Another Day, Another Hate Crime

A transgender woman was severely beaten up in a McDonalds restaurant in Baltimore, USA. According to witnesses the fight was started by some other female guests when the transwoman tried to use the lady’s bathroom.

The Bilerico Project has more on the incident: “This is absolutely disgusting. After an unidentified transwoman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees. What did the employees do? They filmed it on their phones.

While you can see the manager yelling stop at the two women attacking the customer, none of the other employees even try to intervene or keep the women from dragging the victim across the restaurant floor. Instead, it’s the elderly female customer that seems to do the most to help. The manager and employees simply watch as the victim starts to have a seizure and offer no help whatsoever.”

You can watch the video here but be warned, it’s extremely violent.


147 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Hate Crime”

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, but if I walked into a McDonald’s seeing that I’d toe-punt both of those animals in the face.

  2. Lots of americans are homophobics and cowards on top of that. It’s a beatifull land but a bloody shame that the trash of the world also lives in it. They say it’s the land of the free, but they sing a lie and the rest of the world knows it and now see it again.

    1. This opinion is pretty ignorant in and of itself. With over 300 million people in my country, it’s absolutely unfair to broadly brush the entire nation of people by the percentage of bad people.

      While I don’t always agree with Josh’s posts, he certainly loves to fan the flames of such ignorance. And in some ways, he can be just as disgusting a muckraker as Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report. Picking and choosing the worst of the lot, to sensationalize everything.

      Is what happened here horrible. ABSOLUTELY. But so is disparaging an entire nation of people because of it.

      I’d like to think that since there are so many nationalities that visit and comment here, one day we’d be a little more open with our discussion and not so overly judgmental.

      1. I have to agree here with your opinion of Josh and many of his postings. I have learned to just laugh at his knee-jerk America hating. Elsewhere I posted about how lucky he is to live in a society that is perfect and in which he can find nothing to criticize— plus how lucky he is to have the US to pounce on at every opportunity. It would be a sad commentary on his hypocrisy if it weren’t so ludicrous.

        1. To be clear though. I really really really like Josh. I admire his passion, his multi-blog platform, and a great deal of what I read into his substance as a human being. I just am hopeful for a bit more earnest honesty and a bit less damning and to some degree inciting of blind hatred.

        2. because pointing out problems is always hating america. right? if you were a real american you would stop bitching about the evil rest of the world hating us and start helping to solve the problems that have turned us into the anal cancer of the western world.

          this country is a shithole thanks to those lunatics voting for the GOP and don’t you come at me with this bullshit that most americans are nice people and only a few are crazy and make us look bad. every country has crazy people. the difference is that more than 50% of us votes them into office again and again and again.

          but i won’t run and leave, i will stay here and try to make a difference because i love my country and loving your country also means that you can take criticism when it’s due.

      1. chance would be higher if there were more than 0,2% of the population black in the netherlands -_-

    2. don’t kid yourself violence and hatred exists EVERYWHERE. Its easy to make America a bulls eye.

  3. Sigh. ‘Merica. I stopped liking that phrase after I have had to use it every day to describe something in America. But stil: ‘Merica!

    1. watching tv shows, you would say: Afro-Americans do have a reputation over-reacting to stuff…
      (think about the extreme catfights and the “Oh No You Didn’t” attitude)

      -ofc. other people do show this behaviour aswell, but it’s nearly always Afro-American shown on tv.

      Here in The Netherlands you won’t see this behaviour a lot, if you catch someone 99% chance it’s foreign

  4. Does anyone knows what happened before the video??

    If i witness something like this, probably wouldn’t get in the middle, not in a female fight, even less with a minor female, it would backfire and i would end up being punished for help. I would maybe call 911… yes call help can backfire to…

      1. But what exactly happen?? What were the motives??
        When i read “the fight was started by some other female guests when the transwoman tried to use the lady’s bathroom.” i thought maybe the attackers thought was a man trying to spy or something…
        Or do you thing they attack just because??

        1. Apparently, the victim is quite notorious in the area. The fight began merely because the women disliked that the transgender woman wanted to use female toilets. The woman (victim) also (apparently) said something “bitchy” towards the women (attackers) after being confronted.

          1. I can understand that same people dislike the presence of “the other sex” in toilets but is no reason for that reaction….
            I don´t know in what stage the victim is and in what time transgenders start using “the other sex” toilets but thats a complex thing…

            1. The victim is post-op, and it is rather complex, but if we’re considering the legality and physicality of someone’s gender then it is pretty basic. A male-to-female (and vice versa) operation essentially allows you to use female (or male) toilets as you are conforming to that specific gender’s mannerisms/principles. It’s total discrimination if they deny a transgender-individual access to certain areas that are restricted due to sexuality.

            2. Agree, being post-op there’s no reason for deny access to those areas… Unfortunately, some male features remain and may lead less tolerant people to go crazy…
              It’s sad but is true….

            3. I don’t really understand the whole gender separate bathroom thing to begin with. When I go to a bathroom I do not think about the person taking a shit next to me. I do my business, wash my hands, and leave the bathroom. Whether a man or a woman is next to me when I am releasing my bodily waste is of no concern to me. “But what about urinals?” they say! Well, gay men can still check other men out. So why don’t we have doors around the urinals too?

              See, the idea that men have this intense desire to only go to the bathroom and change next to other men, do “manly things” (playing sports where you touch other men, lifting weights around other sweaty muscular men), and the idea of hypermasculinity, all make me think we are really really deep in our own closets.

            4. They do have unisex bathrooms, complete with urinals, in some places. I used one in France, once. I was using the urinal and in walked two little old ladies like it was the most normal thing. It freaked me out.

            5. I was a plumber for over 25yrs….actually I’m still licensed, but don’t do it much anymore. The bathroom issue is interesting. To save costs, a lot of places now use unisex bathrooms. They can have a urinal or not. All of them have at least a toilet with full sides and a door. If there is just one toilet and it’s a public bathroom, it has to be handicap spec-ed. Women’s bathrooms are usually a compliment of toilets with full sides and a door for each. Hence the enigma is this situation….nobody can see anything because you do your business in a full enclosure. Some urinals have ‘wings'; panels on each side to prevent ‘peeking’ by your neighbor. Unless it’s a gay frequented bathroom, men ‘peeking’ at other men urinating will likely cause a fight. Curious boys ‘peek’ a lot, but they’re just cute.;-)

              Most unisex bathrooms in the US have a lock on the entrance door….so two people of the opposite sex won’t be in the bathroom at the same time. In other parts of the world, I can’t speak for their customs.

  5. This has been repeatedly reposted on anonymous-friendly websites for the last 2 or 3 days, I still think they could have performed citizen’s arrest, but what these people were all clearly scummy individuals. That old lady made me very proud, however.

  6. This is really sickening. Although we haven’t seen the whole story I can’t imagine how much fault would have fallen upon the transgendered woman…

    Those two woman deserve to be arrested for their vicious assault… The employees deserve to be given community service or something like that for not interveening… and the manager deserves to be fired for handling the situation like a mouse trying to fuck a keyhole!

    That old lady however deserves a medal for having the courage to even say anything!

    I truly feel for this woman! x

    1. Yea, lets start punishing people for choosing not to risk ending up in the hospital or worse by taking on two people at once.

      Yea, they should have helped once the beating stopped and the taping it on there cells is only acceptable if they were doing it to turn over to police later (which, sadly, I doubt was their motive). But the simple truth is that no one knows what they’d do in a situation like that unless they’ve been in it.

      What happened to her was horrible, but you can’t expect people to wade into fights like that when they have no training in responding to violent assaults. Maybe someone would have succeeded in ending the beating if they’d intervened, but it’s equally likely it could have turned into a free-for-all involving everyone in the restaurant.

      1. I do see where your coming from and i do accept that no-one knows what they’d do in that situation. I’d like to think that I’d intervien but i don’t know!

        However, i do believe that the risks are worth interveining if out of nothing other than general human decency.

        The employees didn’t interveen which is acceptable given the risks of the situation but rather than leaving the situation, they stayed, recorded it and worse off, they laughed at the horrific sight infront of them!

        I’ll be the first to admit that I have a sick sense of humor and would laugh at things i shouldn’t but i did find this sickening and would definitly not laugh at the vicious mauling of a presumably innocent woman! xx

      2. That was the whole point of the finale to Seinfeld; to stand by and watch, while someone is robbed or beaten up and muse ‘somebody should do something’. If you could have done something and you didn’t, then you are guilty of not serving your fellow man. No, you don’t expect everyone to “wade in” and stop two frenzied females from trashing another, but in a store full of people, I would expect more of a citizen’s response. A “free-for-all” wouldn’t have happened in a restaurant most likely…a bar or place serving lots of alcohol, maybe.

        1. I full heartedly agree!

          I just hope that if put in the same situation I would be as couragous as the elderly woman!!

  7. Seeing the video, I can say I’m terrified.
    I can’t believe the majority of people took place in abusing this woman. I can only imagine what might happen if I or any other homosexual had gone there with their partner…
    It really does sicken me to know this is still the world we live in, where people are so hateful, irrational and uncultured.

  8. Seems like a scene from south Auckland here. Polynesians females are built like battle wagons and think nothing of smashing your face in. The males are just as bad, I intervened in a scene where a polynesian man with a young son punched a French tourist to the ground for saying hello to him. Bloody disgusting display. White trailer trash are just as bad. Wars over time have shown that we are all capable of this on a greater or lesser scale, regardless of our skin colour.

  9. This makes me sad. Very sad. IS this really how the world still is? How can people just stand by and watch such a brutal assault, filming and laughing?
    I vote bullet to the head for all of them. People just like them, and I’m not being a hypocrite, are the ones making this world a shitty place.

  10. Totally disgusting and very hard to watch. There has been a lot of this fast-food violence lately. Seems to be predominately black females doing the beat-downs, too. I’m not sure what that means but I see a lot of black women walking around with faces like fists looking for something to hit.

    In my opinion this does NOT exonerate the staff, but I’ll bet that McDonald’s management has laid down the law: Do NOT get involved. Call the police and STAY OUT OF IT. Obviously they are concerned about employee liability. Still…

    Last I heard the cops had ID’d the perps but I don’t know if they’ve been arrested yet.

    1. Where I work, they have a similar policy. You call security but don’t get involved yourself.

      Honestly, I don’t know if I’d follow that policy or not where this to happen where I work (in a hotel, not a fast food restaurant). I do know that if I didn’t, I’d be out looking for a new job the next day.

  11. American women already have a reputation for being dumb macho-imitations. This report surely won’t change that.

    1. So Fulcher, you saying EVERY American woman has a reputation of being dumb macho-imitations or do you just mean black women? For being German sure have balls to insult other countries and the people when your country has a bad reputation itself. Don’t insult just American people and culture when your people in Germany has problems too. I don’t sit here and say stupid dumb Germans… I say dumb shit German dude don’t know how to get his head out of his ass!

      1. I’m pretty sure he was referring to some American women (or the stereotypical American woman). Everyone should know that all countries contain terrible people. (See how I didn’t say all or some?)

        1. Very good Shane, but he did not say he was referring to some, but it’s nice that you step up to the plate and THINK he was referring it that way.

          1. He didn’t say he was referring to all of them, either. Our opinion can only be an assumption!

            Thanks, and stuff. :-D

        2. Whose stereotype? Must be a Euro-thing b/c I’ve never heard of it. And why would folks on THIS site especially support or excuse stereotypes?

          Fulcher made a stupid, prejudiced, ill-informed remark.

          1. I didn’t post what stereotype I (or he) was referring to. You are purposely ignorant of that. You’ve even stereotyped Europeans. “I’ve never heard of it, must be European.”

            Fulcher is axiomatically angry.

            1. I’m experiencing paraesthesia in my left foot, does this negate what you are saying?

        1. On what, exactly, do you base your assertion that the victim is a prostitute? What evidence do you have to back that up?

          And that begs another question… Why should a prostitute be any more worthy of being beaten like this than anyone else?

          NOONE should be beaten like this poor woman was.

          1. I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence, but I’m not in any dire need of supplying any as I am merely posting on a milkboy article. I made a claim with emphasis on my certainty.

            I don’t see how my claim begs any question. I haven’t insinuated anything that remotely incorporates anybody being worthy of “taking a beating”, I haven’t denoted anything negative, unless you consider prostitution a negative occupation.

            Yes, you’re correct. Nobody should be beaten up, but I don’t see how that relates to my post.

            1. Ok, so I assume that you have gonorrhea. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. And you said that she is a prostitute for a reason – it wouldn’t make any sense at all to say that she probably ate chicken nuggets or anything like that.

            2. You don’t have evidential knowledge of me having gonorrhea (and I’m not near you).

              I said that I am almost certain that she is a prostitute because of general interest, perhaps even conversation (evidently so).

    1. Your comment is offensive and insensitive. You’re making this claim based on some rumor, with no reason to it be true other perhaps your own assumptions about transgendered people. Your institution is that, were that actually true, that information would be more important than the fact that another human is being savagely beaten to the point of lying on the floor having a seizure for trying to use the bathroom.

      Think before you speak, kid.

      1. I didn’t quite understand much of what you posted, you may want to retype it. I’ll respond to what I think I understood.

        My claim suggesting that he may be a prostitue can be backed up by court records, it is not “some rumour”. I’d like you to show me logic in which my statement is offensive and insensitive.

        I like ironic comments, and I’m not a kid.

        1. Being a prostitute, or not being a prostitute, is totally irrelevant to her getting the crap beat out of her by a couple of vicious fem-thugs. I think the fact that you felt you had to bring it up may have caused some posters to think you were somehow justifying (however subtly) what happened to her. Why else would you even mention it?

          1. I posted it for general interest. It’s an update on information – that is why I posted it.

            I’m not arguing for its relevance, but yes, it may have a relationship.

        2. You, sir, can go fuck yourself.

          Yeah, that could theoretically be backed up by court records… but you have produced no such documentation.

          I, too, find your comment insensitive because you’re posting (unverified) information that comes across as demeaning to the character of the person being attacked, whom you don’t seem to be terribly concerned about. Even if that were true, it would make no difference about the injustice of what has happened here.

          1. Like I said early, I had no intention of proving my claim. If you don’t agree with it, then fine. But that does not negate it.

            It is verified information, but this is according to sources you will reject. My concern for the victim is quite high but you’ve assumed different. Negatively too. I’m not disparaging the victim, I am asserting a definite fact. I know the male is a prostitute, and I am uninterested in convincing you, or anybody else.

            The justice or injustice of the occurrence has no bearing on it being true, I never said it was. Another assumption by someone who cannot justify their own insipid comments.

            1. The problem is, it is irresponsible to spout something you claim as fact, and then refuse to provide evidence. Particularly when you claim that these “sources” are ones that we would deny. That is too easy, and destroys whatever little bit of credibility you had.

              I am certain that Shane sexually molests small woodland creatures. You should believe me when I say this, because “It is verified information, but this is according to sources you will reject.” So you are just going to have to trust me. “I am asserting a definite fact.”

              Now let me contradict you, by quoting you directly.

              “I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence.”

              Do you understand that it isn’t ok to just say things, and not expect to be held responsible for the information? If you weren’t from England I would suspect you of working for Fox News.

            2. I have not refused to provide evidence, and the sources are easily rejected depending on your position. I didn’t denote that I had credibility, or that you should believe me.

              Court records do not state that I molester creatures – but they claim that the victim is a prostitute. The former has no evidence.

              “Now let me contradict you, by quoting you directly.”

              You are aware that by the time I wrote that I heard new information regarding the occupation of the victim. So, nope. No contradiction.

              I claimed something, there is no explicit rule enforcing me to provide you with evidence or proof that suggests the occupation of the victim. And, I’m not form England.

            3. I have no obligation to provide you with evidence or proof inclined to her controversial occupation; thus negating your claim that I am irresponsible.

            4. You require obligation in order to be responsible? That is a shame.

              I could quote you over and over again, showing how you refuse to provide evidence, or at times admitted to have none, etc etc, but if you fundamentally believe it is ok to make claims without basis, and that you don’t need to provide sources for your accusations then of course no matter of exposing your double speak will change your mind.

              All anyone is asking is that you provide these sources that back up your claim.

            5. Responsibility is the obligation to respond to a consequence, or a claim, etc. Not a shame.

              It’s okay to make a claim without a basis. It’s not okay to make a claim without a basis and pretend you do.


              And you’ll have to pay for it.

            6. What is a shame mate is that you require the force of obligation before you will act responsibly. Double speak aside, that is what I found disconcerting about your post(s).

              “I have no obligation to provide you with evidence [...]; thus negating your claim that I am irresponsible.

            7. Clearly.

              For some reason you think it is ok to make baseless claims about people’s character.

              I don’t find it ok. In fact, I find it irresponsible, childish, and dishonest to do so.

              Like I said, you and I apparently have a fundemental disagreement on this issue. You think it is ok, I clearly think not. There is nowhere else to go with this issue.

            8. I’ve told you previously, there are apparent court records that are open to the public.

              Dishonestly is knowingly lying. I’m clearly not, but you’re superficial enough to assume it.

              “Like I said, you and I apparently have a fundemental disagreement on this issue. You think it is ok, I clearly think not. There is nowhere else to go with this issue.”

              Think what is OK? And what do you mean nowhere else? We aren’t anywhere if you’ve self-evidently remained ignorant to what I am saying.

            9. Mate, all I can do is read what you are writing, and then draw conclusions from there. This is what I am talking about:

              “It’s okay to make a claim without a basis.”

              This is where the fundamental split has occurred. I think it is irresponsible, and yes, dishonest to do what you have just said is OK.

              Let’s be clear. I’ve never said you were knowingly lying, but you have admitted to posting something without basis. That is just as dishonest as a genuine lie is. Clearly you are not understanding where I’m coming from. I don’t know if it is a cultural thing, or a maturity thing or what, but it is clearly blocking our ability to effectively communicate.

              Your definition of dishonesty may be a dictionary definition but it is overly simplistic. You willingly, and knowingly made a comment for which you had no basis, and are fine with it.

            10. “This is where the fundamental split has occurred. I think it is irresponsible, and yes, dishonest to do what you have just said is OK.”

              So many contradictions. How can you earnestly say that? You’ve likely claimed a lot with no basis. You’re claiming I am irresponsible, dishonest and childish with no basis. You assert the anecdotal but fail to justify why I am childish. Simply saying “I think it is irresponsible” isn’t a reason, and referring to it as self-evident is a logical fallacy – it begs the question. You are killing yourself with your own logic, it’s amusing to watch.

              “… you have admitted to posting something without basis. That is just as dishonest as a genuine lie is.”

              If I am beaten up tomorrow and I claim that I didn’t start the fight–with no basis; is it as dishonest as a genuine lie?
              Your logic is haunting.

              I understand your point, that’s why I’m arguing against it.

              “You willingly, and knowingly made a comment for which you had no basis”

              You’ve missed the point entirely, again. Why do you have to make it seem so perplexing? It’s quite simple. My basis is court records. If someone willingly and knowingly made a comment with court records as evidence, that, to you, is no basis? Maybe you’re just referring to the fact that I haven’t sent you a direct URL. Well, sorry, but you have to pay for court records.
              These apparent court records have been mentioned in many articles; you believing them or not doesn’t change their legitimacy.

              “Your definition of dishonesty may be a dictionary definition but it is overly simplistic.”

              So your definition has been fabricated? Yes, because I want a fabricated definition. Yes sir.

            11. You can insult me all you like, and try to make me out as some sort of logical fail-boat, but that is not how I operate.

              I said “I think” (meaning it is my opinion) that making a claim without basis, and presenting it as a fact, is irresponsible, and dishonest.

              I never said you personally were dishonest, childish or irresponsible. I said that (again in MY opinion) make a base less statement with the implication that it is fact is dishonest, irresponsible and childish. There is a distinction there, I would appreciate it if you recognized it.

              I didn’t miss the point. You seem to have forgotten the things you have said.

              Again, quoting you:

              “I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence.”

              Also, as I have previously mentioned:

              “It’s okay to make a claim without a basis.”

              I don’t agree. It is not perplexing (well, not to me anyway). I don’t agree that making disparaging comments about some ones character (This is also key to my point, and something you have overlooked) without any sort of support is OK. You very clearly do.

              Again, you are over simplifying everything. Of course if you make a claim that some one hit you without provocation you are not inherently being dishonest (you could be, but in this scenario I have no way of knowing) but if you claimed that he hit you because he is a racist, homophobe and refused to provide any sort of justification as to why, then I will believe you to be irresponsible.

              My definition of dishonesty is not fabricated, it just isn’t simplified. It accounts for context, and nuance. If you truly believe that the only way to be dishonest is to blatantly tell a lie, then I think you are sorely mistaken. There are many, subtle and ultimately more damaging ways to be dishonest.

            12. I haven’t insulted you, it’s odd that you claim a lot but have no basis for them.

              “I said “I think” (meaning it is my opinion) that making a claim without basis, and presenting it as a fact, is irresponsible, and dishonest.”

              It being subjective or objective does not omit that it requires a basis. But, agian, you’ve contradicted yourself.
              My original message was: “I am almost certain that the victim is a prostitute”, meaning it is my opinion. “I am” is constituting a personal opinion, feeling, etc. You’ve contradicted yourself by assuming that your opinion doesn’t require evidence when mine does.

              “There is a distinction there, I would appreciate it if you recognized it.”

              Ironically appropriate.

              “I don’t agree that making disparaging comments about some ones character”

              I didn’t disparage her character, unless you consider prostitution disparaging. Again, this is fabrication.

              “You very clearly do.”

              Axiomatically not.

              “Of course if you make a claim that some one hit you without provocation you are not inherently being dishonest”

              Dishonesty is deceitfulness. If him hitting me for no reason is a lie or not, you are unaware of it being so. Assuming it to be a lie is negative and infantile.

              “….if you claimed that he hit you because he is a racist, homophobe and refused to provide any sort of justification as to why”

              This isn’t what I am arguing. You’ve missed the point again.

              “…If you truly believe that the only way to be dishonest is to blatantly tell a lie”

              Again and innately, you are incorrect. I didn’t assert this, you are attacking a straw man.

              “Again, quoting you:
              “I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence.””

              I’ve already dealt with this, mentioning it again makes your inability to fathom something so basic is ridiculous.

              (I felt the need to mock your logic.)

            13. “I haven’t insulted you, it’s odd that you claim a lot but have no basis for them.”

              Troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll

            14. More evidence of you being infantile and jejune.

              I didn’t insult you before you claimed I did.

              Regarding me as a troll makes your inability to refute me most self-evident. Thanks for clearing that up, buddy.

            15. I don’t need to refute you because you haven’t given us anything to refute except big pretentious walls of hypocritical text with fancy words that I can only assume are attempts to present yourself in an intelligent manner. None of that matters when you can’t back up your slanderous assertions with anything.

              I’m with Audaciter, fuck this I’m out of here.

            16. Again, I will quote you, and then I will be finished with you.

              “I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence.””

              “I am asserting a definite fact.”

              “You are aware that by the time I wrote that I heard new information regarding the occupation of the victim. So, nope. No contradiction.”

              You are tiresome, and your arguments are tiresome. You have adopted an air of superiority that does nothing to warrant further discussion.

            17. “I am basing my claim on word-of-mouth. I don’t have any evidence.”

              Again, I posted that earlier than I posted the latter quotes. (I hope you’re trolling by posting that.)

              “I am asserting a definite fact.”

              This was an example of an opinion. I am asserting something that I consider a fact. Probably something to do with it being a fact.

              I’ve shown how you have contradicted yourself several times and you attempt to mock me. As soon as I present a rebuttal you crawl into your basking hole of incredulity.

              You evidently know that you’ve self-refuted and now you’re attempting to subtly justify it by regarding my arguments as tiresome, etc.

              Feeble arguments. Feeble arguments everywhere.

            18. You seem to be confused. I claimed something but I did not originally claim I had evidence. I don’t need to provide sources because the only reason to do so is, I will be correct. Being correct on this topic isn’t currently interesting – gathering information is. And, fi you want to quote me to negate my claim then go ahead.

            19. Claiming something without providing sources makes you look like a retard. If you continue to be so adamantly defensive about giving a source for your information, I’m going to assume you either didn’t have it in the first place or you’re just trolling.

            20. Insulting me makes you look like someone with a weak opinion that I shouldn’t take seriously.

              I’m not defensive about the evidence of my claim, I’m defensive about what I claimed.

              You’ve just claimed that I look like a retard. Please cite that with a reference that suggests that. I may have to call you a name if you don’t.

            21. You know who has a weak opinion who I shouldn’t take seriously?

              You do.

            22. You took me seriously, then pretended you didn’t, and now you’re speechless?

            23. Sorry, the victim has not only been to court because of prostitution but, disorderly conduct, assault, etc.

        3. Where is the address of this Kangaroo Kourt? I want to go there and take a video of these proceedings. Then I’ll submit it to “Saturday Night Live” and on YouTube and watch the numbers fly who watch and link to it.

  12. I think the lack of intervention from those standing nearby is far more of a cause for concern than the attack in the first place (which, by the way, I also strongly condemn).

    You see, however much I dislike it and especially the disproportionate response here, I can understand why people might be confused by transgender issues even if only through ignorance.

    But what kind of a society are those people living in that they will let this happen?

  13. I wasn’t going to post anything, but after reading everyone else’s I wanted to. It is true we don’t know what happen prior to the video. But there is no reason they did what they did. If I don’t like a certain person, I don’t get loud, fight, call names, i avoid the person. I don’t know…. Maybe I was taught this in elementary that doing those things were bad. Then there is a the fact that the staff did little to nothing. It might not be a rule to get involved but out of human compassion, it seems like you would want to. I am thankful and angry at the same time for the employee that captured the fight. One the one hand he did capture the two girls that assaulted the woman, and this video will be shown nationally. This could open some people’s eyes how transgendered people are treated. I’m angry because the the guy taping the video was taping it for the action. His comments during the video proved that. I believe the manager should be fired along with the employees. You can her their comments too in the video. McDonald’s needs to do serious damage control.

  14. I AM glad that this was filmed. I don’t know the intentions of the filmer, and to be honest, I don’t want to know. But in the end, it gets what happened out there, it raises awareness that these kind of horrible things happen, and it’s good evidence for the police if these women are arrested and brought to trial (and hopefully found guilty). This is a rather horrible crime and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing that ONE person recorded it. I’m just disgusted that no one else stepped in to help. Fuck McDonald’s policy, sometimes people just need to do the right thing.

  15. One more angle on this event. The laws for licensed concealed weapons carriers in every state I know of state that the use of deadly force is justified if you believe that you, or a third party, is in danger of serious bodily injury or death. The mere presence of a firearm might have prevented the extent of this woman’s brutalization.

    1. Typical Amerikan !!!

      FFS !!!

      Or the mere presence of a firearm might have started a blood bath.

      1. “Typical Amerikan!!!”


        Typical arrogant, clueless Brit twat. How’s that? Hmm. I kinda like the sound of it. Thanks for inspiring me, prat.

        1. You really are a little cross-patch aren’t you ?

          What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

          Didn’t Mommy and Daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?

          As for being clueless there is more sentience in my toe-jam than rattles lost and lonely around the inside of your skull.

          1. Oh, I love it! Thanks for entertaining me on a dreary Easter Sunday. I’m grateful to you.

    2. But seriously, all nonsense aside, wherever we live it is always a good idea to ask ourselves HOW we know what we think we know. Did it come from biased sources? Did we hear it from an agenda-driven media? (Very likely, that.) Anyone who has an open mind, or who might be even vaguely interested in some truths about the issue of firearms in America would profit by going to gunfacts (dot) info and download the PDF there. Very interesting stuff, and all from sources that are neither pro- or anti- guns. It will open some eyes, but of course will never change those who already have their minds made up and shut down.


    1. In what basis?? I don’t believe their contract have a clause that make them protect clients from crazy people…

    2. The likelihood is that if they HAD jumped into the fray they would have been fired. Not the other way around. Employers do not want employees to do ANYTHING i such a situation. It leads to law suits, to which they are allergic.

    3. If I ever got fired from a job for failing to put my personal safety on the line to protect a customer from ANYTHING, I’d be securing a good lawyer and dragging their ass to court.

      Those employees are being paid to sling hamburgers, not to be security guards or police officers.

      I can understand if the ones that stood there laughing and filming it were fired, that was grossly inappropriate and unprofessional. However, firing someone for not wading into a dangerous situation like that is just plain absurd… esp when they’re only being paid minimum wage.

  17. This could be one of the most awesome strikes of violence i’ve ever seen, with the reactions adding only to the dramatic annoyance this creates!
    I use awesome in its traditional sense, of creating so much amazement and awe that it’s actually opened my eyes!

  18. Wow, it seems like the further down you go on the social ladder, the more people seem like animals.
    I mean, this is the type of behavior imitates baboons in the wild. Thats not meant to be racist at all. but seriously, some people are so dumb that they make me question our gap in the evolutionary chain.
    Thats all I have to say about this.

    1. ” the more people seem like animals.”
      When people start seeming like vegetables that’s when is time to concern…
      Homo sapiens are animals and we aren’t as hight in the evolutionary scale as we like to think… People are naturally stupid…

    1. Cowardice is not illegal.
      (Unless you are referring to the attackers, and not the witnesses, then of course I agree with you.)

      1. Of course he’s referring to the attackers. “The people who do this”, yeah,..because that seems like the witnesses.

  19. I knew I shouldn’t have watched this, now I’m too upset to go to bed. If it’s company policies which led their employees to stand by passively then those rotten elements need to be ripped out without mercy. Regardless though, no decent human being should be able to watch such a horrible thing happen and -not- jump into the fray, we’re human beings first and foremost, anything else is less important. I almost get physically sick simply thinking about the injustice of it all.

  20. A similar incident took place at a 16th Avenue Bart station in San Francisco on April 15. A vigil is being held for the transgender victim. This kind of violence begins on the school yard.

  21. This is truly sickening… I couldn’t help but cry in pure rage for this poor woman. The beating that she recieves is horrible, but the employees are what really tore me up. ‘Look, she’s having a seizure’, OK, Yes she is, GET OFF THE CAMERAPHONE AND USE IT AS A PHONE! UGH!
    I can’t stand the intolerance.
    And the ignorance.
    I know that if a biologically born female was being assaulted like this, it would have stopped sooner. That’s what really upsets me.

    1. Sadly, Kevin, I suspect you are wrong. While her being trans-gen might have inspired them to extra effort, they would have been almost as happy to beat up on any white female. Or white GUY, for that matter. Not even that elderly woman would have been safe under slightly different circumstances.

      1. You finally posted the obvious, at least obvious to me. This is truely a hate crime. I relocated to Oregon from California at great sacrafice to get away from scenes like this.

  22. This is exactly why the world hates fucking America, they are all a bunch of fucking retards.

      1. When this kind of behaviour happens on a regular basis I don’t think my comment is unfair. I don’t know how you stand to be apart of that backwards country. Obviously you are a “proud” American and cant see my anger in my post and think its all about you… grow up and realise that there is nothing in that country that will ever change when people like you fail to see the subtext.

        1. You regarded over three hundred million people as “a bunch of fucking retards” because someone was beaten in their country – that is an absolutely unfair, illogical, bias, superficial, arrogant, ignorant assumption. You derogatorily posited that they are all mentally handicapped when you know that they are not.
          How the heck did you assume that “it’s all about” him from him satirically stating that you do you country proud? How the heck can you tell someone to gain age because they used satire? You just insulted over 3 hundred million people and he needs to grow up? Extoll-able logic!

          1. Well you obviously missed the point, I’m entitled to show my frustration, I did not ask for a response and when you start adding bullshit reply like your’s it just goes to show that all you are out for is a argument when it does not concern you. If he wants to reply to me let him don’t poke you noes in to things that you cant and will not change.

            By what I have seen of the posts and the news reports America is full of “illogical, bias, superficial, arrogant, ignorant” people that it makes me wonder when they will start putting LBGT and people with different beliefs/skin colour in jail for being who they are. So don’t tell me i’m arrogant when you are blind to the truth. They are the ones who have given me my views on them no one else so unless they change don’t expect my views to.

            1. You being entitled to frustration does not justify your claim. It also does not make it true. You posting a comment leaves the function for people to reply, if you make a comment as stupid as yours; you’re going to be mocked and criticised. You can claim that it is bullshit, but you have not proved that it is. Duh.

              “This argument does not concern you”
              Actually, it can concern anybody on Earth. Maybe you should look up the definition for “concern”.

              “Dont poke your nose in”

              I can post a response to anything I want. Try and stop me.

              “By what I have seen of the posts and the news reports America is full of “illogical, bias, superficial, arrogant, ignorant” people”

              What has this got to do with my argument? Stop attacking the straw-man.

              “So don’t tell me i’m arrogant when you are blind to the truth”

              Yeah.. the truth…

              “They are the ones who have given me my views on them no one else so unless they change don’t expect my views to.”

              “They” being every single living American? Interesting that they all gave you a view, you must get around.

              Also, you haven’t responded to any of my arguments.

            2. Your point was clearly not to show your frustration but to insult every single American. You have no actual point.

        2. @ukguy

          “It means there are over 2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the UK, making it the most violent place in Europe. [...] By comparison, America has an estimated rate of 466 violent crimes per 100,000 population.”

          That is one article, within 15 seconds of searching. You are acting as if the US is the only place that has violent crime, which is clearly an asburd assertion to make.

        3. Well, I suppose I’m the one that should be replying, since I’m the one that brought forth ukguy’s post. I didn’t reply earlier because, frankly, I didn’t think it worth the time. He’s obviously an angry guy. That doesn’t change the obvious fact (from his writing as well as what he says) that he’s mentally challenged. (PC for “idiot.”) But I certainly don’t hold the entire population of the UK responsible for one mental midget. Especially since there’s a good chance that what he is really angry about is the condition of his own country. But OK— he can have at it. I know it’s not nice to laugh at the feeble minded, but I don’t mind a good chuckle from time to time.

            1. Shane, are you an attorney? If not you have missed your calling. You have limitless endurance for arguement and your rebuttles are quick and to the point. You said you are not a kid, which is obvious, but I doubt you are very old. Consider law school.

            1. We certainly have our problems. But we don’t need to be sucking up to our detractors like our president seems to think he has to. One thing that he and many others fail to understand: When you grovel about your own country’s flaws to foreign critics, they have no respect for you. In fact, they detest you, even while they are clapping you on the back and congratulating you about how smart you are because you agree with them. Yes, we have problems, but we’ll deal with them. Foreign critics can just STFU and tend to their own business.

            2. Seens like the one depicted here cause me to feel embarrassed about our culture of violence.

    1. @ukguy:

      Hmmm, as if senseless violence doesn’t happen in the UK? Yeah, right.

      Dad Who Split Up Fight In McDonald’s Shot Dead
      raymond mitchell

      A DAD-of-four who split up a fight in a McDonald’s was shot dead moments after being told he wouldn’t see the morning. Raymond Mitchell, 34, had only popped into the restaurant to buy a hot chocolate. But he apparently caused offence after splitting up two men fighting in the queue.

      One of them, who had several gold teeth, shouted at Raymond: “You are gonna die tonight, you are not gonna see the morning.” The thug is then said to have phoned an accomplice to fetch a gun, yelling into his mobile: “Bring me that thing.”

      Raymond left the 24-hour McDonald’s but was chased into a cul-de-sac. The gun was then delivered and Mr Mitchell was beaten and pistol-whipped before being shot three times in an alley in Brixton, South London, at 6.50am on Sunday. Raymond, nicknamed Brown, was taken to hospital but died hours later.

      One neighbour, who saw the shooting but was too terrified to be named, said: “He was begging, literally begging for his life. I didn’t dare look out my window in case they saw me. I heard them laughing and swearing at him, calling him a ‘b***h’. I heard them laughing afterwards as well.”

      Raymond’s partner, who asked not to be named, said: “I’m terrified. They’re still out there and they’ve not been caught. I’ve been told how they were laughing, actually laughing after they beat him and shot him. How could anybody do something like that?”

      She had been out drinking with Raymond on Saturday night before he went into the West End to meet some friends for drinks. She said: “Everybody loved him. He was well known around Brixton. Just a friendly guy.”

      His family left tributes and flowers at the murder scene. One of his sons, Raquan Mitchell-Perry, 11, described as a “brilliant dad” in a poem. The Met’s Trident unit is investigating the murder.

      Here’s the link:

      Think next time before you speak totally out of your ass.

  23. Yep. This is what happens when the government disarms the honest citizens (who will obey the law and allow themselves to be converted into subjects). The goons, who will not obey the law, will then own the streets, as well as your living room.

    Yes, now, PLEASE! Make with the “typical Amerikan” idiocy.

  24. Wow. That footage is sickening. Those 2 women are pure evil. I’d have no problem sending them to jail for 25+ years.

    I know some people won’t like this mark, but this is why I don’t go too near blacks, and would never like with them, being a gay male. Blacks are 2x as likely as non-blacks to commit violent crime, and are significantly more gay-hating than whites and Hispanics. That’s something that America is not talking about but should be.

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