29 thoughts on “Andrej Pejic”

  1. well, truthfully, this guy needs someone else doing his vid’s. he has the possiblity of being very well presented, and this vid doesn’t particularly do him justice, as it were. to me, he has a nice body, but always having it half exposed is not the key. Tait could give a lesson here, wherein he has a gift for wearing the right clothes for his body, and only occasionally showing lots of skin.
    this boy here is thin but beauiful, to be sure, but it’s just not marketed well / presented well in this particular clip.
    despite all, though, i’d rather see this clip than not ;-)

  2. Just love to kiss that tobacco reeking mouth.

    And the beer habit goes really well with the anorexia.

    A bit of bare backing and we would have had all the clichés fulfilled.

    Pretty-ish guy, so not hot.

    I must’a woke up angry!


  3. Oh dear. Now he just looks like any old slut with bottle blond hair with roots that need treating.

  4. IOMFATS Welcome to the Blog. Love your stories. Are you thinking of writing anymore?


    P.S. Unless of course it’s only someone using that name. lol.

    1. My muse has left me, I fear. But the site has many fine authors on it.

  5. Which one was the guy?

    Seriously though, he’s got the type of body I like, not a sign of a muscle or fat. Plus the long blond hair.

    It’s just that while I liked that Stav guy, for some reason this one is just too over the top female looking to suit me.

    Oh and I didn’t know people still took baths in their jeans to make them fit tighter. I thought that went out in the 80’s.

  6. I’m afraid he is in the process of becoming a she. The girl he shows himself with is a self’s replica (so, I conclude a case of high narcisssim). INdeed, Tait has much more class. Sorry, Andrej is too decadent for me. I like class. Thanks, Claude

  7. a boring peroxide zombie & ah’m sure auto-fellatio would be far more intellectual if ah could get mah head down another 2 or 3 ft [oh mah fkking neck .....]

  8. If his tits were a little bigger he could pass for an A cup. Looks like he’s taking estrogen or something because they’re too big for a guy, especially a male model.

  9. Seeing this video confirms that time travel is real. Now to find who brought this 80’s Hair Rocker through and beat him down for wasting my time.

  10. He is serbian by birth but relocated to Australia. I have met him a few times. On first meeting him he was charming, but i quickly realised he was a twat. Two faced, narcissistic and arrogant. Im not an aggressive person in the slightest but would happily slap him.

  11. I can’t get enough of this gender bender, male, fem, whatever. I love his little titties, maybe all the attention has boosted his estrogen and made him more fem for his gay fans. Whatever, he is the bomb of the hour, day, year, decade. I’m in love and all the hate I hear is jealousy, plain and simple.

  12. No one can denay that he is BEAUTIFUL.
    he’s not a transexual he’s androgynous.. do fucking research before you post ignorant shit. Btw he does not take any hormon – pillS – imma BOY and have the same body type..


    1. Oh dear. Beauty is, as we all know, in the eye of the beholder. I behold nothing beautiful there.

      I’m glad you find him attractive and are happy with your own body image, but please try not to rant.

    2. I hope that what you say is true. Although I do not care for this particular video, I will not deny his obvious beauty and prefer to think this guy is simply androgynous as I am painfully attracted to girly boys. If you are a “BOY and have the same body type” then good for you. Your kind is hard to find. If you have photos worthy of posting I would like to see them.

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