Another Bullycide

Unfinished Lives writes: “Last Monday, another gay teenager from Utah took his life in response to intolerable bullying because of his sexual orientation. Q Salt Lake reports that Jack Reese, 18, is the latest casualty in the war on gay teenagers taking place in the nation’s schools.

With heartbreaking coincidence, Jack’s boyfriend, Alex Smith, spoke on Jack’s experiences with school bullying to a community event focused on the problem of bullying–without the knowledge that the love of his life had already taken his own life earlier that day. Details of Jack’s death have not been released to the public at this time.

According to Ogden OUTreach, a local LGBT youth service organization, the rate of gay teen suicide in Utah is 8 times the national average.”

Jack was very good with computers and loved to play his X-Box games. He enjoyed skiing, four wheeling in the mountains and working with plants. Jack loved animals and will miss his cat. He was very good with kids and loved taking care of them. Jack was learning to speak Japanese and loved anything to do with Japan. He was also very good at drawing and photography. –Mr. Reese, Jack’s dad


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  1. Now let me think. Ah yes. How about the folk in this made up self glorifying cult get the brains they were born with working and quit. There is no deity having sex with Mrs Deity on a named planet far away to provide souls for the bodies here on earth, and the Smith guy lied. As for the other one, he took unto himself the right to deflower girls. “I don’t care how many you bring me, but Brigham Young!”

    Oh yes, and our black friends are most definitely not second class citizens as that lot said in the sixties.

    But they don’t seem to mind driving kids to their deaths, do they? I wonder if the magic underpants are in some way to blame?

    1. You may have guessed that I am angry as can be about the folk that drove this lad to take his life, and sad as I can be for the lad who loved him. He’l be wondering why his love wasn’t enough.

      I want to go and hug him and tell him he did all he could.

  2. Here is another example of the results of our rabidly anti-homosexual culture in the USA. It is worse in some parts of the country, but exists nationwide. One can blame narrow minded religious groups to a large extent, but the problem is pervasive in our culture here, from music videos, to common jokes, to portrayal of gay characters in the media; but, ultimately, the problem is a matter of individual people choosing to be cruel to those different from themselves. It seems that, while it is no longer acceptable to pick on people for their race, or their religion, it is still acceptable to bully them for their sexual preferences. It is a sad commentary on American culture. This is why a place like Milkboys is so important. I wish this young man had been a member here. Perhaps he would have found the support and understanding to prevent this tragedy. This is why I became active, and why I contribute to this site with flattr.

    1. To keep this in perspective, it’s not anything near a majority of Americans. More than 50% now support gay marriage. It’s just that the anti-gay minority make a lot of noise to make up for their growing irrelevance. Still, I feel really bad for any gay kid trying to make it in the conservative Bible Belt – or Utah.

  3. I went to school with him! This is sooo sad. I couldn’t believe that it happened at my old school

  4. Unfortunately, we have not heard the last report on gay suicide and most likely we never will.

  5. Don’t take me wrong, but why does a gay 18yo kill himself when he seems to be that confident, and even has a boyfriend? Sorry, I don’t get it.

  6. Terrible. Just terrible. These thing don`t stop, do they? I am at a loss of words, every time news like this appear on this page… all colour gone…

    And he wasn`t even alone, he had a boyfriend. How much pain did this kid had to endure that he saw no hope in this life?
    Please, rest in peace. My heart is with all who were close to him and now have to let him go…

  7. Hmmm. Lotsa loose ends here. He was 18,and that usually means a senior in high school. It’s almost May, and graduation is only a few dozen days away. If he’s survived this long, he shoulda-coulda made it until then. After that, he’d have been free of his bullying environment forever. Doesn’t make sense to do yourself in this close to liberation. There’s a lot we’re not being told.

    My guess is the bullying came from somewhere other than just school – maybe home or family? Was he being hassled at a job? I’d like to know the whole story, from a neutral source.

  8. I have often visited and worked in the USA for more than 30 years. I have lived and worked there continuously for last four years. Mainly Texas and California.

    Certainly, the vast majority of people I have met and worked with are really nice – BUT now, just thinking of my own life experience – I count only three ‘Americans’ as real friends and people I will make an effort to be with. I have many other friends in the USA but they are all First Generation Immigrants (Asian & European) and not American at all. None of my friends in the USA are Gay – In fact, I don’t know any Gay people in the USA.

    After all those years I still cannot understand American society and consider it hugely flawed. If not for work, I would have nothing to do with the country.

    I cannot understand a country that depends on science and technology but willingly allows religion to guide it’s very heart. Corruption is not limited to Government or Finance – corruption of truth and humanity is endemic in the USA.

    1. What can you expect from a country that was founded on puritan ethics to include the notion of predestionation. That is the genetic beginning of america and likely here to stay. The purtains were a biblical group with a penchant for political activity. They make up todays religous right.

  9. Once again tears fell from my eyes…
    I work with teens every weekend in coaching and playing extreme sports. So seeing stories like this really get to me since I’m so passionate with our youth and wanting them to enjoy their lives to their fullest.
    So sad. Really….

  10. I’am sorry for this families lose,but I have to agree with horselips,we have not been told the complete story.This young man had a lover.was completing school,and from what I interpret from his background he had a pretty sound life.There is something that we are not seening here or something I’am missing.The suicides that I’ve read about the lad taking his or her life are somewhat on there own,with no close friends or a lover.Again,I have to agree with horselips,somethig here is missing.

  11. Okay, this is pretty standard in the USA. Our entire country was founded on religion. We say that we have separated it from state, however that is a blatant lie. Our money, all of it, say “In god we trust.” Our pledge of Allegiance talks of god. We have a position in the government called Chaplin, which is the religious representative in the government. So, excuse me if i do not believe in your invisible talking dead guy.
    Further more, does that not mean that the religious leaders would go to hell for sodomy. Well, no, because in ancient Rome where the Catholic church started, it was expected to have slaves that were little boys and could only be used in the bedroom. So i guess they were saved.

    1. I had a friend who grew up in a Mormon family who told his family at a young age that he was gay. From that point on they treated him horribly, telling him things like “we wish you were dead”. He thrived, fortunately, but others don’t. Personally I think we’d be better off if we stop labeling people as “gay” or “straight”. Most people are in very grey areas sexually.

  12. It hurts to see such an eccentric and beautiful person take his life. But to see that he is as old as I am really pains me the most to see that someone who’s just really starting their life could just end it because a cruel and ignorant society has no real understanding. Sad, in every kind of way, is what this is.

  13. And the year isn’t even half way done. Anyway I won’t add more because you already know my views on this topic. Damn…

  14. It tunes me sadly already again such a thing to read to have!! In addition, I believe, which lies the dark number by far more highly!
    When will that finally stop?? When can humans finally in peace life? Without hate, prejudices and Mobbing??
    Jack Reese

  15. Utah’s suicide rate is 8 times the national average because of the Mormon church ! Sadly, it’s certain that the Republicans will nominate a Mormon, Mitt “The piece of shit” Romney as their candidate for president.
    Religion has always been the bane of mankind’s existence. The Mormon church ranks very high on the list of the most screwed up religions. If you want to see how screwed up and pathetic the Mormon church is read John Krakauer’s book “Under the Banner of Heaven”. A great book !

    1. I cannot recall another time in our history when so many americans actually questioned the value of religion. We always accepted religion on blind faith. The invisible bully in the sky.

    2. No, it’s not sad that the GOP chose (or will choose) Mitt Romney – this way, it’ll be easier for Barack Obama. Not that he’s perfect (Guantanamo e.g.), but he’s certainly a lot better.

  16. Those bullies – and those, who promote their murderous and totally unsocial behavior – live in a time 5000 years back.

    In those times earth had a population of merely 70 million people!

    …, and their ultraconsrvative sponsors want them to stay there, … for good reason. :(

    Talking about the beleaves of the “Pharisees”.

  17. Has anyone ever noticed that only nice, creative geniuses commit suicide? You never hear of a uncreative, moronic asshole that kills themself…

  18. It’s bigoted to blame religion. I had no trouble finding gay friendly churches in Nashville, Tennessee. The biggest problem was choosing which one.

    The rash of gay teen suicides shows how we need to speak out more strongly. The hate-mongers have no trouble voicing their evil opinion.

    If you thought you could sit on the sidelines you were obviously very wrong.

    1. Well, in that case – we can argue not all Nazis were bad guys…

      Those three articles required but 15 seconds of search — The fact is – religion is a focal gathering point for bigots and haters of any kind – not the other way round as you wish to accept.
      (( Religion meaning Judaism, Islam and Christianity ))

      1. They weren’t. Most were forced into it, I know for a fact that my grandfather left because there was a penalty of death or internment if you did not side with hitler. He Had every person whom he deemed smarter than himself killed, so he could not be usurped. I feel very insulted by that.
        However, there were many that just were bigots.

        1. It is an impossibility to change fact.
          It is an impossibility to ameliorate evil.

          But you can indulge in deceit or you can live your life in any number ways searching for safe and easy options, always letting badness triumph over others and even yourself. Nazism was not some giant that sprang up overnight. It grew into an unstoppable powerful force of evil because a population endorsed it, wanted it and embraced it.

          There is little that is good about religion. Religion is nothing but human figment and as such, religion is susceptible to all the failings of humanity. The road of history is paved with endless atrocity all caused by religion. The road of our present is being built right now by people who are essentially evil. It is useless to highlight the occasional spot of goodness within some religion when the whole is obviously rotten.

          I have been extremely fortunate to have been born into an excellent country in a time and age of peace and prosperity. But, I am not blind and I try my hardest not to be stupid.

            1. You don’t know the difference between ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ ?

            2. You didn’t say “bad”, you said “evil”… but that’s really nitpicking isn’t it.

              Either way, there are several different definitions of “evil” and I was curious which you have in mind when you use the word.

        2. So Hitler would have had very few followers at the end, cause he would have had to murder nearly everyone around him, cause “hiedler” was a murderous inhuman dumb one. – it was not a great achievement, to be smarter than him. :)
          And otherr than todays “pPharisees” theay wer not bigots but most murderous people just like “Hiedler” – the murderous coward. <lets pls, please not forget, that this dumb is responsible for the death of more than 60 Million people during WW2. and not to forget, even Americans had their share in that. W. Bushs gandfather sponsored Hiedler, cause he had promised to fit the Russion communists. And remember those two AtomBombs, that were dropped on Japanese civilians.
          BTW. Hiedler is responsible that I lost both my parents, my Pa when I was just one year old, and my Mom just being 5.

          Reeally large groups of protestant and catholics bishops and fell for Hieedlers propaganda, whith the "argument", that they might be able to protect there followers more efficiantly..
          O course not all were Hiedlers followers, but – just as wee see it today, only very few actually took an active part angainst "relegions", that really thought thoughts, dating back some 5000 years, When the earth was occupied by just 70 Million people.
          Just for the better of the elephants.
          hugs around.

          1. I note your flag. It is excellent that this topic must be discussed in German schools lest the lessons be lost. I would that the rest of the world were so enlightened. The German people were not unique. All nations are capable of extreme cruelty. We see this on news broadcasts daily. My nation was as unpleasant, and ‘invented’ the concentration camp.

            You illustrate the point that “for evil to triumph all it takes is good men to do nothing.” I expect I have misquoted the exact words.

    2. “Well, in that case – we can argue not all Nazis were bad guys…”

      At least bother to make a circle when you engage in circular logic.

      1. Thank you! And i thought American Education was bad. Apparently the Brits are just as moronic as a Conservativees.

        1. The core of your upset is that you’re feeling persecuted as an American. Perhaps driven by your shame at the so very many tragedies occurring within the USA some of which are highlighted in this Blog.

          Teen mortality within the USA is the highest in the Western World. Do you never ever bother to ask why?

          1. Your last point really is a seriious concern that needs to be carefully considered. Welcome to the new wild west.

          2. No, the core of my upset is that you have no inkling of an idea of what you speak of. While i do think America sucks, that has nothing to do with what this entire argument is about. You just believe that you are superior in every way to these people. It is just to merely sate your feelings of inferiority.

            1. Oh Jamesy!!!
              Super LOLsss — don’t overwork your imagination kiddo .. and calm down ..

              Here’s a Thursday HUG :) :)
              and if that does not work for you …
              Then all that remains is Castor Oil — I’ve heard that stuff is good for your constipation

          3. Dragging your pet agenda into every thread no matter what the topic is what we call trolling.

            1. You know something…. You might well be right….
              Although to say I’m trolling is incorrect…

              I am much exercised by the changes in American society that have occurred over the last 20 years.
              America most definitely was the leader of the free world in a true sense. America used to be a country where the good parts hugely outweighed the bad parts.

              Now, it is just the source of a continuous stream of bad news. Is there no end in sight?

              It is up to Americans alone to once more find automatic acceptance and respect throughout the world. Time to get started and turn things around.

  19. Why is it that it is the young who must die? In this so called sexual revolution that began so long ago, it is still the young men, and women, on the front lines of this odd little war. We fight for the simple right to be, and lose our most cherished in battles fought in bitter silence and despair of fear and broken hearts.
    Young ones, can you not understand that your life is so very precious and beyond – O so very far beyond the troglodytes who persecute you? Live free and thumb your nose at the assholes!

  20. I’m not sure weather to be happy or sad that this is up here. I’m actually really good friends with Alex the bf of Jack and it’s been really rough for him. It’s cool that this is getting so much attention because it really is a big issue here in Utah. and don’t blame it on the mormons. i was raised mormon. as an entity the religion is great. i don’t beleive in everything they teach but it is valid and not as terrible as everyone seems to think. you can’t put the blame on the religion. it’s the people who bully and harass us that are to blame. most of them aren’t even mormon honestly. it’s just sad. i guess he was bullied a lot in school and his parents weren’t very accepting and all that jazz. anyway it’s a tragic loss. Jack was a great dude and he’ll be missed. hopefully something comes out of this and people start to realize how much they can hurt others. this is the 5’th suicide this year from the area.

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