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  1. One of my favourite artists! By using himself as a subject and with his skillful photo editing, he can create wonderfully perverse scenes without fear arrest. At least for now, that is. Who knows what our wretched future holds?
    Goicolea is so fantastic!

  2. I like Anthony Goicolea’s work. But I never found it “spooky” or “disturbing.” It never even occurred to me to think of it that way. I always saw it as rather light-hearted and humourous.

  3. I adore Milkboys… Him gave me desire to have a blog too. I put a link of here in my favorites!
    And I like Anthony Goicolea’s work, is playful and bizarre!
    P.S.: Forgive my english… him is so so… I’m brazilian!

  4. i love Anthony Goicolea hes one of my favs i own the book with those amazing photos. back some years i use to email him to his aol account but some day he just stop mailing back but he was always nice and im still his fan

  5. I too WAS a big fan of Anthony Goicolea. However, since he met his boyfriend at a bar a few years ago and had him begin as an assistant, and now actually collaborates with him, his work has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Earlier he was onto a very “edgy” art form that had colossal social and philosophic impact. Now it is ho-hum at best, and just plain crap at worst.
    He would have been better off had he never met the boy friend, at least as far as his work is concerned.

  6. Goicolea’s Self-Portraits up to Shelter series contain some evocative and striking imagery. After that he lost me.

  7. I’ve been aware of the photographs for awhile but had no idea who the photographer was. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. BeneGesserit1972, Goicolea didn’t lose YOU after the Shelter series. He lost “IT”. I think that his boyfriend has been a horrible influence on his work. He should keep the bf in the bedroom and continue his work on his own.
    Nevertheless, we must be grateful for his imagery prior to his artistic demise.
    I am sure the straight world will eat him up now that he lost his cutting edge.
    Pressure from the straight world ruins a lot of great gays as they embrace the illusion of being “normal” and accepted.
    Personally, I don’t want “nice” people to like me at all!!! “Nice” people can kiss my ass. Ya hear?

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