Andrej’s Secret

To model for Victoria’s Secret, an industry source whispered in my third eye, you must be a woman. Which has Andrej Pejic, the "femiman" model born a boy but blessed with the girlish features fashion designers love hang their clothes on, and seen here speaking to the Telegraph before walking in Jean Paul Gaultier’s show in Paris, considering the possibility of a sex change if the lingerie company would offer him a contract. He’s kidding, of course. Sort of. I guess? I can’t tell! But: Isn’t it quite neat that we can have candid chats about gender identity, even if they do take place in the fashion industry bubble?

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15 thoughts on “Andrej’s Secret”

  1. Wow, he is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, and whats wierd is hes not a girl. I will say though it does look like he has breasts (small ones). I think Im in love :)

  2. I read an sf book couple of years ago (don’t remember title or author, sorry) that leaned rather heavily on the gimmick of nano-tech (of the gray-goo sort). But before all the end-of-the-world stuff, there was a lot of interesting thinking on the social implications of being able to change one’s physical sex at whim, almost, along with body-type, race, and even size.

    Andrej, I think, would probably spend a large percentage of his modeling paycheck on something like that.

  3. Andrej, the ultimate genderblender you are the most beautiful creature on earth. Don’t ever change, don’t grow old, just keep on titilating us with your latest fashion whims. We are enchanted…..

  4. He is absolutely enchanting, I really surprised he has garnered so few comments.

    jbn, Michael Moorcock wrote a lot of end of the universe sci-fi that had it’s protagonists flit between genders.

    1. kinkynik:

      He is absolutely enchanting, I really surprised he has garnered so few comments.

      Do you think it might be because most of the readers are gay and not that interested in naked women? Compare comments with interest in previous post.

      1. You could be right. I happen to like both women and young men so this appeals to me. I guess that is why I am attracted to the girly boys. It does bother me that this beautiful guy would consider a sex change.

      2. WTF is wrong with you seppos lately, have you all had your brains removed ?

        Andrej is a boy, a feminine boy but still a boy.

        He is obviously very intelligent and able to converse and joke in a foreign language.

        Plus ” gender-benders” are part of Josh’s stock in trade hence my surprise at the lack of responses.

        1. I’m not sure what you mean by “seppos” but I agree with your comment as I’m attracted to feminine boys. It is my understanding that most gays in my country are not attracted to feminine guys. I could be wrong about that as I am not emmersed in the gay culture and still in the closet and feel too old to come out. I appreciate your support for this beautiful boy.

          1. Septic tank is cockney rhyming slang.

            Seppo is Strine for septic tank.

            Multi-culteralism, ain’t it wonderful ?

            1. I’d love to answer your question but it would turn into a rant and probably await moderation and eventually deleted.

    2. Yes! The film adaptation of “The Final Programme” was unsuccessful and its ending ludicrous. This popped into my head yesterday… :-(

  5. Yes he is beatiful but I’m still a Tait/Johan fan as they has no problem with being a guy and would not consider a sex change.

  6. The amount of straight guys who will be aroused by this guy without knowing hes a guy pleases me greatly.

  7. The problem with Andrej and possibly for the lack of commenting on this post is that whenever the words “androgynous”, “gender-bending” or even “transgender” are thrown about, his is the face nearly always carted out as the epitome of male femininity.

    Like anything constantly shoved in your face, the novelty wears thin after a while. Personally, while yes he’s “pretty”, I really don’t find him that attractive.

    Firstly because he represents yet another unrealistic and unattainable “standard” of beauty.

    Secondly because, and this is just me, I look more towards the eyes for attraction than the body and when I look in his I don’t really see anything there. No emotion, no passion, just vapid disinterest and contempt; and that’s a bit of a turn off.

    To be honest, I find this, , far far more beautiful and attractive than I could ever find Andrej to be. But then again, like I said, that’s just me and my own opinions and taste. Your mileage may vary.

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