Amors Baller

Looks like Swedish talent Kåre Hedebrant, best known for his great acting in the instant classic Let the Right One in, is growing up nicely. The trailer below is from the Norwegian film, Amors Baller in which he plays a Swedish teenager who moves to a small town in Norway and falls in love with the goalkeeper of the local football team (nice bum, Kåre ;p).

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13 thoughts on “Amors Baller”

  1. Such tragic conventionality.
    I preferred it when he was in love with a 12 year-old transsexual vampire.

  2. He’s such a beautiful boy – I just can’t take my eyes off of him.

    And yes, Josh, nice bum indeed.

    How sad is it that I’ll most likely add this to my DVD collection simply because Kåre is in it? :)

    1. As a small boy I lived in Turlock California which was a swedish town. I had several friends who looked like Kare. But then my parents moved which was a bummer as I had my first crush on this beautiful blonde boy I played tether ball with in the 2nd grade. What a shame. I too will buy the DVD because Kare is in it.

  3. Forgive my Americanism, but did I just watch a better version of American Pie or something?

    1. Well, American Pie’s plot is stunningly unoriginal – “boy loves girl, boy and friends get up to mischief. Boy gets together with girl.” Isn’t that the basic plot of a million teen movies?

  4. Well, what can I say…they have to have their hetero movies as well.;-) Kare is now a star and needs vehicles to act in…..and he probably chooses those to be hetero…

  5. In the movie, Let the Right One In, is the vampire in that one a boy? I thought it was. Which is cool.

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