).

  5. That pic reminds me myself when I was 15. Both the physical appeareance and dreaminess. I would give just anything to be that same boy again. What is sad, is that at the time I did not recognize what a treasure I really was. Instead I was dissatisfied with my appeareance and mind. Being not sraight and “normal”, even to the point of failed suicide attempt.

  6. there’s so many of us that wish we had fully accepted being gay early in our life, i agonized over accepting the pleasure of gay love and sex and now realized how much pleasure other people got out of making love with me and i got with them although in those days you were made to feel you were pervertedsomehow.All you young gays don’t hesitate to accept your full sexuality and embrace the pleasures being gay bring

  7. well, tbh, hes not cute, hes beautiful. n this pic in b/w is awsum…. i swear i can almost feel what hes thinking…. whoever took it, thnk uu.. :)

  8. Thanks Red, for that YT link. Their voices are in that perfect milkboy mid-stage, when normal conversation is froggy-deep, but when they laugh or are excited, they cut into that higher-pitch squeaky mode. Luv it!

  9. i can not stop admiring this boy he is just gorgeous even his feet need kissing, more more of him please

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